This want crowd!!!! What a way Sheryl Gotit in a d black dress a breed fi Simone (CC) Man bleach out bruky, what a way bruky ungreatful and Sheryl just nuh care mi hear how she well tag him Ina scan picture pon Facebook the whole Manchester a talk bout!!!!


  1. Wow why people just can’t find dem own man, why some woman just having babies by men that have them main woman, just do not understand why be in that situation… I thought dem seh baby can’t hold man again…. so what is the purpose for having a child fi him, I would hope he take care of the child and is around as well, some baby daddy’s are deadbeat hopefully his not one since you want have baby to seh the main chick gon leave him, it might back fire pon you my girl!

  2. I don’t know why she a try pin it on brucki. Cos that’s Gna another fatherless child. Whether its his or not that child ain’t Gna get taken care of. I’m not the type of women to come between a father and his child, but me a mek sure she don’t get f**k all. Then again she already wasn’t getting anything, or any form of acknowledgment. So she got mad and posted it on fb. Brucki ran her and told her she afi ago deport him cos him nah look pon she or that unwanted child. All I can say is how does it feels, knowing you’re pregnant. No father or a man present? Going to scans on your own? No man to celebrate what should’ve been the happiest bday of your life? Lol. Girl you’ve failed miserably cos me and brucki ain’t going nowhere.

  3. Sheryl Gotit a Big Big Sadamite from London she rub crotches with Dian Gotit and Batty Man Ride her out so her mouth and front shit up so if I was that CC girl mi woulda Mek Sheryl tek the man cos that cocky contaminated and Salty

    1. I’m sure she would love the option of having him. But unfortunately she is what u call an accident lol. Lick and run. But if only he would wife her up she could have him. Cos after him go deh suh, the lowest of the low!! I would be a f**kin fool to tek him back.

  4. D man all deactivated his Facebook cos the sadamite Sheryl nuh Gotit tag the scan pics on his wall to rass she brave cos yuh woulda think him a own it lol mi just think her time a expire and she did desperate she just breed even it it means being a single parent of 2 bruky nah left CC cos a she alone was there for him at his worst oh well

  5. cc stop hype up yourself on pink wall, cause deep inside you a dead, tell the crowd say you know sheryl gotit a breed for bruky long time, man body cc you is a batty man , so its good him breed the sadamite, she nuh sad she happy, abaay, remember a you mind bruky, and you still couldn”t hold him. welcome baby haugton , dead you ago dead cc

  6. nasty famous dutty jenny , you hiding behind the wall, sheryl suppose to breed for brucky, go suck unuh mada, a who vex, cc go bury yourself with big hood, remember you change organ, aleast sheryl know her baby fada , so me ago see how you man man cc ago mek him nuh look at it. theifing cc you theif down leeds and manchester fi mind bruky, and him still don’t want you.

  7. Well what a mix up to rass! All di cussing weh a gwaan, the innocent party is di likkle unborn child. Mi nah knock nobody lifestyle but certain tings neva haffi gwaan. Simone come yah suh a style Sherill but if yuh did av principle bout yuh tings cuda different. Yuh man get lock up fi how much months and yuh cudnt bail him coz yuh have criminal record fi shoplifting, a F**kies oman haffi bail yuh man. Yuh did a guh uni n yuh drop out, yuh cudnt even get a full time work a pure agency yuh did a do. If u live inna glass house don’t trow stone. A di man yuh fi cuss not Sherill. Everybody av a past or live a certain life n if she chose fi be bisexual dat a fi har bizniz. It nuh mean seh she is a bad person. Yuh a big fren wid batty man Delano, mek u nuh chat bout dat. N all yuh tink u man straight, nuff people say him gwaan feminine n luv long out him tongue n wine up himself. If Sherill did a hide n f**k Brucky she shuda mek it stay suh coz ongle di child a guh suffa. Simone u a chat bout u wudnt tek him bk afta him touch har but memba fi u past very cloudy. Dis is di price u pay fi hype life. Nuff young gal meet man n dem head screw on pon dem body. Yuh mek party n hype life be u downfall. My advice to u is to lowe di man, lowe Sherill n focus pon yuhself. Go bk to uni, learn fi drive, grow di hell up n come offa social media. And Sherill you shuda neva mek u head rule ova heart. Shit happen n wen u did a f**k di man u neva broadcast it so u shuda neva loud up di man ting. Memba yuh is a Madda n u responsible fi how u chile fi grow. Learn from unnuh mistake n memba seh a suh di yaad man dem tan. It shudnt suprise u Simone look weh F**kies do to him oman, look weh Sean do to Naomi, Look weh Badras do to sharline, look pon broady n Ruth n look pon how Brucky f**k u up. Wen unnuh a bun out freakiniss a dat unnuh man want. Now unnuh done wid di f**kry n guh give tanks fi life.

