Family members who were part of the team of persons that had extricated the body of Seon Waldron from the Mahaicony Creek yesterday, has told this publication that the man’s penis and right-side ear were severed from his body.

As a matter of fact, family members are adamant that from the looks of things, the man was severely tortured before he was killed.

The Guyana Guardian understands that Waldron, known as Catty, and who hails from Bus Shed street, South Haslington, on the East Coast of Demerara, was being visited by a one-legged man over a period of three days prior to his disappearance on Friday.

“De man always come in a white car. But nobody really know who he was”, says a family member.

The woman pointed out that the man had told ‘Catty’ that he wanted him and another man to work on a farm deep down in the Mahaicony Creek.

She was not certain how ‘Catty’ became familiar with the one-legged man, but was also quick to point out that no one else in the village actually knew who he was.

Nonetheless, the man had brought money to her relative on at least three occasions as an advance on his salary, for the ‘bush’ work he was retaining the man to do.

However, when the one-legged man came back with the white car to pick the men up on Friday, only Catty went, since the other man was on an errand outside of the village.

At the time, Catty did not provide his relatives with any solid information as to where he was going, except indicating to one of them that he was going in the ‘bush’.

But after the one-foot man came back on Sunday and told family members that ‘Catty’ was missing, this arouse their suspicions, and naturally prompted a search.

However, after making a missing-person report on Monday at the Cove and John Police Station, ranks from the division contacted the family on Tuesday morning, and escorted them to the Mahaicony creek after receiving a report about a body being found in the water there.

When the family arrived at the location, their worst fears were confirmed.

The police are investigating the matter.


  1. Rest In Peace . Sick demons roaming the earth. Stay prayed UP.
    The dutty one legged man with no heart is the key suspect .
    Our people are getting sicker and sicker. Crimes are becoming even more satanic.

    May God be with us.

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