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I hve a pice a torey fi drap pan your page.
Big up di BattyBoy Gabre Nelson up a Orlando Florida who a tek ppl money an a scam Jamaican dem bout blot**t work.
This bitch a encourage ppl fi come work pan dem visa and a charge 80 dollar fi rent him dutty house a Parramore and if you dont want to work for him or go look work yourself him come late night come dash you out him roach and rat place but enough is enough. him ramp with di wrong b*tch diss time roun.
Dutty Saddamite ago dead if him dont stop trick people and tek dem 600 dollar and dont have nothing to give di ppl dem but a bus pass.
All him want fi do is f**k off the man dem wha up yah or tell dem fi File fi Asylum like di otha dem who him trick and f**k but if i talk the US State Department run in pan him bomboclatt.
All a who did bend over fi him f**k onnu know dat di p**y hole have (Edited) and dats why him trim him dreads.
All wha me a talk a facts and i dare him bomb**tt fi answa mi or him battyman wife fi jump pan diss mek a call more blot((tt name
I will dunn di contract wha you have wid Amway Center, Orange County Convention Center, Lanier Parking and Owens Realty.
Why you dont tell dem dat is pure (Edited) you have a work pan dem visa. Or better yet somebody need fi give me the contact fi di IRS mek i report your tax evisaion…Diss a just Part One…I have more dirt and if you think me just a mek up tings check out di picha dem a him dutty place wid bunk bed for 8 ppl in each room.
Lord you nuh too busy!!!!!

6 thoughts on “LORD WHAT IS THIS

  1. Sender, if the workers rent the place ,it’s not the landlord’s responsibility to clean the rooms.the house is filthy. Now, if he have ppl working without pay, that’s f**kd up bc ppl have dem family fi feed.

  2. :cd :malu2 :siul Sender why did you wait until you literally got Screwed to do your Civic duty!!??Why yuh Neva warned the right ones n reported him to the authorities!!??Yuh wait till him mess round u the wrong one before u saw the need fi di fcukery stop!!?Tell yuh bout some of Unno enuh :hoax2

  3. Well for so much ppl to be living there the place is actually clean. I’ve seen worst on this site with one person with a room to themself.

  4. Dah one yah bigger dan me! Dis deep like sea, like some ah dem bahind ole! Lmao, BUT DAH WORD DEH “evisaion”…….! @JMGDICTIONARY, WHERE ART THOU????? :dp :hammer

  5. This is AWFUL… to be promised a place to come work and stay for a fee, only to find levity is worse than what you left in Jamaica. I cannot believe that he believes 8 grown people to one room on Bunk Beds is acceptable and then to further put out these people with nowhere to go because of your demands, is pathetic.
    Sender all numbers can be found on google! Just type in exactly what your looking for and click “google search” you’ll be directed to just what your looking for….2019 advantage taking nah keep and does not have to be tolerated!

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