Y these ppl must bring their business to social network n they wonder y ppl talk bout them.. Y wud u give your child tablet or allowed your man to take it in the first place .. Man clown!! She claim she nuh dunce but sweetie check yuh self bcuz u gonna continue to wreck yuhself


  1. Lmfao I wonder if she nuh shame yet him diss har big time for his new woman which btw born one day before her she claim the man a run her down just so she feel better mind u she still a run down mr b in the same time gyal go take several seats a dat fi reach u yuh ass live look hype too much yuh ass need fi grow up already u a how much again ? Then her lickle gremlins dem a back har up n fi dem life need sorting out too get yuh self sum positive influences in your life bcuz ur so call frens r not ur frens ediat

  2. She never know the boy did bruk n dunce when him did a dagger n she did a suck she wait till him diss har fi talk the things n the only one cares a she u nuh si the man find him a nice slim n trim girl him nuh waant sour angel weh live run down man n stalk dem

  3. Yes mi have to comment lady y u a pressure the man fi tablet , any phone company u join now u can get the latest tablet free all iPhone 6 u soon can get free Mek couple months blow off. My girl u sound hurt move on with u life and go get a free tablet , for ur princess.

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