So yo wah tell me say mappie carry Teisha on a bday trip and a only 2 good pair a shoes she own it’s very sad and I wouldn’t even call those go pair cause those are regular red bottom fi mappie be the so called dancehall celebrity he is, him woman shoulda match him fly how can a man out do him woman at all time and Teisha is so fool she love mappie till she fail to realize say mappie only clown her out on social media Teisha take all her rent money buy red bottom Met it’s very sad . When these bitches gonna stop let fish looking mappie clown them out


  1. Why is it necessary to show off…y’all a bunch of broke and bossy clowns cause REAL RICH ppl don’t do dumb shit like this

  2. Back in da day women run down moneyman, cute cute man and f**ka man. I don’t understand y these women keeps clowning dem selves over dem idiot bwoy. I think the women r in it for the competition, they want to c who will end up wid him, the funny part is he is no prize. I’m going in because he is disrespectful, unno fi do better

  3. Same flossing mappie who can’t even pay the $20 of maintainance for his older child to his bonafid wife- who told the judge that it’s woman a mind him? There is no way that he paid for any of the above sender, Mappie doesn’t have 2 sticks to run together. I would love a good rewind of mappie in Connecticut and Springfield days in his bell foot dressmaker pants until Donna tek he nursing money and upgraded him for likes. I just can’t figure out why a good girl like Donna puts up with this foolishness. Ladies, know your worth

  4. I wonder how Donna feels when she she’s him on vacation with Teisha? Like is he the only man in the world? I can’t imagine having a man and seeing him post pics on vacation with another women I’m sorry to each is own but Donna your heart is strong. Your beautiful have your career your kids and etc. why? i really just need that answer maybe i’m missing the memo. Met maybe you have the answer cause me confuse or just dumb. which one

  5. Lol frighten badddd… All dust bag dem lay out. Yow, Jamaican dudes be turning me off! The other post about the bleach out boy who want woman mind him and now dis here frighten Friday weh a video shoes and bags like a bitch. Smh humble u f**kin self youth. It’s a turn off… Mi nah go be hypocrite and sey mi no like man who look good, but the show off thing piss me off. Mi like them loaded but low key -if such a thing even exists

      1. Yes di plastic slippers dem all pan dust bag…This call fi a faint :hammer

  6. Don’t know weh di hype fah. Dem nuh look good and di clothes and shoes nah improve a thing fi dem. Why??????

  7. How can 2 women agree to share 1 man in America land of the free I can understand if this was a 3rd world country he’s the 1 mining them but from wat I hear these 2 man poppyshow


  9. The shit is an epidemic.. these men use their sweet mout, dick and flossing to hold women. They don’t have shit else to offer… He was at PR party with Donna and next day big pic a post up with him n another woman on vacation. It’s really sad and disrespectful as f**k!

  10. But wait met how u fi call the gal man clown when them a enjoy them vacation … boii uno sawd .. Uno couldn’t come wid summin better

  11. Uno sad like funeral and salt like sea met u sad life a bite uh like tix it self What away uh mind full a mappie and Teisha how u do it .. btw an so what if a 2 shoes the boy buy her and if a 2 she bring .. uno need fi come wid some better mix bloodclawt up ‼️ Sender u really live pon mappie page n a watch them Miami story them a come from 2010 me get tired fi ccc and hear bout them now Give we summin better mon u have them two ppl deh as your first priority me iggy no pc… from 2010 till 2017 u a watch out the man life bloodclawt u good like gold how u do it … all u do a screenshot n send in from 2010 till 17 uh nuh cc the ppl them a smile u head wah buried inna d groun low the gal and Man U no cc how them happy them don’t even business … me iggy fi cc bout the two happy ppl them bc btw it seems like u wah mappie dwl this wah more Ppl … u a watch out the ppl them like them a celebrity tpc wait let’s watch meet the Champayne keep sending the juice about them ppl yah life story smfh need more mix up than .. them
    Boring to me now uno just a highlight the ppl them suh

    1. Teisha no short ugly man to mi ting! If dem short dem haffi look well good. And I rather be alone than take sloppy slip ins from a soft short dick. What you should be iggy for are the plastic slippers with the dust bags that aint even belong to that brand. The only funeral that a keep a fi yuh self esteem whey gone down tripple double ina di 13 foot space. What happened this afternoon, did he break to go to another woman in Miami or what? Small penis men are always looking to find a tighter fit so any day now you and Donna may be off that -5 inch.

