Hello Met,

I need your help in trying to locate this thief that has took $200000 from me for promising to deck the roof on my house.I am building my house and needed to have the decking done, I was told that this man name leroy who use to work for hardrock concrete mix was capable of getting the decking done, he had charge me $750000 and he told me i had to give him a deposit of $200000. I did this in February and up until now i cant find leroy, i know he lives somewhere in the spanish town area. if anyone knows him or his whereabouts please email me at nreid1999@yahoo.com. I have also reported it to the spanish town police, also i would like to warn other persons so that this dont happen to them.

N reid.


  1. I hope you get you pound of flesh from that bitch. The “use to work with…”is always food for thought.

    The person who link you Neva know how did they become familiar wid him? Him nose pred out like outside toilet seat.

  2. Wtf is wrong wid ppl? When ppl tack dem business to established businesses is dem same one cuss and gwan bout you nah GI di likke man a chance. You can ongle deal wid legitimate contractors, even if it costlier. You eeda pay now or pay later.

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