Ah which man ah buy big lip Ahsia hyde plane ticket ?? Mi hear seh she AH f**k di so call king “of LA BREDDY” an she ah walk round give the man dem ***** Ahsia Yuh too out ah order .. & ah put on Instagram she ah GUH to England an ah hype up like she have money Ahsia stop f**k off di married man dem dwl


  1. That’s Mad Family Brownman Babymada all when she was with him she was sleeping around.
    She Belizean that’s how they operate

  2. An dem all love fren up each other pon Ig only FI find out di whole ah dem a f**k di same man behind close door. Kmt

  3. It could only be a bum ass Jamaican bitch that ain’t got the guts to say shit to her face. What u mad for bitch? Her man took her out the country and yo bum ass couldn’t even get a ride to Vegas lmao Yall Jamaican bitches killin me cause yall life based around bad mind, envy, jealousy, and hate. No pity for u hoes. Bitches gonna forever be taking yall husbands and taking trips, STEP YO PUSSY UP BITCH!!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing, bitches mad cause they can’t get them dudes to spend on them. Yes Belizean bitches nice!

  4. All Imma say to this is…. Whom ever the weak ass bitch is that tried it… Bitch u’r mad and in yo feelings. And next time when coming for me bitch come with facts. BREADY??!!!! that’s the homie and all …. But bitch really?! You would’ve been better off with yo weak ass story line had u made up a random ass name….. But BREADY?! You clearly searched high and low and couldn’t come up with shit so that’s the best u could do. Bitch Bye! Don’t come for me boo cause I would dog u weak wack ass bitches. U mad cause u wanted that trip or nah?! Smfh. And next thing is I don’t fake floss hunny… I don’t act as if I have no more than I do… Anyone that knows me knows I work and earn the lil that I do have…. I don’t fake for the gram bitch…. So shame on u. My children live clean and comfortable … And I for God dam sure ain’t out here jumping on no niggas dicks for a penny. I earn my own bitch. And to the dummy that tried to shade and talk about I use to fucc on my sons father…. BITCH WHERE?! Imma pray for u wack ass hoes. Try again dummy. Now Carry On.

  5. Lame ass lace front wearin, bleach skin havin, no baby daddy/no man havin, f**k for hype ass, badmind, grudgeful, monkey lookin hoes…F**K THEM!!!!!

  6. @ Dick R Harde ….. I Thought I Was The Only One To Catch Dat… Like I’m Confused! Am I Suppose To Be Screwing BREADY Or Am I Suppose Ro Be Screwing The MARRIED Man?! They Wanted To Try Me And Failed. Lmao

  7. Ah wah pussy ? Pussy hole guh sit DI f**k dowb yuh duck sucking fren Asia is a hore she would get beat Di f**k up.

  8. mi hear sey yuh ah fuk down the place dutty gal!!! an ah fuk di people dem man behind dem bak nuh play stupid!!!

  9. @Red Sole Bitch Imma Tell U Just Like I Told Da Bitch That Sent The Shit In…. Bitch If U Gone Come For Me Come With Facts…. Who Is These People U Speak Of And Who Da Fucc Is Their Man…. Cause Everybody Knows Who Da Fucc I Deal With Period…. I Ain’t Hiding Shit And Dat Nigga Sure Da Fucc Ain’t Hide Me In 4 1/2 yrs Dat I Been With Him…. Bitch Bye! Please Come And Come Correct …. I Ain’t Gotta Hide And Fucc Shit Bitch. Please Go Run In Muthafuccin Traffic Somewhere…. Bitch When U Gotta Hide And Fucc A Nigga Dat Means U Can’t Be Seen With Dat Nigga…. I Ain’t Never In My Muthafuccin Life Have To Hide Shit… U Sound Just As Hurt As The Bitch That Sent Dis Muthafucca In. when U Got Yo Facts Then U Can Speak To Me.

  10. @81 Gyal …. Bitch I Musta Suck Yo Nigga Sick Cause Sure Da Is Talking Like I Kno Me Wack Ass Bitch…. Once Again U Weak Bum Sloppy Pussy Ass Bitches Is Mad And Will Forever Stay Mad Cause U Loose Pussy Ass Bitches Get Fucced And Duked For A Penny. Bitch Run Up When U See Me While U Sounding Hurt Like The Rest Of These Hoes. Bitch Bye!