      1. No short ugly man wid a small penis whey hide behind di clearance rack a hide and shop to mi ting. TJMaxx is now online tell him he now has a short cut. :travel

  12. Have sense d girl n ar man a post them things y is That a problem … What away the gal fi pls her life fi pls u .. n u sad no bldct fi even a post bout ppl uh mind full a ppl doe .. how u do it

    1. No hon she must continue to please Mappie and donna ……… We are ”MINDFUL” of plastic things because they cannot be broken down by the earth. Dem need help :maho

  13. Smh teisha how she get in a mappie me a deal wid uh mind too full a he Ppl them Give we better story mon … ‼️ To rass btw let me address u im Ashley

    1. You putting a name in the box wont change you being addressed as Teisha so do not waste your vacation time. Address those plastic sandals that somehow made your day the other day

  14. Met!!!!!! Really!!!!!! Yuh need a life an wen mi sey yuh need a life mi mean yuh need a life wid a whole heap a fffffffff u an yuh sender why y’all keep worring about ppl that don’t even remember you guys teisha an mappie on there wonderful vacation that mappie good up money fund all that an u guys keep on making them your first priority you don’t Ave anything better to do a guess u an the sender are so jealous of what they ave mine u and the sender get f**k an duck from mappie met that’s why yuh mad

    1. It’s deeply troubling that someone who cannot spell worrying is telling someone to get a life . One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure but dont expect everyone to treasure your garbage. When you are coming here to comment and you include me, expect me to respond even if I don’t respond right away, expect it. Mappy looks like an ancient helmet and he belongs in a museum , we have no facilities for him on JMG that is why I am mad.

  15. Suh met she really think yuh nuh know seh a she?
    A mappie a tell har wah fi write, him real big woman.
    Wid him likkle 3″ dick

    1. All me did a laugh bout a di plastic slippers dem get up hot fi mi today like when dem seh Met di penis can ketch dem throat back. Mappy/Mappie/Dot on the map . I DO NOT SEE YOU SIRMAN

    2. Mappy no matter what you do that thing will not choke anyone. Yuh haffi go record some blue movie sound and walk wid it fi play it so yuh can get di choking sound when yuh waa hear it. I have 00000000000 respect for a man who was delinquent on a $25 a week child support payment. That shit hit me like a ton of bricks until today…. $25 ??? YOOO.. That’s like killing a bitch in her sleep the way it deep. You definitely cannot be a kox man and can’t afford $25 bucks a week..A week? Negro please. Those two women should be ashamed but Im sure one of them is making that $25 a week payment. So when a ding dong dingbat a go post bout she on vacation putting up plastic slippers it’s equivalent to you buying a house…In your world innit? :travel

      1. All the BM haffi do is carry the pary flyers to court, and show his Delusions of Grandeur … I mean his SC/IG stories to the Lawyer/ Mediator and he would have to pay up. Twin Paul get bite like that, Charm sent the DVD of his Boat Ride to the Judge and boom…. he had to pay up

        1. $25 and he didnt want to pay that. When the story got here him mek dem run in a talk bout jacket. Pathetic excuse for a human being. I hope the wife reading this and go in for a raise

  16. Met!!!!! Plzzzzz!!!!!! Your talking about what other people looks like an u can’t even show your fu c f**king face as i said u been saying teisha a man clown from 2010 an now is 2017 get over it u an your sender bye bithch!!!!!!

      1. And 2020 you will still be a man clown. Teisha keep your $25 a week clearance rack -5 inch penis ancient helmet

  17. Met Mappie is a big woman, if he’s not writing he’s telling her what to write. Real idiot dem. Mappie did u at lease grow 1″ on ur dick yet?

