Marvin ‘Fat Man’ Campbell, who was wanted for incest and listed as a person of interest in the recent multiple murder and double shootings and arson incident in Spanish Town, St Catherine, was this morning handed over to members of the Police High Command at the Office of the Commissioner of Police by Bishop Rohan Edwards.

The police say Campbell is currently being processed by senior investigators from the Major Investigations Division (MID).

Commissioner of Police, Dr Carl Williams has expressed appreciation for Bishop Edwards’ “sound” actions in handing over Campbell.


In a news release from the police, the commissioner stated that it was a smooth handover and re-emphasised that “Bishop Edwards’ actions demonstrate the strong partnership between the police and the clergy, one that is needed in the continued fight against crime”.


12 thoughts on “MARCH PEN DEMON HELD

  1. I want to read an in depth interview with this clergy.

    How was this bargain made?

    How him so willing to come forward, because an incestuous murderer don’t just surrender like that.

  2. Did he really kill his own son along with others? if so was it to destroy DNA for the court case about the Incest charge? Or is him enemies do it and trying to frame him?
    If him really do it him is di spawn of Satan

  3. Seem to me like this man is the bottom of the food chain

    All along he has been eluding the police..dis seem too easy

  4. he gives ugly a bad name, jesus lawd. he is ugly on the outside as he is on the inside. wat a wicked f**k man.

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