Why careless dutty lowlife Marsha don’t leave the twins alone ?! The way Marsha life set up she should hide , cus if ever my pickney Get taken away from me ……road would’ve never see me again ( which it look like she get them back ) any how ! Sunday night Marsha ah gwan and do the most inna the party to try style the twin dem and dem ah beat har and run her out the dance with har wig inna har hand dwl ! Marsha nah keep no friend !!!!!!! Marsha cost a whole gyal get stab up in vybz ah long time agao ( Nikki ) all cus she like problems thank God nikki nah walk wid Marsha again !!! She learn her lesson , But what a way Marsha try fight her own friend from stopping her from fighting with twin dem …….no sah ,mi don’t kno she….. but friend that should tell you all Marsha life base on is trouble and drama ! You should’ve tear off har face cus thats ah big disrespect my girl ….but Marsha have y’all clowns looking real bad like y’all can’t find some real friends smh ! So dem probably ah walk again dwl

Marsha anywhere the twin dem see yuh mi want dem to beat ya ra*s again …..and bring your fake crew gang gang broke pop down b*tches , trouble set like rain ! So ah trouble you want Marsha trouble your gonna get !!!!


  1. Ppl how immigration nuh send dutty whoring suck pussy Marsha back to Jamaica yet??? This big bitch is a big trouble mekka. Everybody this bitch pick war with like she a real bad gal but I guess u met ur match Sunday night dwrcl the twin shoulda dig off yuh dutty face! Nobody from Miami to West Palm nuh like yuh Marsha. Bout gang gang, where was ur gang to help yuh? Dutty Black Barbie only a drag yuh, mi think the bitch was a real bad gyal and was gonna fight the twin too. Oh I thought right, y’all hoes only full a mouth. Marsha yuh calm down on the thieving now. Gyal a real patta cat. Gyal can thief milk outta coffee. Man fail Marsha so now she affi a suck pussy. You sick mi stomach bitch. You just need fi kill yuh self because yuh don’t make any sense in society. Now the black skinny one weh name Barbie is a real clown when Marsha sey jump she affi sey how High. All yuh good fa affi walk and f**k and suck pussy inna Fort Lauderdale. Yuh a Dutty Marsha 3 some buddy. Barbie yuh really a sick Marsha dutty f**k out pussy??? Yuh shoulda shame bitch. A ur ass a guh get pop next. Stay deh mek the gyal boost yuh up. Yes gyal still exists?? A par yes gyal inna gang gang! Marsha have all a unno a do har dirty work who nuh affi tek har kids to school, a cook or clean or affi a help har ketch Man. Marsha yuh need fi put your pussy pon retirement yuh nuh see yuh can’t keep a man. Gyal yuh need fi seek god because a him alone can help yuh bitch!

  2. No one beat Marsha up Sunday night stop F**kin lie,it was nothing but argument and bottles being thrown all over the people dem party.

    1. Blackbarbie ah you she try drag and fight in lobster house , after she clown you out you still come here and defend her . If them nah beat her cus she was busy beating you dumb bitch

  3. Marsha oh Marsha ! Marsha is one big thief ,low life ,no ambition dutty johncraw . Marsha nah have nothing to lose so of course she ah gwan like she bad , Marsha dun out the dancehall like her big hole .. no mon nah take dem serious ,Marsha don’t even have her kids ….so again I’ll say : Marsha don’t have nothing to lose !!! women who have good job ,nice car ,a house ,a reputation to protect, a good man /husband & kid/kids looking up to them and trying to make it in life , Won’t come out and DISGRACE themselves the way Marsha do , so ppl like Marsha them ……don’t even look pon them …. off course she will think your scared because yuh nah pay her any mind but Marsha not everyone life is hard or mindset set up like yours ! Real bad gyal would rather pay ppl to put y’all smoke than to dirty dem hands with you (Marsha )

    Who would even envy this Bitch cus dat she love to say ! Marsha your a thief dwl ! You & your half naked dutty friends need fi born again !

    Ps ….this is none of the twins ! just a random reader so now your the topic mi voice mi opinion

  4. No one is Marsha fan ! no one …Marsha is a lowlife disgrace who wants to be her fan? ! Marsha can’t fight all she do is chat up har mouth …..twin dem beat har again please and thanks

  5. Marsha in FL trying to war everybody like is them make her life sad why doesn’t she go and find muff since she so bad and take back her money she pay her to marry her and go sort out her and her kids life run to do over her body and still have no papers in amerika every drum knock is she and gang gang barbie need to stay far before the croses Reach her again. Dcf really give that scum the kids back run to church every Sunday and as she leave back to the slackness and she wonder y god not blessing her Marsha just need to retire her life the cashing of the little young money man not Working they start find out Your a old f**k box

  6. Careless Marsha dirty unfit bitch time u party on big Mother’s Day u need to stay home with ur three child them and stop run up and down cranberry bitch. Marsha love act like she a bad gal u find ur match bitch. Biggie memorial weekend is come u know she is going to talk hold bag a shit acting like she bad y’all he need to put that big Pussy gal to rest I’m tired to see her swear. She and her ugly ass gang gang them big growing ass bitches talking about gang smh

  7. Yes the gal ah follow follow Marsha bout gang gang ! Sound so stupid for big 50 year old women … and for the record no one is scared ah unno , ppl have a life and valuable things and ppl to lose so if course good up women won’t be seen fighting with you dogs in the streets ! Marsha ah trouble twin dem long time , them use to walk together ….so mi nah understand but mi nah care mi just glad say dem beat she wig off she head …..twin ,memorial unno come out heavy for she . cus she an she dutty crew ah try pick trouble with unno but we already kno sah blackbarbie nah get in it dwl marsha yuh and dirty gang gang is another one need fi stay out the dance CHA

  8. Twin then need fi lump up her face and body good good Memorial Weekend an sen har Home to her tribe tiad a see this nasty gyal a road now somebody really needs to send dcf back for the kid dem

  9. Marsha let this be a lesson learnt to you . It’s not all about acting bad because in acutuality that’s all is ….. no one under here is defending you ! You don’t only have a problem , you are the problem . Because everyone know you are a troublemaker them nah defend you ! mi don’t feel sorry for you

  10. you know she’s a unfit mother , big mother’s day you couldn’t take that break and stay home with your guys ? Oh let me guess they were home alone ? Yes that’s why dcf took dem do better Marsha

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