The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) says that Marvin ‘Fat Man’ Campbell, who was suspected to have been involved in the March Pen, Spanish Town killings, was formally charged with five counts of murder, a short while ago.

JCF in a tweet on their Twitter page said, 40-year-old Campbell was also previously charged with incest and rape.

Earlier this month, it was reported that five people were killed after a group of heavily armed men, estimated about 15, including some dressed in police uniforms and masks, went to a section of March Pen, St Catherine, about 1:40 am, kicked in the doors of two houses and opened fire, hitting seven occupants, before setting the houses on fire.

Two of the houses were completely destroyed.

Subsequently, Campbell was named as a person of interest and was, three days later, handed over to the police.


  1. A good!! A buy gun and cah buy p<€y ..wutliss gun man cah even retain lawyer .. Tun pon yu own family … Dem Fi gi yu life plus Di death sentence ugly jancro… Go rape minor wid yu dutty self yu own family … A sentence of no come out Fi yu nassiniss

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak often time dem can’t buy quata bread cause dem have fi buy single shots. Bunch a deprave battyhole dem.

      Wadup Sis?

    2. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak often time dem can’t buy quata bread cause dem have fi buy single shots. Bunch a deprave battyhole dem.

      Wadup Sis?

    1. 3 meals a day in jamaica prison? Which part dat? Because if ur people dem nuh bring food or send money yu nuh nyam

  2. Me want fi know how 15! 15! Battyhole agree to follow this dry up dogshit, fi go a yard dem damn well and know him have family ties wid and go slaugher dung to the f**g toddler?!

    I don’t give a f**k what unu say about JCF! But dem fi battery terminal,wet sponge and beat out this demon yah life force till him call him fellow demon dem names!

    God know why him put me pon my life road; if I met the height requirement and could pass psych I would be a justice league a me own in a anybody police force! Dis modda phucka would beg satan fi collect him when me put it on pon him. Me nah mourn nothing why associated with life tekking widout just cause!

    1. A lie him tell Di bwoy dem .. Probably label Di ppl dem as informer .. As a matter a fact him serve dem sentence Fi dem … Ediat gunman bwoy

      1. A so an estimated 15 indiviusls gulliable?

        I don’t support the “informer” rhetoric whey dilute poor people sense of participation with the social contract theory.

        It’s use as a tool of intimidation and destruction amongst the poorer class of societies ..and its not middle or upperclass who install that antisocial mechanism, but dem own fellow paupers.

        Poor tot can’t say ABC nah “inform” pon anyone, if such is the case fi argument sake.

        Dem fi dead and carry go riverton go rotten!

        If the spanish town man dem wan win favor wid GOD dem fi slaugher every one a who involve.

        1. But dem se a Di Spanish town man dem do it Weh bruk Weh from teesha Miller.. Well 4 a dem probably dead ya how to how dem teef and wikid

    1. dung to the head bitch area man fe dead. Dem can’t tell me say the word never get out say guns a come out a hiding, ammo a distribute and the man dem a congregate.

      Who ever hear say dog a nhame dog?! Jamaica ghettos need sterilization of it’s no ambition female occupants and annihalation of the males wid zero whey ago. Dem nu hard fi know.

  3. Someone in prison need fi hold him and call him show him no mercy, raping a minor to look pon him evil face no good dog shit!

    1. Dem fi interrogate him to the degree whey the police legally cannot venture, give the names to the police then gas light him bumbo.

      De rest a nygga dem fi get hol too. Justice no fully serve because a multiple killers involve. You know majority a dem a fuk a gal whey know dem involve…seriously.

  4. I feel like Phoenix a read me mind. It hurttt me same so! 15-20 Nastiness and nobody no know one??!! Me know we tink we can torture him fi talk but I feel God goin whip him betta.

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