Love u page but mi want know y gallie afi fly from way a Canada fi look man nuh man nuh deh a Canada. She just have a young baby and come a Jamaica a look man. Use to mind a next boy when she a breed and the boy tek r money and style r. Now she have baby she reach a Jamaica no man woman fi have class. The man all a hide when the pic man a come


  1. Sender u better tank God u have ur own a man n u na mine him but me no understand how u up in a d ppl dem business so that u all know say d yute did a hide when d picture man a come?? Unu too rass wikid n badmind.

  2. (Singing chorus) Nobody’s business business, nobody’s business business, nobody’s business, but my own. (Repeat)

    If mi married to a nayga man, and mi leave him fe a chiney man, nobody’s business, but mi own.

    If mi waist was a 38, and mi bring it dung to a 28, nobody’s business, but mi own.

    Sing the chorus again. Then add whatever you want to add as your lyrics.

    1. I don’t wrong the boy from run duty worthless Anika man looking gyal you tuff like the gully wall you chat every body day and night you is one of the most hypocritical person who live you a the human woman devil you need to go find something to do more than sit and a wait pan the boy mother fi send things come give him the boy want a woman who is progressive not a worthless piece of man royal tall big man looking boy girl like you .do you know your baby father Anika : I need you to total how much belly Kerry Ann and Yaneek and Jamesha dash weh cause the way how you love chat them I know you know. You need fi tell them them a murder to there face like how you talk about it behind their backs and how them wicked and you want them fi go a prison fi kill the woman son cause him never deserved it and he was innocent

  3. Good day met them people yah weh send in this story are some low life bitches them a fool fool gyal weh no live no weh and don’t own nothing in life
    1 . Anica you big and tall and stay bad and naked like bottle you vex cause the boy no want you and him left you go a better woman weh can help him all you do a sit down pan the gully bank a day time and chat and mix up people you need fi find out who did breed you the other day and you run go dash it weh you say the boy eat you puny and him run you and teck a woman who better than you and have her things and clothes you need fi find out a who did battery
    you . You look like big joe .big and tall like man the man tired a the man body worthless man looking gyal
    2 the three sisters who charge for murdering the lady innocent son ,, Kerry -any , Yaneek and Jamesha uno have a murder trial a Gowan and unu still a give u u self trouble.
    A. Yaneek all you weh walk and fu@k and suck like dawg have a nerve a trouble people you always sting and have infection and puny sways a make noise all you do a walk and sex fi food and clothes and can’t pay you muder lawyer fees member the last belly weh you dash weh you did sick fi days and a stink you face tuff like man you look like gieco lizard you a one marga ugly young old looking duty nasty gyal you teck all 3 friend dash weh belly gyal you dash weh about 15 belly already
    b Kerry -Ann you is a lost case you big and look like a brown bleach out elephant when you a wall you just a shake like you a old woman. Member a you a the grand mother fi dash weh belly cause all you friend Anika chat you and your sisters like dawg go pay u u lawyer fi the woman son weh uno stab and kill
    C: Jamesha you tuff and stay bad like man no man never want you yet you a the youngest off the 3 and you look the oldest. Unu need fi stop it and go look about u u life and stop mess with people member unu curse for life cause unu kill the woman innocent. Son

  4. Anika talk how you see how Yaneek did a walk and a sell her self fi mind baby Wayne (God) and him no want her talk how you him sister look like alien : Kerry Ann remember you a deportee so no badly feel like you can run left the murder case you and your sister a some wicked people stop trouble people because fi unu trouble bigger bigger you and your sister make history in Jamaica. To be the first 3 sister to be charged for murder unu a modern day historians , the people them pan gully bank hate unu unu murderes

  5. Where can I read the article on this death what is going on who did they kill and why and how can 2 or 3 women kill one man, what is the story on that, what happen?????

    1. All a dem kill d woman one son!! The mother and another guy was arguing and the son a part him mada a tell r come and dem(yanique,Jameisha n Kerry) pick it up pon dem head and run down d boy stab him up kill him! A who did a bawl bout caa have baby ina prison. Murderers Johnston unu how unu sleep a night time.

  6. Every man want better out a life and me as a man nuh want nuh waste gal. Cause the gal before she a waste road side gal but me as a man nuh want nuh gal weh a walk and a look man suh and worst she use to look a bwoy in a the same community and the boy nyam r out cause she a breed n a look man fi f**k r pan r big belly duty gal that mi nuh wrong mi Fren from tek r money every week Western union and pan top a that a tell mi Fren fi put up r pic pan wats app the dog she u mad mi cah do that. So a suh the link pop off some man a clown suh maybe she find a clown cause mi nuh rate gal weh a walk s look man that nuh rite star

  7. I know this girl she ain’t bad looking do y she doing stuff like these but as it say if u f**k off u home town u have to go else where for husband to be honest she have a bad reputation here baby fada don’t look at her none tall she work in a store so how she mind man thou wats that for her and her child and man salary she nake ain’t a lot. And that’s man nasty she just have a young baby gosh people do silly things for papers

  8. Da man deh weh pose up wid r a one a the man weh she look rushan tek money but she did s get brite suh d dog run r weh kmt ediot mad gal wah do some gal tru them travel like them can get any man some waste gal love hype. Mad dog move on yes cause u next gal a gully bat

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