By Michael Denison
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
A West Palm Beach man was arrested Monday night after allegedly robbing his girlfriend and a friend at gunpoint, according to the Riviera Beach Police Department.
On May 15, Watson Laurent, a 32-year-old landscaper from West Palm Beach, pointed a handgun at his girlfriend Zadeaha Albury, 28, demanding, “You better give me your purse,” according to the police report. Albury was in a car at the time in the 400 block of Avenue S.
Albury’s friend Laquill Campbell, 27, who was also in the car, was also told to surrender her purse after Watson pointed the gun to her head.
Albury’s purse and its contents, including a cell phone and necklace, were worth approximately $1,600, according to the report. Campbell’s Tori Burch designer purse and its contents were worth $700, not including two bank cards.
Albury told police she and Laurent had been in a relationship for three months at the time of the alleged robbery.
A Riviera Beach police officer saw Laurent walking toward a Stonybrook apartment building on Monday night and arrested him. Laurent faces two charges of robbery with a firearm and two charges of grand theft of less than $5,000.
He is being held without bond at the Main Detention Center in West Palm Beach.


  1. Who does dis an hab di nerve fi stay inna di same country, much less di same city???Dis not very cute bwoy is ah modern day crackhead. How yuh fi rob you ooman an har friend at gunpoint???

  2. I have officially heard it all. Ladies wah hab unno husband even if him hab a few flaws u can live it, try keep unno marriages intact, nutten nuh out yah, as unno can see from dis story.
    I did hear of a guy who stole his date’s car, but that was the first date, never heard of a man holding up him ooman and fren yet. I have heard of grandkids robbing dem grandparents directly or setting up ppl to.

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