    1. When him hear gage song ”dung ina yuh choat” him supposed to be hella mad cause him barely reach di teet :hammer

  18. Anonymous 1:10 u too really need a life teisha well relax in Miami enjoying her vacation she doesn’t have time for u an all this she ain’t writing shit she doing better thing so u an met an sender need to fine something to do too

  19. The only man come on jmg and get met upset is mappie lmao met why yuh hurt when mappie and teisha story send in. A from 2010 met a have high blood pressure over these two relationship. It’s proven that you were the first one to get f**k and duck inna dancehall from mappie . Met member before toya dead you and her did a share one man!!!! Lmao met you and toya invent sucking dick inna dance. And stop deleting the comment them bout you and toya giving 3 sum to dancehall man. Met youago get a stoke inna yuh mout the next time yuh mention mappie relationship out a yuh mouth. Unu come run in now. Sadamite met. You always talking about who sucking Pussy and still no put in your own story with you sucking toya pussy. I’m waiting on that post

        1. Marie no mi not deleting that cause dem cannot upset me. Toya is resting in peace and mi dream har last night actually so mi a give dem di whole kitchen sink since they are pretending to know and dont.

  20. U say ntn did a bother was only the slippers and a few items however as far as I’m concern a the penis a give u problem cz that’s all me cc just penis … Met talk truth u like the penis it f**k u before ‼️ talk to me sweet talk to me nice .. girl come wid some more mix up pls … fyi me n u knw seh a nuh teisha but true u want a saga I tell u your funny as hell

    1. Penis is the root of this problem so why not stick to the topic? Here we have a small penis man desperately trying to find his fit in dancehall and two nothing women trying to accommodate a nothing dick. I have never in my life taken anything that small and slender so do not make this about me.

    2. Mappy likkle buddy is that u typing mini????? A only 1 thing hurt we feelings over this and a di $25 whey u master couldn’t pay u n mappy are a leaking reaching std ridden worm how dare u call the dead name inna unnu mouth she is dead n in piece n mi know u tormented cause no matter wat u caaaaaaaaa rise fi mappy edge non out di many big hole dem whey him entertain fi get the plastic slippas dem.

      Mappy u mouth corner a spring pussy juice n a no it name river FOH we done know say mappy is a pussy eating beast but y unnu a try eat the dead unnu reach a new low GO MIND UNNU PIKNEY DEM N TEISHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY HYPE OVER A. Florida getaway that’s like u boasting that u stepped outside mediocre BITCH n mi Nyam mi shoes n drink a beer if unnu deh a no 5 star hotel out a order Mappiesha can fuxx n duck nobody? him would haffi lease or buy a cocky fi dat n u Teisha no hab dem kinda money deh fi give him, damn dilapidated roofless shithouse whey full a white cockroach unnu fava ediott

  21. Enjoying mi rass,Mappie get a grip of your short ninja turtles looking ass, Remember seh mi walk in pon yuh a Nyam out mi sister pussy. Don’t get beside yuhself TONGUE GOD, all yuh good fa is sucking pussy bcuz is a baby hood yuh have move yuh blutclaat.

  22. Met member Toni matterhorn spray up him cocky juice inna you and toya face one time!!!!!?? Upload that cause it was on video. And to prove it, that’s why when Toni story come in you’re always hype and yuh blood pressure go up just like how it go up for mappie. Lmao met!!!!

    1. :ngakak Ive lived and died right here! Im gathering that you are admitting that Mappy cant get to the back of the shortest throat so he has resorted to spraying. Dont think for a second that you saying Toya will give you a rise, it won’t . Toya was very particular about her bedmates and Matterhorn does not have 1/8 of what it would take……….Not to mention me..But lets throw some facts out there..
      1. How can you be so hard up that you couldnt sell your dancehall clothes to pay that $25 weekly stipend ?
      2. When something is small you should always take its journeys into account, you cant be under 6 inch and get an STD and not know where it is from. I feel that is the main reason he is with the nurse so she can treat/ get good otc for whatever STD was in dispute some time ago.
      3. Same how he put on his big draws last year and cuss a same suh mi know him lap that penis on occasion and put it ina g-string. Luv trace did seh him do dat and she talk facts.
      4. His wife tossed him like an old cat bed and never looked back , what makes him of any more value now than then?
      5. America is a place where anyone can do as the please as long as it doesn’t offend anyone. Why was he hiding behind the clearance rack though? Man up to your bargain shopping.
      6. From the pic I got he looks small and soft so we are in agreement that he eats more than shoots. RIGHT, RIGHT? Thats why him head top always a glisten like di sun all ina di snow. P-ssy jaw shine it off
      Shall I get to the other things?