  11. As A Matter Of Fact I’m Done Entertaining You Illiterate Fuccin Dummies. Everyone Knows Me And Knows What It Really Do In These Streets So….. I No Longer Have Nothing To Say…. My Shit Speaks For Itself. You Muthafuccas Know Who My Man Here In California Is And Have Been For Almost 5Yrs Now…. And At The End Of The Day He Knows What’ It Do…. Y’all Sleep And Thight Now…. Cause I Kno I Am

  12. ahsia yuh mad eeeh? why yuh so mad sour gal? wi knuh seh who else yuh ah sleep wit two dwl why yuh nah mention dat man? my girl yuh grown tell yuh baby father who yuh a really fuk!!!!!

  13. This dumb bitch sent in herself to get popular dwl. Aisha go sit down, nobody gives a f**k about you. AND THATS INCLUDING YOUR TWO BABYFATHERS….bye Felicia! And you’ve gotten a lot uglier in the past 4 1/2 years. That Jamaican’s money is NOT working for you boo booo #SitBooBooSit

  14. @red Sole Bitch U Gone Ahead And Let Loose Your Info Since As U Got The Tea…. And What The Fucc Does My Babyfather Has To Do With My Personal…. I Am Not Of His Concern Nor Is His Personal Life Mine. Onc Again U Blowin Air…. Bitch Bye

  15. @Anonymous First Off U Stupid Ass Dummie …. Popularity Is For Adolescents…. Bitch Imma Grown Up…. And I Was Popular All My Adolescent Yrs….. I Don’t Need To Run Shit Down… So I Would Put Myself Up On Jamaican Groupie To Gain Popularity??!!!! ….. Hahaahahahah U Sound Like A Fuccin Retard With That One…. Bitch I Will Always Be Ugly To A Ugly Ass Hatin Ass Bitch…. Lmao. And U Must Kno My TWO BABYFATHERS For U To Kno What They Do And Don’t When It Comes To Me. Bitch u Need To Have Several Muthafuccin Seats With Dar Garbage U Got Running Out Yo Dumb Ass Mouth. U Bitches Have Been Entertaining I Must Say For Today Tho….. Lmao…. All Now Not One Of U Hoes Can Come With Facts …. Who Are These Niggas Dat I’m Fuccin Tho?! Dat Is Still Da ? Of The Day… Clearly BREADY Was An Epic Fail…. The Bitch That Made That Shit Up Clearly Knows She Sound Dumb As Fucc With Dat One. So Stop Spitting Air And Come With Some Shit Weak Ass Bitches…. Is U Bitches Mad Or Nah?! lil ole basic me Got Y’all hoes Head hurting and y’all hearts….. Bye! Lmmfao

  16. Silly little rabbit u using Bready name to try to get a hype…yuh well waan knowings bow yah…like I said DONT NOBODY GIVE A F**K ABOUT U.
    U lil stupid ass bitch u done f**k out Bready crew…SO WHY THE F**K WOULD HE WANNA F**K WITH you? Fresh pumpum to Bready ting….HIM DONT WANT NUH STALE BREAD.

  17. Bitch if you don’t go sit ur f**king ass down somewhere talking bout when they see you run the f**k up.. Lmfao Trudy mi yuh would even stand a chance never heard Ah you in the streets big pussyhole Gyal you will get beat the f**k up

  18. Aisha take your short ass to bed now
    You bout to go toe to toe with everybody?
    Girl you know it hurts you always acting like you can’t mash ants with your sneaky ass just short and Damn nuff

  19. My goodness! The hate is real. It’s really sad when a person has to stoop to such levels to try and tarnish a person’s character, all out of jealousy. At the end of the day what do you gain? Aisha! Don’t know you personally but keep doing what it is that you do boo………maybe y’all should take notes and learn a thing or two!!!!

