This likkle scammer teefing b*tch think Shi can fool ppl! I refuse to believe that this is really her face when she and her fat teefing man suh rich! Ain’t no way u gonna have so much money cause unnu have all a di Gucci dem and u face look like that and u don’t go to the dermatologist! No way! Now Shi a sell face cream for spot, I just think she did that to er face and just want to show a before and after pic so ppl will buy it! Unnu a scammer and mi nuh trust unnu suh mi refuse fi believe sey ur face look suh in a real life and u nuh go to a dermatologist! Unnu a teef!!!

18 thoughts on “MAKEUP SPOT REMOVE

  1. Now if she shows that picture of her face being clear she is a fucking liar because she same one say her face look like chocolate chips without makeup… ain’t no way she got so clear so quick this bitch a scammer for real

    1. Good catch Marie, I literally scrolled back up to see the difference in the hair tint. Mi need some regular carrot juice some mi can sharply scrutinize pics.

      1. The new updated info is that spinach is the real powerhouse for the eyes. We never saw Popeye wearing glasses. Now spinach juice..hmmm.

          1. I juice 2 bags of carrots daily for other issues and I swear my vision improve but now mi a good add a bag of spinach to it and see.

  2. She is a fake bitch in truth. For all she teaches to these fools. She never post anything new . all fake story . How the hell you teaching women about empowerment and boss up. Yet u post only fake brands. And the same pictures over and over .. if anyone haven’t see through her and her lies . I sure do .

  3. Sorry to throw insults, but sender, your comments reek of ignorance.

    Have you not seen those multi- millionaire celebrities that evidently have economic access to the best dermatologists in the world, yet their skin is in a much worse condition than the lady above… I’ll leave it at that.

  4. Hyperpigmentation affects a lot of black ppl. She can get a Clarosonic facial cleanser, or do chemical peels over a period of time until it is resolved. If I was her I would also do a few lip scrubs, otherwise, she is an attractive woman who just need to put some effort into her skin, that is if she cares. Cause different ppl prioritize different things and clear skin may not be a priority for her, and that is also fine.

  5. I think she was more trying to prove how deceitful social media is! So she showed her natural face then how she looks with her make up and filter on! Nevertheless I used to follow her but I believe she is a narcissist. Why is she sooo adamant she won’t cone New York..

  6. Yeah makes no sense the woman a live har life. I dont get it, I watched her do the shit on live some a unuh need fi go mind the business that pays you. This is 2019. And she clearly states that she does not give a fuxk about what yall think. So what are you really saying?

  7. This woman is not afraid show her flaw and clearly stated she does not want to go to a dermatologist. She ca. Onviously afford to but ia happy being her. Y it a badda unuh? Wherr ur pic at sender?

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