NBC’S reporter Jeff Rossen investigative report in 2010 that revealed some retailers were reselling used underwear — among them Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, The Gap and Marshalls. The Rossen Reports team used hidden cameras to discover stores taking used underwear from customers and then putting it back on their shelves. When confronted, retailers said they’d re-educate their staffs. The team returned to some outlets this year for a follow-up, and found plenty of dirty underwear.


  1. Just reading this mek mi front start cratch mi…A JOKE! That is extremely nasty though! But suppose yuh guh catch infection cause a dutty draws weh yuh spend yuh good good money pan…no sah!

  2. Long time this is going on at Victoria Secret. Back in the late 90s shoppers found bloody underware a VS. I stop going there long time. If ur looking for sexy lingerie, go to fig levels , a bit pricy but worth the money.

  3. Mi glad seh Ross wasn’t on the list because ah dessuh me buy my baggy dem *thank you Jesus*…most people wash undergarments before even wearing them…how many people really do that??

    1. I do. I also wash new sheets, comforters,blankets. Yep, u know rodents ran all over these things when they’re in storage?

  4. If unda mi eva scratch mi a call Mr.Bender A-bloodclaat-SAP…:ngakak
    Wat a gud thing mi muma seh wash everything all wen it inna plastic this is just terrible
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  5. You know all the time Victoria secret send me coupon for free panties :bingung this is just nasty and I did hear some prisoners help make Victoria Secret lingerie plus the material cheap

    1. Wait til mi tell mi dawta cause dat is all she wear, str88 Vicky Secrets…an she nuh ramp fe teef weh mi free panty coupon needa :ngakak

  6. i can attest to this, it is true, i went into one of the above store mentioned bloomingdale buying a perfume went to the panty section to check out some panties, and one of the panty had a white discharge ewwwwww

  7. Bwoy mi stop guh VS..way di things a run round here, it look like seh mi haffi guh draw fi mi sewing machine and a couple flour bags and do mi own ting… :ngakak :ngakak

  8. But even if you wash your undies, microbial tings can survive a wash, dats why dem should be final purchase items ALL di time. And me nuh wear panty shield pon di regular suh mi depending on stores fi do dem due diligence.

  9. I stopped buying Victoria. ….went one summer, saw a long line of white girls with panties in their hands headed to the fitting room. ….that was it for me.

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