Met; thats the clown that wifeing up f**k out Serena that all of new york LA jamaica and england f**k out, i know this guy from jamaice university of technology days a just soh him no have no taste in woman. longtime him a wife up bi*ch then turn out to be the laughing stock. Him useto talk to this brown girl at utech name tannesha look similor like serena soh it look like from di gal dem brown him noh business if a prostitute or not then dem catch the gal a suck a man d*ck in a class room. Big big ting in the school soh him take out him gun and box the boy bec he was a cop at the time and a soh dem get reid of him from utech.is a very intelligent dude so i dont know why him pick up that crosses and mess up like that. Or prob the gal buy him out then bec himLove hype tings longtime and likes. at the end of the day I cant believe him go foreign to turn wortless and goh deh with that dog shit. Since she do up her body and a drive benz she really get hype.talk about! Now she diss the man right inna him face. Dat fi happen to him dem should poison him a chillz restaurant a bronx weh the owner a f**k him woman and a laugh after him.



  1. And the “gag” is…… a u did want him nuh chue and him not even look u way instead him go wife up a ho according to u… Gwaan wid u virgin punash & u virgin mouth cause it look like from u muma push u out u neva f**k or suck a dick yet…

  2. Very handsome guy but it realy sad tho.o shit!!! that the same Guy MULA that JAY From chillz restaurant in the bronx f***g his girl lol.Y him stay in such a disgrace? handsome guy like that

  3. Di girl put up mi fren an him woman really want him r she because mi neva si dis a wah dem do u suh mek yuh hate dem like this my fallback an guh look a man unnu lie nuh f**k

  4. Him want me a that me know him nuh bout but mi know bout me him love me,Serena is nobody to mula as him vex wid him call right inna har face mi deh

  5. mula love me n him f**k me almost every night a who you well him have a lot of explaining to do a 1 gal no use to watch n a dirty Serena shi a histori mule say him don’t want har an mi feel it an believe him when him kiss mi an guess wah I’m carrying his baby bye Felicia

  6. Serena a look attention and pink wall fame. Sender a look the gal man and jealous.uno all boring and wack and Wi tired of uno lame ass stories. Serena she same one always a come pon pink wall a change up her name and a talk all kind of good things about herself. We tired of uno and uno bag of garbage story. Mulla,life sad. Get away .get away. We need good stories. Send in the fight with,serena .send in mulla with a new gal. Send in some text from chilz owner to Serena.

  7. Females let’s try to uplift each other because these males will forever degrade us with their community cocky ways if they know we can’t pull together. No sense in cussing out another female nowadays let’s uplift so they can see and step up.

  8. A true you a talk a time now stop it unity wi sah We can do it mula an Serena keep strong peace out.

  9. It is so sad that you are a side chick making so much noise, if you have to come on pink wall to tell us who you are, you are a nobody. Leave Mula and his woman Serena, that’s who he likes, sender why you mad. He still gonna crawl in Serena’s hole while you talking. Man always look better on the other woman’s. I bet secretly you wish you were in her shoes. Go dash out your punash to the man at chills then Mula will choose you.

  10. Kiss mi ass bitch mula nah left mi n Serena know mi you know mi to an mula fren dem know mi don’t mek mi of to put a pic f***g fool by the way a tommy lee an Nick bring him to my house 1 night don’t make mi start.

  11. Enuff of this now. Mula not leaving serena and she not leaving either. Let the hating continue. Our men are all cheating. Most of us don’t know and god bless the ones who do.

  12. Totally agree! Stop cuss wi one another and let these men have some respect for us. This woman to woman bashing thing is old n uncivilized. Let’s act like the great queens we are so we can attract meaningful men . Men who will respect us and at least make N effort to. Because men know we crazy like that they take advantage and having all of us as one in the same. We need to stop! These men not even worth it..

  13. Mi Good i feel sorry for you I don’t know you hun, I don’t know Serena or Mula either, I was only making an observation. Look how much info you just put out there on other people. Why you so ignorant for the public to know you with Mula, let the man come on here and claim you. If Mula was that good he would not be a topic on pink wall. What is your name hun? Since you calling everybody else name. Serena seem to be busy with the owner at Chilz according to you, to be concerned if Mula a ruxx you. Please stop seeking attention now. Stop trying to disgrace and hurt another female, you only hurting your self. One love

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