1. lol marlon a joker. but curvy diva do a bag of interviews and make songs and it nuh reach nowhere. That happens when hype bigger than talent.

    Dem mek ppl play wid dem feelings and boost dem up fi do song and interviews and it nuh work. Only person that benefit from this is Marlon because ppl use to think him only hype but now dem see dat him hype yes but him tek care of his parents and children.

    1. Wouldn’t u be hurt if smaddy tell a lie pan u that can take away your whole career? Don’t get it twisted cause so many of you twisting this ..It was Yanique who sent for Marlon not the other way around

  2. Mi like Marlon. Now DI come wid har bag a lie pan Ricardo an get flap di wickedest way. Yanique try di sed ting wid Marlon.Mek wi si how dis a guh end. Mi love di suss. Waiting pan Capleton trial fi si if a real ting when dem sey Jamaican women lie.

  3. where is the video allegedly sayin marlon house go n forclosure 4 times and he borrow money frm NCB dr love had the documents waving,, who gave him those documents isn’t those info suppose be private, also a female was sent into chris gayle club to buy food an complain say tings in the food to bring ddown chris gayle club, this is passa passa to its highest,Dr love ask google chris worth it say chris worth 26m an marlon worth 6?? misxup Dr love a sing how marlon bruk he thought he worth more than that what the hell goin on

  4. Marlon falla falla up Yanique too…him fi gwey…it sound like him bun him bcuz di gal left him…a pussy feelingd him a carry fi true…kmdt

  5. Yuh f**ka yuh! Lol while yuh a laugh di man a plan fi yuh… Tink a everybody play loose game eeh gal lol, a good. Gal fi have sense! Mi naaa tell nuh lie pan nuh lick when mi naaaa get none, just fi fame :rolleyes: when ppl out deh really trapped in a some deadly beatings. A bet when yuh get dah rassclaat lawsuit unda yuh Bumbo yuh nuh dweet again :ngakak eeh. Find better lie miss but choo yuh too dunce cyaaah expect nuh betta :ngakak miss di man done yuh! Hurry up and free up yuhself fi tek dah serve deh unda yuh big plastic Bumbo. A who fool har fi go trouble him… She mek di devil fool har. Plastic stawt soak choo har brain.

  6. The only thing Dr Love is known for is when Brown Sugar con him wid the fake belly and him suck pussy like dawg. Him did a try get a buss off of the sucking argument when LA Lewis came out with it and that never work

  7. She did tooooo extra about di whole ting, when she did a f**k him nobody knew but she feel she was all that. Di man sey prettier & hotter than she him get plus she carry nuff gal fi dem do dem ting. I don’t rate her love gwaan too much wid her buff teeth dem. if it was ever my brother a gal diss so…I would back him 300%

    1. A dat now, if a did mi bredda it wudda get physical jus because a di career part…Not because Yanique never pass common entrance/GSAT mean seh she fi dunce and she a talk bout cant read ..The last time mi check Kingsway High was not a school whey get good passes like that..Cuss him yes if she wanted to go that route bout fi go call domestic violence ???????No sah nope ..Mi know mi have some cousin wudda tear dung any tree ina har yard and any boot heel she wear wid stone to how dem wudda gwaan bad..

  8. Met did she say Marlon hit her? R did she say verbal abuse? Just asking for a my opinion him can be verbally abusing because look how him carrying on like a market lady.

  9. Mi no know a wha but suppin bout him endearing him full a vibes the whole family full a vibes yuh can tell them love each other

  10. As they say, no publicity is bad publicity. I started following Marlon on insta after this whole thing came out. Obviously he is hype dude who can be disrespectful to others, but one thing for sure, this dude loves his family!
    Real Talk 😡

  11. Marlon no need fi pay $20K fi find Yanique when she up inna Tanto Blacks face and have him a rub dung har batty. Poor thing

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