0 thoughts on “MAD SUCKERS………

  1. what ever happened to being a lady in the street and a freak in the bed.>>> oh but wait those were not ladies.. Scunt dat!!! This behavior is to be expected from Scunts!

  2. This bitch is so disgraceful! D tings people duh fi stay relevant before dem guh get dem paperwork str8 smdh.

  3. What about good education? What about good job? What about being a good mother? Every woman have mouth n pussy. What else can you bring to the table?

  4. Dem caah gwaan betta smh dem nuh have nutten bout dem…nobody nuh want know if unno suck hood keep it to unno self man kmt

  5. So Stacy you really on here a talk about you suck hood and you deh with the haitian Jay Blacks for so long? so you really put your mouth on Jay blacks hood? Damn fi real?

  6. dwl…. kammie a di bad shape one.. mi nuh know how she leff off di part whe sey she nyam p…y to….a kammie sey she know how fi suck a mean cocky…. woieeeeee mi baddie

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