  20. No sah dah gyal ya aisha big and idle so. looooooooooooooooooooooooool she say she done and nah entertain illiterate ppl and come pon groupiemet a cuss di ppl dem wid ar yankee self. likkle girl gwan go have a seat and if she a f**k other man weh di receipt deh? dont be so hyped dat u steal a jamaican gyal man either cuz so u get dem a so u lose dem. i bet him a f**k pon u loooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  21. What I’ve read a find to be so so so so funny… I don’t know this chick and don’t care to know this chick but what I’m reading from what i guess is a friend of hers and this brawd is disrespecting Jamaican women why do you think the sender is jamaican she can be a belizean just like you and don’t like your little friend, why every time it has to be a jamaian gal send it in no one care about you belizeans i careless and I’m not jamaican. You belizan women hype up too much you want to be jamaican because your language is way different from a jamaican but you talk jamaican stop it. Who cares if you get one or two jamaican man and your the side chick at the end of the day your the side chick so you didn’t presay took anyone from anyone to be honest with you real talk. so stop hype yourself up, I see you guys in these parties trying to act jamaican and ur not act like your from belize, jamaica has nothing to do with belize. I wonder why they hype you people up so damn much because the women are truly not all that, you can pick out a few cute ones but not a lot. So stop hating on jamaican women and stop trying to befriend them since you think so low of them how about that shit!!!!!

  22. :2thumbup 100@Blessedalways How she know it wasn’t her Belizean matey send this in..Because nuff of the Belizean gal Dem find Dem way over to pinkwall.
    So true she disrespecting us Jamaican women talking about we ugly bleachout lace front wearing Bitches. Remember the same bleachout lace front Jamaican Bitches be feeding you and your kids.
    I know La don’t have the best representation in the DanceHall but don’t use the few to judge all of us. Mostly Belizean women boast but good hair and shit, Good hair and most of you shape bad nuh Rass and easy to use that’s why the Jamaican men will talk to you.
    Belize stay comparing themselves with Jamaica it ridiculous Jamaica always Dem topic Dem well want to be in the Caribbean with us.

  23. Y’all still on here with this irrelevant ass post. First of do not put me in no muthafuccin generalized population. Never not once in any of my comments have u heard me call a specific ethnicity PERIOD! U see other muthafucaas labeling…. For all I kno the bitch could be from muthafuccin Zimbabwe… Never have u seen me say I took nobodies man nor anything of that nature… U bitches is the ones on here claiming I did…. These niggas belong to no muthafuccin body…. These niggas is for everybody…. Yall be the ones out here steady tryna fight bitches over these shared dick ass niggas…. Clearly u bitches don’t kno me or kno shit about me…. I for one sure da fucc don’t try to act like I am nothing or no one else other than whom da fucc I am…. Me act JAMAICAN?! girl not never!!!!! Lmao…. U couldn’t even tell I was BELIZEAN unless I told u…. So once again u hoes is blowin air…. Don’t generalize me with nobody else. Yall talk about belizeans are always talking bad about y’all…. But yall bitches do the same ass shit. So it’s tit for tat with that. And at the end of the day ain’t none better than the next…. Cause I talk about the same ass Belizeans that be in the Jamaican community acting and talking like them. That shit is dumb as fucc to me…. It’s like them bitches be going through an identity crisis…. Not Cause U Fucc The Niggas That Mean U Gotta Adopt They Culture. But to each his own…. That’s they thang…. Another Thing Is Yall always cussin about Belizean bitches get used by yall men…. Chile these niggas use yall the same ass way …. They use anything that’s a woman period! And that’s a fact…. From babymommas, To Wives, To The “Side Bitch” To The Muthafuccin Concubine. Like It burns me the way woman get mind fucc by these tramp ass niggas that they just got each other hatin the next…. And while u be focused on one bitch them niggas be on to the next muthafuccin bitch…. So U Just Might As Well Gone Ahead And Hate All Women Including Yall Selves. Unless These niggas settle with u and just u alone…. Then can u walk around and own these titles that Yall be owning up too. 99% of the time these niggas don’t even claim Yall when they first meet a bitch… So all this extra curricular shit be so UNNECESSARY. I Mean Don’t Get Me Wrong… Cause I Will Check A Bitch That Try To Feel Like They Can Disrespect Me Over A Nigga… But I Will Never Fight
    OVER NIGGA PERIOD! … If Yall Understand That. Like at the end of the day all women need to wise the fucc up and stop letting these niggas run yall into destruction…. Cause all they do is move on to the next muthafuccin bitch. But All I’m Sayin Is Before U Try To Jump On The Ban Wagon Commenting On Some Shit U Have No Clue Nor Facts On….. PLEASE DO YALL HOMEWORK!!!!!! Cause not one muthafuccin Thing That Has Been Said On This Shit Pertains To Me PERIOD!