      1. Dem beat him like a step child outa Connecticut and now him find two fool in New York to make him King. One a di reason why I was happy him beat Daffy because it would have been bad if him get beating ina two states…Low mi oo :ngakak

        1. Man whey cannot prove dem income a pay more dan $25 a week so what did Mappy tell those court people..That he was disabled? Mi tell uno low mi :hammer

      2. Mi say if mi clutch mi invisible pearls any tighter mi choke inna yah tiddey. WHAT A SHAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TEISHA!!!!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak You betta back away and reverse

  23. Met I touch your heart ❤️ lmao!!!! Tony still spray cocky juice all over you and toya. I am still waiting on the video. Text all you want. You post everything about everyone on jmg. Plz post the video so your fans can see it dwl. Yuh finger not hurting you met ? Lmao. Never see yuh type this much yet!!! Lmao wooiieee. Good post the video and stop play.

    1. Yuh never see me type that much yet? Stalk me some more. Video out a style people a go live now so wait fi di live. Mi a ansa UNO cause mi neva trouble UNO mi jus did a laugh afa UNO plastic and UNO run in like bruck pocket Mappy is a prize. $25 YO..I would think him a sex fi more than that but due to how di court mek him pay di disability amount of child support…Mi know nothing nah gwaan too much fi di sex.

  24. Mappy did waa gwaan like him more dan Taffylus dem and a dem seh party and party seh dem…Suh Taffy jus wap wap wap wap to Mappy body. Him neva keep another party and him neva spend a second day up yah. Mi would not want a man whey give up so easy. Him shudda try agen :ngakak

    1. That Daffy mek Mappy think him a real bad man_____________________________________ di way mi a laugh mi nose start :ngakak
      Mappy never gave them a second argument, him never put up a next fight ..Mappy pack him bundles and away he went..Him dont even go back go party dere____________________________________________________
      help oo mi need help :ngakak

  25. Me nah lie Met I never cc u type so much pon smaddy post yet like this a bldct me nah lie I have a laugh dwfl hey Met this is mix up this nice a this sweet like sugar … nooo sa I never cc this inna me life yet suh

    1. Di people dem like when mi type all u tuh . Today is one a dem days I finished my work early but I do have to make a quick stop so u luck run out yah now till after 6

  26. Black on black change address immediately without notice ..clown oo..ringling brothers gots nothing on uno :ngakak

    U see you Dafeen a u a di cause a all dis.

  27. New York promoters if uno have any PRAVELEM *spanish voice*. Just call Taffylus him will sort out and shift up fi uno

  28. I need oxygenssssss :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Wey di lady gone??? Come back please and tek yuh donements!!! You should have nevered gonneth dere. whoiiiiiiiiiiiii

      1. Wait dey likkle Daffy yuh a call Taffylus? Wasnt it Bobbette and Daffy who fling stone and mash up Mappie windshield?

  29. Met a the video with tony cocky inna yuhmouth we a wait on. Like we say. A we mek yaa type allday Lmao. Don’t stop type until yuh throw up over your computer. To talk about ppl scam when you and toya was the biggest scammers in ny, yuh talk about ppl a bitch and sell f**k when you and toya walk and do 3sum all over Bronx and NYC. Don’t stop responding cause I hit your heart. It’s time for you toco e with something new. Get some new update and come again lmao. You’re outdated story a get bored. Bitch post the video with tony a f**k you and toya. Enough a yuh typing now. Show something

    1. Yuh hit me where? :ngakak dont stop tell lie pan the dead cause it can’t mek u go back a CT or Boston. Taffy seh right out n u haffi head out

      1. Den Teisha say she a wait pon di video but we done get the video with mappiesha vagina cause dat is nooooooo cocky how unnu dweet it Teisha after him suck out u front like bag juice u front no need some hard n stiff but u know wat u use to taking whey u get u no fussy u easy to content

        1. She mussy a wait pan di video whey Mappy a get him rectum feather down mi did tell dem come back roun 6

          1. Metsy pls fix up mi comment deh fi me cause this RASS phone put mi instead a him n if mi did even think fi suck front mi nah suck nothing whey mappiesha suck cause that is now considered CARCASS

  30. Whenever mi talk mi chat FACTS. Yuh a come call toya name like u and har a size. Dirty boy Toya house alone wudda lost yuh balls 5million time and u cudden dear find it. A two dentist ina di family so all men wid checkers teeth automatically get disqualified.
    Lets go…

