Police investigators have found evidence suggesting that 39-year-old businessman Ricardo Hewitt, who was murdered in the western city of Montego Bay last Friday, was involved in an illicit pyramid scheme that collapsed late last year.

Yesterday, investigators told The Gleaner that Hewitt, who resided on Poinciana Drive in Pitfour, near Granville, was one of the founders of the scheme, which was quite popular before it collapsed. He was also the chief executive officer of the online shopping website, ShopinJa, which deals in the importation of motor vehicles and other items.

“Based on our initial investigations, we have learned that he (Hewitt) was one of the main persons behind the pyramid scheme, which operated as the money wheel or money loom,” said an investigator. “We understand that the scheme collapsed in December and several persons lost money, so we are seeking to find out if there is a link between that situation and his death.”

While many persons boasted about making money from the scheme, which attracted an initial investment of J$5,000, the people who reportedly joined after November did not manage to cash in as the scheme began to fold.

“We are investigating reports that following the collapse of the scheme, there was a falling-out between some of the major players,” the investigator added. “This story looks as if it is going to be very explosive, as some of the early revelations are quite disturbing.”

According to police reports, about 4 p.m. on Friday, a group of motorists drove to a section of Fisherman’s Beach to purchase fish when they noticed a man sitting motionless around the steering wheel of a silver Nissan Wingroad motor car for a while.

The went to investigate and discovered that the man, who was later identified as Hewitt, had his seat belt on and blood on his body. They summoned the police, who discovered that the body had multiple bullet wounds.


  1. Nicky muss a fret now. I hope this drives unspeakable fear into her heart. Caan waan rob people an tink it a guh suh. As Donald Trump wudda sey, ‘WRONG.

  2. RIP Ricardo, we knew this was coming really sad. The people used poor judgment when they entered loom but that didn’t give them the right to rob them blind. Unfortunately we will probably hear of more people dying over this. Granny seh one one coco fill basket, unno fi learn fi work fi weh unno waan. Dem waan 2 much 2 fast. Father God please comfort and strengthen his family

  3. Weh di evidence seh him dead? This news need more to it ppl dem want to si pic of him alive n dead n inna business like this u have a right hand man weh him deh? Nikki go n find out how di ppl dem money aguh cause mi nuh knw who come up wid this cook up story

  4. Easy come easy go. Di whole pisspot load a dem ago drop dus like how di loom drop. Yuh deh pan live a gwan like yuh bad an a talk bout obeah ppl ova dem own money, yuh nuh even know wah yuh duh… If a mi like yuh mi dash whey everybody round mi an go lay di fuck low…yuh seh yuh full a ambition but yuh fi full a ambition wid sense cause di two a dem match like rice n peas and stew chicken.

  5. Mz cann you not making sense. The man is dead! Rip and condolences to thefamily. Idon’t think he had bad intentions but it collapsed. He was not the founder, sad that he got involved. But we know his killing will be solved and more revelations.

  6. Perhaps he was killed for other reasons, and him being the co-founder of the Loom is just a coincidence. Perhaps his killer or killers hoped that the police would go off the loom thing and not look in their direction.

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