Thirty-one-year-old Bunker’s Hill resident Jermaine Thomas, who was wanted by the police for illegal possession of firearm and shooting with intent, was allegedly shot dead at a wake in Trelawny by a man who is out on bail on a gun-related charge.
The police reported that about 2:45 am, Thomas, also called ‘Jerry’, while at a wake in Friendship district had an argument with the man which later resulted in a gunfight.
Several shots were reportedly fired, sending scores of people at the wake scampering for cover.
When the shooting subsided, Thomas was seen on the roadway suffering from several gunshot wounds to his body and one to his head.
He was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injures.
Commanding Officer for the parish of Trelawny Superintendent Wilford Campbell told OBSERVER ONLINE that Thomas was wanted man for the shooting of a Bunker’s Hill resident earlier this year, among other criminal acts.
“We have been looking for him for quite some time, but he kept eluding us,” said Superintendent Campbell.


  1. So mek mi get dis straight, de dead wanted man “has been eluding the Police for quite some time”, and who is not a Police find de wanted man and solve de case fe dem? Gee, what could possibly go wrong here?

  2. Why is it that men can’t just fist fight and call a day and the looser lick them wounds and go on with life… Why these people have to come back with gun and kill people over a fight or arguement, how did it come to killing someone over those things… I just don’t understand the mind set of people now a days, it’s just sad that you can be here one day and never know that a man have it out for you until he day of and you dead…. I know that people say this is the life and the mentailty that people grow up in and with but damn that’s a crazy way of thinking that mi seh… Why we people of color is killing one another off these people have families… Stop the killing we are moving into 2015 please stop the killing and do something else with your life if you can don’t give up and keep trying even when it gets tuff because God doesn’t give you too much that you can’t handle!!!

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