26 thoughts on “MARVIN FOOT BRUCK?

  1. Yuh see dah thing deh name karma. That’s why people did a tell the wife nuh hakkle up herself because God nuh like ugly.

  2. Samething came to mind when I heard 10:56.. A wonder if theres any video?? Him too extra man.. Me all a wonder what’s up with him flying out everyday n still ago dance a ja a nighttime…hmmmm supm fishy going on..

  3. Karma reach him rass…too hype and dance like him have no sense…the video on spice IG Met…same thing mi ah seh him fly out everyday but still in JA something dont sound right there…lies

  4. Dancing done yah now Eno a wah him ago duh? Cause it nuh look like him have nuh talent… And Dem put di guzum pan him foot Dem Suh it nuh come back like b4… A just a taste dis man shuv di whole ting dung him choat.

  5. Karma was the first thing that came to mind wen mi read dis…and same time memba wen him go pon big mic and seh him wife fi go suck her mother..well it look like a dat she go do and seet deh now u foot bruk…mine weh u ask fa …full time him stop dance now…show off always and i say again always bring disgrace

  6. But Spice seh he was dancing with one of the dancers from team spice, then how him did seh a only Nickeisha alone him ago dance wid?

  7. God a show him a flim no but honestly it sad bad mi think mi did see him a check in monday at the airport so the flight turn back, mi frigten when mi see him on roof top ..wife just pray and leave him to time, divorce him fast to cause the saltness whey a go reach him from now on yu no want it touch not even yu dress tail

  8. Him deserve it too rass hype a shoulda him an nickeisha
    Both drop outta di rass tree or seh him fall offa and brick
    Up karma is not something to play around with Lisa nuh duh
    Him nuttn a him hypeness a tell him to stay calm
    God made u this far him alone can put u to calm

  9. Karma mon what goes around comes a round when him did jump off roof and jump Inna bartender foot replay you call it

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