13 thoughts on “MARVIN SEH THANK GOD

  1. Mi Juss a look pan di last Party videos and di way how Nikesha fat and Belly big is only God can tell me she no meck Marvin Breed har..Nicky you witless bad, now me see why Sher dem start move wide.. You tunn cocky ediott. I wanted if that can pay bills and full you belly now.. Clown :nerd :mewek2

  2. So STRANGE… im sey di girls dem love it and I’m like… wha???

    Honestly when I see a man that bleaches… it’s a MAJOR turn OFF for me. Also, and view men/ women as WEAK when I learn they bleach.

    Remember the bleaching song from way back in the day??? The artists today are promoting bleaching in their songs now…SMDH
    I used to think that only WOMEN bleached when u was a kid or maybe if men did it as well they hid it ( not sure).

    Dem ah bleach
    Dem ah bleach out dem skin
    Dem ah bleach
    Fi look like ah brownin
    Gal mi HONOUR yuh
    Cah yuh nuh bleach out yuh skin
    Yuh nuh use nuh chemical fi look like a brownin.
    Gwan BLACK girl
    because ah yuh run de place
    Look how yuh nice
    With you beautiful face
    Ah true you not brown
    That is no disgrace
    So tell dem girl
    That ah you win de race

  3. Y’all some stinking sick stupid f**k ass Jamaicans. I hope you all get skin cancer and you all dead and go to hell where y’all belong with the devil.

    Jamaicans is the most NASTYIEST & FOOLISH sets of human on god earth.

    1. F**K you trini bitch, so you are going to label all Jamaicans because of a few idiots. Jamaicans nasty? Where? Trinidad is one of the dirtiest, filthiest places ever.

    2. And for your info a lot of Trini bleach there skin also so I guess I should also say that I hope all of you get skin cancer and die, see how that works? You f**g dog shit, some Jamaican guy f**k and duck you that’s why you are so bitter or a Jamaican girl tek weh yuh man, a baayyyyyy a nuh wi mek unu hole big and wide.

  4. One set of dumb dumb. No matter how much unno bleach unno will never be accepted by a white or light brown uptown racist. unno will constantly spend unno last cause the day unno stop unno tun black again. Keep gi unno self skin cancer. Self hate is a ish.

  5. You likkle dutty stinking iguana eating sour p***y Trini b*tch go suck out yuh dead granny. Who nasty & foolish like Trinis gal don’t dweet. Unno wicked nuh bloodclaat that’s why di earthquake nah stop shake unno up over deh. Mek sure yuh sleep wid one eye open Miss Trinidad god nah sleep yuh hear.

  6. So the yute whey sey some females look black and ugly….who tell him sey him look good? No matter how ‘white’ he got, he’s still unattractive….made worse when he open his mouth and show his mentality

  7. Jamaicans endorse all types of foolishness, loud and bold too (too make it even worse). You can’t tell me a woman who takes money she doesn’t have in order to bleach her skin doesn’t worship white people. Now what if a white man with an uncurable disease wants to phuck her raw? Do you think she will turn it down? Self hate is a severely dangerous mental condition that you will find routinely hackneyed in Jamaica and there is no social stigma attached to self-hating fools by the consensus. I’ve see men bleach their skin to the point they look transparent, just to appeal to some woman who worships the Eurocentric look. I’ve seen attractive dark-skin women, who men persued constantly, bleach their skin. Just because of their own self hate and skewed ideas of beauty. Jamaica is never going to improve until people stop becoming sensitive towards any cynism directed towards the island, but instead start addressing the foolishness with the aspirations to expunge the negative behavior. It’s 2016 and homosexuals have learned to love themselves and walk out freely, but yet Jamaicans can’t embrace their dark skin and try everything in their power to wipe it out of existence.

  8. I am on this site constantly but I’ve never commented until now. Jamaica is in such a sad state, everything goes. Gone r the days when Granny tell u fi satisfy wid weh u have. We were such conscientious and insightful people, those days r gone,sad. Most of them don’t have any sense of direction. Everyone live fi look good, what a life, nothing else. My people have lost their way, tears, more tears.

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