    One time ina my very distant past mi did almost go tek one idiot bwaay. Before we end up ina tings someone come tell mi seh dem drape him a xyz. Mi change mi number INSTANTLY. Mi nuh want no man whey get beaten like a drum afta u nuh name KUNGUH. Is either di man fight and win or dont fight at all because if mi hear seh a man beat u up…WE CANNOT DEH ANYMORE! My shame tree is up
    Lets go again;
    Bell foot featherella Mappy had one a di biggest parties in boston. Dancehall people from just about every state used to go. And you mean to tell mi seh one likkle beating mek him clear out a Boston lef all di likkle work fi come itch up and squeeze ina New York night scene? Taf wind him down like a window screen and di wife drop him all in di same year. He had a bad year dat year :ngakak a di best a him now. Whey part Mappy could tek a mic and big up him wife and mate up where?

    But remember they also said on here he was a stripper. Who was he striping for?? ..Talk to mi talk up to mi
    P.S nuh Taf dem teach him bout clothes is bell foot boy dem used to call him and dem seh people used to wonder WHEREEEEEEE him get those pants ..A di tailor a CT used to bitch him up and send him out.. :ngakak

    1. And what dem seh bout him and di tailor. Gwaan ooo :travel
      SINATRA FI UNO CAUSE NEW YORK A DI BESSSSSSSS A DEM ..It tun gay straight and all kinda summen summen

    2. sasssss criseeeee Met you a draw the ghetto girl outta me :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak ((((feddarella)))) Snap crackle pop … should av neva call Toya name!!! RIP Mappie…mi feel it fi yuh.

      Feddarella word of advice…I have been told that there are penis enhancements that you can use to help with your condition…also there is some kinda surgery that you can do. Since you nawwwwww mne yuh youte dem you should be able to afford it.

      1. Eggs up and downright out of order whey him come put Toya ina him mouth fah and dem seh when him invite himself a ooman yard him go deh wid feather. Hey memba a now u a find u right measurement and wear good clothes cause yuh wife seh feed and clothes neva ina it. Now two ooman tek u up u a try size up wid mi fren. She did have har dutttttttttty money har funeral alone was 7 million u eva si dem money deh yet. Talk trute?????????

  31. Feddarella was a stripper?????? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a mussi paint or floor him used to strip cause it could neva be clothes. whoiiiiiii….

    1. So luv trace did seh :ngakak ..All me know dem used to pass remarks bout him and di tailor. Mi neva even remember until today but him bright a come call Toya name. Unscrupulous enough fi tell lie pan di dead whey cannot defend demself. I dont care what u say about me but try nuh mention Toya cause she neva tek a bruck pocket man ina life muchless ina death.Nuh size up u disabled self wid har

  32. If it tek not one but two man clown fi mek you wear good clothes and get couple pair a plastic slippers. By all means get three ..Wi waa see u walk pan u tippy toe. Bad to bad is one ooman mine Dafeen good good and u have two and a rejoice ova plastic boot

  33. But Marie dat deh condition nuh have no help a get it nuh only Lilly bit but it soft ooo not even horse tonic can help dat …mappie u should an start beat u itsy bitsy teeny weeny Pon a Papaya tree loonnngggg time ago Fedarella have mi hooping and coughing woieeeee to bloodclaat mi dead :alay :alay :alay :alay

    1. Anybody try offa mi bff is WW3!!! Especially if she should unfortunately die…(yes bff mi know yuh ova yah a read LOL) Federella 9 night and funeral details soon reach cause he dead dead dead!!!

  34. Toya house alone used to run pan 5000 U.S a week boy so if u nah talk bout money dont call har name. She had two helper, chef, gardner, travel agent, personal assistant and pool man. U know dem kinda living deh?

    +She had her personal security. Ask bout har if u waaa know

      1. And not him and none a him bitches dem neva si 1/4 a di life whey Toya live and if dem eva know how she did despise who dem a call har name wid she mus tun ova ina dat casket . Mappy figet seh a New York him reach mek people stop terms him as batteyman eno :ngakak . New York clean him up, tun him ova and give him two perfect clown fi ring up ina him circus.

        1. That’s y them NY anything is possible damn wormshit mi not ago tawk bout him cause of allllllll the names to call

          1. Toya whey him couldnt even mine 1/4 way cause him a look someone fi mine him and help him pay di $25

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