    1. U luv start shit, u short, your face tuff, u got your ass beat numerous times, u f**k off Bready crew, u grudge Jamaican girls for what I don’t know…I know u and that is u along with being a good mom and a whole lot of other shit So bitch miss me with the long essays and shit

  24. Bitch whoooooo???!!!! Who da fucc beat my ass?! Umma wait for the numerous names…. Just like I’m waiting on the niggas names that I’m fuccin. Bitch I grudge not nooooo muthafuccin bitch period! Bitch Not JAMAICAN, NOT AMERICAN…. Not Nothing name a bitch PERIOD!!!!! Bitch u sound dumb than a muthafucca. Girl I work for whatever the fucc I got…. Bitch grudge?! Show me the bitch that I fuccin grudge?!? And bitch please show me WHERE I AM NOT A GOOD MOTHER???? …. Bitch I’m an excellent mother. My kids live very fuccin comfortable with or without a man in my life…. They don’t want or need for shit! Their very well raised, Educated and respectable… BITCH BYE! BOOP! U Sure the fucc be reading every muthafuccin word in that essay tho.

  25. And bitch about my face is TUFF!!!! Lmao…. Bitch I am 33yrs of age and a mother of three…. And bitch u could never tell unless you was told. But of course I will be all types of shit to a weak ass ugly duckling ass bumb bitch. Bitch u got whoped shaped ass bitches probably like yoself paying for my body type and my shit ain’t even perfect. . Girl go run in traffic somewhere

  26. Girl I sure the fucc didn’t need my breast for me to have a figure tho….. I had a body before them dam breast. Them just enhanced on what was already there. And reread what? I read everything very clearly. Boop!

  27. These ugly ass hard face tuff foot jamaican trash wish they could look like a belizean females. 99 percent of them look like a f**king man & thats why most of the jamaican man don’t f**k with them so they do anything to look good & bleach out they skin so that the jamaican man can want them. they hate on the belizean woman because the belizean woman was born pretty.we dont have to bleach to look good.our skin & looks is natural. it aint our fault that u all bitches was born ugly so go take that shit up with ur mom & ur was they mistake why u was born a Afo jamaican Not u guys ever wonder why jamaican man like belizean females ??? Well let me give u the answer bitches. OUR PUSSY GOOD & TIGHT.OUR SKIN IS NATURALLY BROWN & only a hand full of jamaican man want u other race f**k with u all bitches. But every race try to f**k with a belizean bitches please we would NEVER want to be a jamaican woman. because man wouldn’t look at sorry to say but it’s true.

    1. You really need to go learn you history! So Jamaican women must feel bad for being “AFRO Jamaicans”? You ate you school books growing up I see.

      If not for the memories of THREE KIND Belizians I met in California, as a teenager A would a rip into yu. You need to go read you history and associate you self more deeply in you country’s history before you decide to take shots at other people. Your brown complexion won’t hide the AFRICAN running through yu.

      MAY shout out!

  28. Lmaooo those Bitches are insicure. They have low self esteem that’s why they try so hard to look good.Lol.i can just imagine how they look when they take off all that make up & that wig they be putting on. if i was a man i would not f**k with a jamaican woman. F**k no.everything about them just seems too manish.because their not lady like. They act like a man look like a man & talk like a man.eww how gross. I would feel totally gay if i was a man sleeping with a jamaican i know why no other niggas ck with them but a few jamaican man.eww Lmaooo.but me & my friends are American & our niggas are jamaicans & i wish these jamaican bitche’s come f**k with us.we’ll kick those f**king imigrants face in . because they in our country.they not in that little dot thats on the map. They just haters because yall belize woman look better than them.yall they biggest competition.Bad bitches. “Smile” that’s right.

  29. just want to know wats up with these Belizean females , and why dem can’t find a Belizean man , what happen dem don’t like them own kind? Why dem the Jamaican mon den use them? Please someone can explain

  30. @care zero y don’t you ask a belizean woman thats dating a jamaican man or ask a jamaican man weh Mek dem date belizean woman .bitch a man will use a woman as long as u let him it doesn’t matter what f**king nation ur from .

  31. This shit funny as hell! And whats even funnier is all the ppl who talk shit about this young lady is under a fake name she the only one coming as herself sooooooo who is who ill wait ☕ speak up big women we wanna know who u really are not “red sole” or “anonymous”

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