Mate a gal from: Water House Jamaica, name Alicia Upsetta and goes by the name Chin; she’s the biggest hoe in Jamaica right now she take all her new bff baby daddy. Her bff friend is Kamika a.k.a Rashy and her baby daddy is Chris, I am glad I found her dirty ass out so me drop her company and she mad because I’m not giving her any more closths that’s not it her first son father ask her to do a DNA lol… she go take Buzzman from unruly gang and the boy f**k on her all day with everyone this gal Chin walk and create lots of fake pages to stalk her baby daddy Buzzman. Him a f**k Unruly Squid friend Jessie, so she don’t like Squid for that the b**tch needs to remember that she meet him as a dog not because you give him twins that’s going to change him bitch.. go clean you house and stop stalk me and my friends Buzzman go married a girl a NY, and he’s now living in NY, and she still a put up his pictures lol he’s not and will never put you up bitch, you life sad bad try find happiness you no real friend me friend was a real one to you.

22 thoughts on “MAN TEEF

  1. This story is boring mek sure di man weh u ave a nuh thief u thief him an him also a mind u kmt
    Go learn to spell
    Careless gyal
    And leave pple alone….

  2. Tash and Tish, go look a life a this you can send in kmft tell the people them how you’ll live with you man and a f** 2 man a Ja and a gal bitch please.

  3. The both of them look hungry. Look pon them lips. Anyway. She a tek a long time. A same way har friend was helping har some years ago n bring har go mobay n she tek the gal man.
    Anyway ppl still a f**k waterhouse gal them the community full a AIDS straight.

  4. When u wah embarass smaddy mek sure u no embarass uself cause bitch u can’t spell… them things yah upset me. 1st of all a ur front she a use unless U did wah him n no get him or u did want her n vex she turn u dung. 2nd u have too much time pan u hand fi a pinkwall ppl n 3rd if a u friend it happen to y the hell u a squeal ms piggy???? U careless nav no life fight over worthless man poverty crab inna shyt water barrel bitches need to shut the hell up n clean ur own house before unnuh look pan ppl own 1st cause me know the man u a tek goodly up unda smaddy else wen u cyah get him fone n go learn how fi spell n low the girl mek she live her life cause her pickney dem good a live better than u! Upsetting…

  5. Lmfaoat anonymous speaker up there bitch said Tish n tash boring….. bitch if I didn’t come on fb n see the story I wouldn’t even see this. Number one I don’t do pink wall n number two I don’t even like both him nor her so I care ZERO who she or him f***g. Number three I wouldn’t even call rashi whatever her name is rashi I call her ass big bird so whoever know me or tash good know that we ain’t put this bullshit post up. So before you call up my name or my bitch name up get yal facts str8 ☕️

  6. Calling a woman a man thief is a really dumb thing a man is not a possession he is a human who can make up his mind who he wants, no stealing going on here.

  7. first of all my girl who mention my name I doh need fi wastes time on pink wall that’s not my style anything I needed to say to chin mi done say it already cah chin dh frighten me further more is dis year mi meet that girl and me n her do not wear the same size suh when u ah try gram somebody to do childish shit like this come correct and keep my name out of ur mouth cause bitch if u know me enough to call up my name u know seh nobody doh frighten me

  8. WATAHOUSE FULL A AIDS??? they are dedding one by one a yr no pass and finneral no run, u see the babymothers have bacteria in dem vagina and infect the babies, this anus sex is one of the main cause of these bacteria the docs was trying to explain abd yes dem mention rectal not aids just bacteria from the rectum behaviour NASTINESSSS penis fi was before it goes in the vagina if u must do that kind a stuff

  9. Chin u life large. They hate u for being u n most a dem a call dung ppl man sameway. Some a dem no knw weh dem baby feed or dinner a come from but wen dem hear bout dance a Barbie doll minus Ken. I am upset with petty bitches unnuh need fi put inna barrel n get push downhill pan fire… girl big up uself….

  10. I hate that elvis wig and mi tired fi see big man wid dem hair plat up so, it screams untidy. Speaking of untidy them look like di 2 a dem frowsy alike and hungry.

  11. U know that if u tilt ur head sidewayish,them look kinda brother n sisterish!i swear Dweet n u will see the resemblance!

  12. Crazy how ppl have time for this shit ,chin nuh watch dem the slumber party from queens ain’t got shit on u ….

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