Met im not here to make trouble but pls tell Marcel i need back my money that i lend him to help keep him Party All now him cant give mi back and him a gwann like him hype and him family deh a yaad a suffer, Marcel pls return mi tings every gal will find



  1. Lady take is dumb ass to court and get your money he suppose to be working you can get them to garnish his damn check, he will never take advantage of a woman kindness again. This nigga brite eh, he act like his money way talk with expensive box and probably nothing was inside of it and making video like he has it like that no sah take him to court and teach his no good ass a lesson. These no good men now a days isn’t worth shit, can’t give these fools the time of day he will keep ignoring you if you don’t take the action that is needed. He think he can take people money and not pay it back… His a plain theft simple as that no good ass!!! I can’t stand men like him!!!!

  2. Mi way mi seet, if yuh can’t afford a house yuh rent a room, yuh can’t buy car, tek Di bus, if yuh can’t afford fi keep party why Di BC yuh nuh guh siddung? Senda my guess is him coulda afford him party by himself or other means but yuh Nuff and think yuh can buy out Di bwoy, a good!

  3. Oonu son hear bout it a no lie him love likes fi tru cause him beg mi dung pon him face when him a move in his new apartment fi help and mi help him and All nung mi yeye dem tiad fi wait fi si di money what mi lend him.. Him too low life..

  4. Yall bitches need to shut the f up. Yall see the nigga want a piece of the hype gave him money got sex girl tricked and he moved on to the next. He not the only one. Yall dumb enuff so man use uno that’s all.

  5. No man weh look suh inna dem pants cyan beg me even a sweetie. Wah size pants dat…smedium? kmt sender mi hope u stop being so carless from now on.

  6. I simply cannot understand how you ladies let these dancehall men who don’t have a Chimmey to piss in trick unuh and take way you all money, goosh, look at this fool, what in the HELL he could have said or even done for me to pick up my hard earn money and lend him, cuh pon him to nuh.

  7. Tina so u lend Marcel u money after u mate them call police pon ur party u is a damn fool frighten fi dutty Marcel idiot gal!!!

  8. beard a wear, apart from him egg head and the tight suit like a thief dem gal thief it wa dat bulge out a must money, some a who a talk tek wusss than him, sendah, sendah hush unless no cash no mek, this is not the fuss an it wont be the last that’s why dem look working woman, nexxt all people pension dem borrow

  9. Yes suh him ton sed way one gyal name Lavern that work a rite aide inna fi Bronx leaned him $300 and all now she cyah get it back from summer time she give him the money true she frightened fi him x6 she ting she hit di jackpot Dwl dem fool yuh si

  10. All Marcel knw fi do a nyam pussy good that’s it..nothing bout da bwoy yah loveable…him beard always smell a pussy juice..n am not a bitter ex either..just a girl who got her Pussy eat by him

  11. Marcel is a bum who love hype and show off like he have it and Tina was the biggest fool fi put up wid it. Early this year him did deh wid a military girl while him did deh wid Tina she find out and ah throw har word pon har IG then put him fi host party. She get har ass beat then one of har mate call and lock off har party and Marcel party keep. Tina ah di biggest clown ah di Bronx. Dem belong together because di 2 a dem ah clown.

  12. This bum love hype and gwaan like seh him have it and him don’t. Mi wouldn’t surprise if ah Tina send in this. She’s a next poppy show. After Marcel guh deh wid military gal pon har and guh vegas wid di gyal fi him birthday while she deh ah NY. And still guh have party and mek him host it after gal beat har off. Then har mate guh call police and lock off har party and she try lock off fi him party and it never work. Marcel know how fi use dem woman yah. Him ah look me from how long and mi would give him di time of day even if me did have it. I bet yuh seh some gal still see this pon pink wall and still guh mah down wid him.

  13. Marcel bruck n hungry n have no money… Him walk n namn gal front den wah dem mind him… him a f** big oman marcia wah own the hair shop a 225 street.. him a f**k f**k box tina wah do nails.. him f** Shakky from long island jason baby madda.. di whole a dem get trick because him a drive x6.. him couldn’t even insure the x6 it took him like a year before him tek off the dealer plates offa it… Ladies wise up.. A di way him namn unno pussy why unno lend him money just know unno nah get it back lol

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