Morning Met and Pinkwallers,

It’s too early fi Bobette a pop up pan mi time line and mi and ar is of no friends but look pan di caption to nuh bout sorry for LOST. Lady guh have a seat ya because we naw lose nuttin a you a lose guh learn the difference between lost and loss and stop model inna brand and caay even construct a sentence….

15 thoughts on “LOST INA DI ZINC ROBBAS?

  1. Honestly she look like sunday morning carrot,fe a slim girl.The silicon dem give r big top and Lil bottom.

    1. Hate yu mumma fi birth yu crotches! Move from ova yah wid yu hater phuckry!

      This rat can’t lost ina zinc when a it use to be har crib, gate, chimmy, stove an house. She going to be list in steel bars one day one day.

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