13 thoughts on “MAN WAR GUYANA

  1. Blowwow all engagement lol a dis yuh call tek gal man. Mi hudda love a hear what did odda one affi seh.

  2. Ok so what, She a give gyal tips on how to get her life together…. Is her life sort out? What’s the story with she? Is she some big business woman or something fi a tell the girl fi go sell panty liner…Not that I’m actually bothered but if you only a tek fuck from same man you schooling her over and don’t have a dry shit in your own ass then you just as dumb as her. No maths needed
    And fuck that fake American accent. It don’t sound cute

  3. Lola with de hardware body,u studying shelly g u best study those injection the spanish woman in new york gave u ….butt shots fake bitch go hold a seat whore!!

  4. Lola ya crawny and dutty looking,with ya flat face go take ya mom off the streets,u ah floss with money man and ya mom a eat out a garbage pan…dumb bitch fix ya priorities right before u come for anyone

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