  8. Sheryl Gotit a gawn like she a good good gal but truth is most Manchester Man Ride her out and all people man/husband say she a good gal and never title or knowings, she will all tek her own fren man and nuh care worst she never like CC from morning Mek it even better for her Sheryl past mucky a hope the lil girl wey she a get ago change her but afta Sheryl wouldn’t able to bail bruky either a 3yrs she deh pon wid restrictions any way CC yuh young let it go pick yuh self up and do better Bruky ding dong condemned!!!!!

  9. UNBIAS good advice; at this point CC should just go back to school and pick up herself she’s young, why you make that big tuff man a mash up your life and you so young? move on goody, cry if you must, take a vacation if must, relax and figure your next move thats gonna better YOU! don’t take him back they deserve each other! your pass shady but ya young gal so turn round your life and be a goodie gal and avoid them.

  10. Cc nuh body prolong with Sheryl a Longtime she a whore from Jamaica to London to Manchester and she dry eye a same suh she tek Her sister best fren man, when it buss out she a hype up pon the girl until The girl give her a proppa beat down a suh she tekki tekki and can’t defend don’t waste yuh energy cos men are liars and will let yuh down big time move on yuh will surprise how much good man out there and have a baby and mad him Sheryl name Ina all kids a bangarang nuh waster yuh time deh suh a gi dutti Manchester ppl more fi sey

  11. But CC ku pan u to bout you a Mek sure him nuh mind him Pitney, me waa see how u ago do dat, yuh fool nuh f**k, if u couldn’t stop him from f**k har, how u ago stop him from mind him Pitney, u have Pitney fi Di man, the man have child in the U.K.? No, you really think bruckie don’t want dat child? You have a next guess coming, Sheril don’t give a f**k bout you cuz a one ting me know, anybody know Sheril Gotit know say bruckie couldn’t f**k she and don’t give her nothing much less breed her, and all u a chat u want her to ansa u but I don’t wrong sheril I wouldn’t ansa u either cuz she got what your heart desire and that’s Bruckie baby, go sort out yuh fertility Rupaul

  12. Duttieee sadamite Sheryl yuh talk outta yuh mouth sey a baby yuh want yuh nuh care a who the men belong to yuh will mind the baby alone yuh just want a baby especially if a one girl well yuh wish is granted suh leave the girl alone cos bruky wasn’t giving yuh anything but so so sperm yuh sey yuh a hot gal and all yuh get a f**k n duck and another statistic #single parent

  13. Man looking cc,you and your fren them can gwan bark, sheryl a lead straight, don’t worry who want mind who ,the queen of england mind her kids, stop wash out unuh mouth pon the baby, she a star and she nuh born yet, cc you young and mek a sadamite a old f**kist whatever unuh want call her, a stress you, keep you hurt to yourself and brucky, and all a unuh whey a hide and chat , line up and join the queue , cause unuh ago see how it work out, big up yourself sheryl gotit, tek gal man in style and go look a man , are go look a pussy cause a cocky you walk with, so you fi breed, tell the crowd the man about cc

  14. Sheryl yuh a one proud sidechick eee all when the gal dem beat yuh down fi tek dem man yuh hold yuh head high and proud, worry bout the greys on yuh shrivel up hole and stop worry bout Cc the man done curse you out plus yuh block n deleted worry bout you n yours suck fanny gal. yuh say yuh win suh stay a winner and stop fret bout Cc n baby Wey yuh nuh know older than yuh London to Manchester Clean up

  15. dirty CC.. me and brukky this and that. Poor thing? Where is you and brukky now?
    Look at the gorgeous baby girl. A good. Stay sitting in the back with the rest of the bad mind bitches.
    Big up sheril Gotit. Baby ever clean & well taken care off.
    You should be ashamed

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