Met post this deh mi a beg u ……….Coy and Shantal married and the girl post him up fi him birthday and him a answer him wife say (thanks hun) DAT no look good fi a husband den him change it to (thanksbaby) so she a him friend or wife



  1. Sender go siddung. I call my significant other hun, honey, bae, babes, baby, sugar daddy, zaddie, King, and etc…

    He calls me babes, honey, sweetie, sweetheart, Queen, sexy, big batty, tight —–, good hole and quiet a few more to name…sometimes when it sweet him he calls me a naughty bitch.

    So what’s your point?

  2. Everything she do is a problem, least she deh ah foreign ah tek care of her child unlike dirty Prissan. Prissan deh a Jamaica ah dead fi hungry gyal titi long like n har wig wah set pon fire .

  3. De things weh bada sum ppl tuh bloodclaat is unbelievable …dirty senda yuh nuh know nuh bridge weh yuh can ask yuh muma fi guh under wid har head down foot up and open suh yuh can dive tuh yuh death back up inna har?!?!?! wah dis yuh sen innn

  4. Senda go look a life, y u mad bout wat di married couple call each other dem married an hppy,so now u an u sad sour life go tek 10 seats in di back row at di back a di class in di back a di building in some backa bush some weh

  5. Low the bloodclath gal atleast she den a foreign a look about r lift and no den jamaice com fi watch man like dirty prisan weh hungry every bloodclat day and a walk and beg and borrow people money weh r body look like a poison them pioson r gal sick stamoch can’t even do r hair fi a baby mother true she hear bout gal a breed she run com a jamaice like she can stop nth before she go look after r ugly want some cloths daughter and stom mine man

  6. How unnh a Mek my pussyclat sista bother unnh so…Half a unnh weh a watch out her page hungry nuh bloodclat. Unnh hear sah she a walk an beg nothing?. “Hun” is short for hunny if yu did go a school yu wouldda know that. She a wife. The man cah call her wah the f**k him feel like call her as long as it’s in a positive way. Fuk unnh feel like. Go luk a life!!!

  7. dutty prisian u fi know say yuh man a bloodclaat battyman. why u dont send in that say yuh man a battyman. me hate the jjers badddddddddddddd.

  8. dutty prisian u fi know say yuh man a bloodclaat battyman. why u dont send in that say yuh man a battyman. me hate the jjers badddddddddddddd.

  9. A wah bout the bloodclatt gal so eeh every min uno deh pon the gal I don’t know her like dat but somebody always a f**k with her the gal a do a good job a take care a her child cause ppl talk and she nah hype bout man kmt some a uno low life badmind no f**k worry bout wah fu***g coy a do are say never see him disrespect her in a public so wah if him say hun kmbrct am must dirty prisan and her dutty friend dem do this she say the gal bad mine her but she run go breed true she she the gal get bby prisan hurry and put down the belly cause wi well wah beat ur dutty rass

  10. No sah u a dem best topic how yuh keep up wid them smfh unu nuh tierd fi watch di pple them this name bad mind see wah if unu neva see it yet look wah so bad mind a beat unu like a slave mi tierd a unu n mi nuh knw unu god knw how the f**k unu feel the girl not even a carry unu shantel yuh eat sumn fi them r tek sumn fi them girl u better becareful cause trust me them gal a carry a big belly fi yuh and them will do worst things than this stay far…. SENDER MET SUPPOSE TO FED UP A YUH A TEK SET PON THE PPL THEM

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