Suspect in murder of Chinese businessman captured

A man who the police believe is the main suspect in the murder of Chinese businessman 28 year-old Teng Fei Cheng in Brown’s Town, St. Ann in February this year, has been captured.

He was picked up in Manchester on Tuesday.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Richard Hilton, Crime Chief for St. Ann, said this increases to four the number of persons held in connection with the case.

The other three men are to return to the St. Ann Parish Court on Wednesday after their lawyers failed to secure bail on three occasions.

Mr. Cheng, who owned a supermarket in Brown’s Town, was shot on February 27.


  1. A suh it go… Unnu naaaa come wid unnu bangarangs inna mi country a gwan like unnu wah come tek it ova.. not a rass! If a suh, unnu affi just dead off or mek unnu ketch fraid an go back whey unnu come from.. bumbohole Chinese unnu too nuff fi mi likkle island…. It cyaaah work… Unnu coming like disease whey just a spread suh.

  2. @Official Latty, But when foreigners don’t want Jamaicans a dem country because they say we are too violent and aggressive…isn’t it the same thing that you are doing when you say the same about the Chinese. At least they are productive. When they come, is work dem come fi work. How many Jamaicans are across the world for work just the same. They are not idling on sidewalks digging out dem hand middle. If our men were industrious and go out and made a way, there would be no space for the Chinese to do business, right? Our own countrymen are to be blamed for the large amounts of immigrants coming in to dominate our markets. There are so many other factors too like the banks not funding our own, we can go on and on. If we should band together though it could work. Each one help one. That’s how the Indians and Chinese do it. But noooo. We haffi bring bad mind and likki likki, and then end up a murder the same ones who we working with. I don’t see a way out for us if we don’t change the way we think. Until then, you will continue to see more Whites, Chinese and Indians coming into the island.

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