A man who stole a woman’s car elicited laughter in the court when he explained that he committed the crime because the police seized his car and refused to give it back to him.

“Good morning, I am guilty for taking this lady’s car,” the ex-con told the magistrate in court on Friday after he pleaded guilty to larceny of a motor car.

“Why you stole it?” the magistrate asked.

“Just because the police seize my vehicle and the judge seh mi fi get it back, but dem hold on pon it and seh a one stolen car. Is over $180,000 mi pay fi it,” Williams said, then added: “I don’t know wah jump inna mi head.”

“Police take away your car and you take away somebody’s car?” RM Pusey asked while laughing. “I have to curb that tendency.”

The magistrate then asked the complainant from where her car was stolen and she said Pechon Street in downtown Kingston.

“Someone saw him going into the car and called me and when I came out I saw him driving off the car and I jumped on the bonnet,” the complainant said.

The magistrate then asked whether or not Williams had any previous conviction and was told by the investigating officer that he had one.

Williams then explained to the court that he served six months in prison last year on a charge of fraudulent use of a licence plate after he had placed his brother’s licence plate on his car to move it from a garage.

The magistrate then scolded Williams for stealing the woman’s car.

“A car is a valuable security, it’s not a play thing. Sometime it’s the only valuable thing that a person has,” she told Williams moments before she slapped him with an 18-month prison sentence.

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