A quarrel over coal wood turned bloody yesterday morning, when a man used a power saw to injure another man who accused him of stealing his timber in Logwood, St Thomas.

One resident, who said he was awakened by the commotion told THE STAR that one of the men had cleared an area, intending to burn coal.

But he was surprised to find the other man using a chainsaw to cut wood he had intended to use.

“Him guh deh and a cut dem and di man a mek him know say ‘a my wood dem yah, yu shouldn’t a cut dem’ and a dat cause di argument,” the resident told THE STAR.

The community member said he heard a very heated conversation, with both men exchanging expletives, shortly before he heard the sound of the high-powered tool. That was followed by screams.

After hearing the screams, he rushed out to the front of his yard.

“As mi step out pon di road is a man mi see a run a pass wid di whole a him hand blood up and deh pon di phone a say him get chop,” he told THE STAR.

According to the alleged eyewitness, the saw-wielding man tried to inflict further damage but was stopped by another person, who knocked him out.

The man lost consciousness for a few minutes before waking up and running away from the location, but was later nabbed by the police.

Meanwhile, the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force said the incident took place at approximately 7:10 a.m., and left both men wounded.

However, it was confirmed that one man in particular was in serious condition.


  1. Should a awake up with him two hands dem sawn off At the shoulders. Maim the man over him own things just because yuh feel yuh have Di advantage with the saw. Crosses.

    1. The earth is filled with ppl who are nothing but empty vessels, nothing in the bodies dem walking round wid, no soul, no spirit, no consciousness, no God. Is juss di brain in dem fi send di impulses. Wickedness has been increased in the hearts of men. I have never seen so many ‘out of it’ people roaming the land. Just look in some a dem eyes when you walking down the streets, it’s utterly empty. You see those preppers and survivalist ppl, dem on to something.

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