A man who confronted a doctor at his office and stabbed him in his neck last August told the Corporate Area Resident’s Magistrate’s Court that he attacked the doctor because he offered to pay him money for sex.
George Phillips, 27, who had been receiving treatment for a mental disorder for the last nine months, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding on Friday in court, after he was deemed fit to make a plea.
Phillips, who was among a number of accused in court on Friday with mental problems, came out of the dock in a good mood and was even smiling when Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey told him that he was “looking better”.
However, his mood quickly changed after he pleaded guilty and started to explain why he had stabbed the doctor.
“Why you stabbed your doctor? RM Pusey asked.
“A nuh my doctor,” Phillips quickly answered, while explaining that it was his mother who had introduced him to the doctor.
Phillips then told the court that he had slept with a young girl and contracted a disease. Consequently, Phillips said that he went to visit the doctor but that he prescribed some medications for him that did not work, and so he revisited the doctor.
“When me go him start ask me some questions whey no pertain to my thing whey me come bout,” ” Phillips said. “Me a tell him say me a have back pain and some bumps pon me thing.
“But this man is like a gay, a ask me fi sex and a offer me money,” said Phillips, who was visibly upset. “Me bend how him nuh deh yah fi me look him inna him face.”
“Me neva dweet fi fame or purpose,” Phillips told the magistrate.
Phillips then told the court that he was also injured and that he had received a cut in his forehead.
“Look inna my face, me get a cut too, so me just give him the knife straight in him neck, straight,” Phillips said loudly without remorse.
Following that, RM Pusey ruled that he be imprisoned for two years, but Phillips was not moved by his sentence and shouted out “Blessed!” while on his way out of the dock.
Phillips was arrested and charged after he went to the doctor’s office on Hagley Park Road and stabbed him in his neck.
According to the doctor’s statement, Phillips was upset that he (the doctor) did not recognise him and told him that he was upset about a question the doctor had asked him on a previous visit with his mother.
The doctor had reportedly asked Phillips if he was a patient at Ward 12, but Phillips said he felt insulted.
The doctor said he tried to apologise but Phillips refused to accept his apology and stabbed him in his neck.
Old woman attacked by four-year-old
An old woman who told the court that she was attacked and kicked multiple times by a four-year-old boy and wanted “a lot of money” for her suffering, was told that she was not going to get $100,000 after she refused an offer of $5,000.
The woman, in her 60s, was the complainant in a common assault matter with the child’s father, Dervin Deacon, who was arrested for reportedly shoving her to the ground.
The woman told the court that she was on her way to visit her nephew when the child came at her and kicked her several times and that his father came and pushed her down.
But Deacon told the court that the complainant was not telling the truth.
He said that he was at home when he saw the complainant outside teasing his son, who then kicked her once. He said that he then saw when the complainant held his child, and started to slap him and refused to stop when he called out to her. As a result, Deacon said that he went outside and pushed her off his child and she fell.
“Why didn’t you talk to his father? RM Pusey asked.
“Because in that community nobody can talk to the child. Anything him do him father put up with it,” she answered.
“The child is four years old, what can he do? Pusey said.
The magistrate then asked the complainant how much money she wanted for her injuries.
“He has to pay a lot of money for it,” she replied.
The magistrate then tried to get a specific amount from the complainant but she would not respond.
She was asked the cost of her medical bill and she told the court that she did not go to see a doctor.
“Five thousand can do?” Pusey asked.
“No thanks,” the complainant said.
“You were not injured to the point where you had to seek medical attention so that $100,000 that is looming in your eyes is not going to happen,” RM Pusey told the complainant.
The magistrate told her that she had no right to hit the child and that she should have spoken to the child’s father about the incident and that the father had a right to stop her from hitting his child.
However, she told Deacon that he should not have pushed her to the ground.
Deacon was then fined $3,000.
Woman unhappy about baby father’s girlfriend kissing child on the mouth
A woman, who appeared to be jealous of the father of her child’s new lover, was adamant that that she did not want her child to visit his father because his girlfriend was kissing her two-year-old daughter on the mouth and was walking around naked in the house.
The complainant was before the court because of a confrontation with her child’s father, Earl Headley, who reportedly assaulted her.
But Headley in his defence told the court that the complainant did not want him to see his child. However, he said that on the day in question the complainant came in the night and demanded to take their sick daughter home, and he refused. He said the complainant barged into his house and he shoved her out.
The complainant then told the court that she did not want her daughter to be around her father’s girlfriend.
“She kiss my baby mouth-to-mouth and I don’t like it, it don’t look right to me.
“Stop the foolishness, this is the 21st century, you need to get with the programme, ” RM Pusey said.
But the complainant said that her baby has sensitive skin and she does not think it is right for anyone to kiss her child on her mouth.
Added to that, the complainant said that Headley’s girlfriend “dress naked in the house, she a walk around in panty, she don’t dress.”
“Dem issues yah bigger than me,” Pusey then said, sparking laughter from the court.
“But my daughter is a girl,” Headley interjected amidst more laughter from the court.
The magistrate then told the complainant that she felt she was acting out of jealousy and that the child would not be corrupted by the woman’s nakedness.
Further to that, RM Pusey told the complainant that she will have to accept that the child will spend time with her father’s lover, as the father will also have to accept that the child will be around her partner.
However, she advised Headley to visit the child at the complainant’s house, for a peaceful life. But he refused, while insisting that he wanted his daughter to visit him at his home.
“But you affi go tell your girlfriend to stop kiss the baby on her mouth and to wear clothes,” she said to Headley, who said he would do so.
Conductor gets nine months for stealing bus fare
A conductor who ran off the bus with $15,000 on the day that he got the job was sentenced to nine months in prison after he pleaded guilty to larceny as a servant.
The complainant told the court that on the day in question, he was driving the bus and that Odane Williams, whom he had just hired, had checked off the money and was told to give it to him when they got to downtown Kingston.
“But when me reach mi and look round me nuh see him and when me go look for him me see him round gambling table,” the complainant told the court.
“The first day you go gamble off the money,” RM Pusey said.
“Yes, Your Honour,” Williams answered.
The magistrate then asked Williams if he had the money to pay back the complainant, and he said he would have to go and work back the money.
“You need a little cooling down, just go do nine month,” Pusey told him.


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