26 thoughts on “MARVIN WHY BOTHER?

  1. BIG F**G WASTE MON GO GET A PROFESSION OR TRADE.. PARTY CLOTHES GAL DRINKING ALCOHOL AT NIGHT DATS ALL YOUR LIFE CONSISTS OF That’s what you need to change for your daughter not your name waste nigga

  2. It’s too late to apologise toooo late… it’s too late to apologise toooo late,
    A now you realise you have a daughter

  3. him JUST realize him get daughter ?? so if him get son he would act di same blasphemous way? marvin , you cause so much damage already with jamaica youth…. you propagate rape culture in dancehall. what steps you taking to correct besides your empty apologies ????

  4. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others……

    Marvin you’re a phuck’n disgrace for this,how dare you use your daughter as a way to enter back into the many events in Jamaican that is requesting and a few has banned your ass from their dances,what apology did you issue more than a damn dropping of Pus-c nd still being the dan wild animal that you and your goonies are. Some phuck’n nerves yuh have kmft

  5. The time an energy u waste plz sign up for jamal,you’re a disgrace to our culture and we going to sign a petition to get u banned in the USA also.

  6. Dis boy look like him confuse, years ago I saw dis boy down a Miami in a one restaurant a chat like gal not even a ounce a base neva in a him voice plus him did a do di hand movement weh yu know all a dem do when dem a talk, now him start chat back like man or a only when him deh jamaica him chat like man… Now yu a change name, look how old dat like girl is and a now yu decide fi change because of her, no sah yu brains want get check out

  7. Admin mi know yuh is a very smart lady fi closing awf de comments section fi Latticore-Back It Up video but mi deh yah a dead nd weh mi did a get ready fi write gudly mek she (i will not say) but wen mi tell yuh seh mi weak out :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  8. Marvin is too old to be acting the way he does with women… It’s not funny and it’s not nice… He just tear down the women dem clothes and take off their wigs and do all kind of things to dem… What part of that does he call entertainment and who in their right mind would send fi him to do all that sh*t anyways, a person who want to loose all his patrons from coming to another party him gi… And like everyone else commented it’s now you want to change for your daughter she is big enough to know right from wrong but not her father realize right from wrong…. He is a disgrace to the Jamaican race and if he lives in the US now he needs to be banned from performing any of those distasteful antics he likes to do and his goonies needs not to follow in this full foot steps he is a bad example to young boy dem out there who thinks it’s fun and games because Marvin does it, one thing can lead to another and things get out of hand… Stop abusing the women because that’s exactly what his doing abusing women…

  9. i always wondered what it would take for someone to step in and stop this madness..i don’t see what their purpose is in dancehall. a bunch of waste niccas calling themselves dancers and embarrassing women. and they allow these clowns to treat them like crap 15 seconds of camera time.. Marvin yuh grind me gear! if a now yuh a go change yuh name cuz a yuh dawta yuh very late sir..cuz u dawta been ina di picture and it tek ppl calling yuh out pan di madness fi yuh change..go fine summen productive do

  10. If God can forgive us for our since your should all be all to forgive the young man and hope him change his ways.

  11. All Hoodclips got a hold of the video. The amount a damage control mi do is history! U know how many ppl cut up bout him behaviour?! Disgraceful .

  12. Disgraceful nastiness, me want him try that in a the US now like how one girl up a top de say him live yah make a gal bruck a champagne Bakkle in a him face and wet him up, and then cry wolf make police hawl and pull him fi assault. I don’t think the woman them volunteer fi get wet up and get them wig pop off maybe is when him get a one dance him take it to the exteem. Ole nasty scrimmage dutty germs

  13. Y’all are the same people that endorse all his movements and entertaining all marvin bullshit from day one now it’s out of control u guys are complaining all of u need to wake up…the posting of his actions all over social media the laughing up in his face in clubs taking pictures the female’s entertaining all the f**ry he’s doing and all you females are dum because that’s all abuse and rape also these men treating all of u like nobody tearing off clothes,wigs,rubbing in dirt and every other men around him is doing the same damage towards u guy’s and do u think they care NO it start with us as female’s and must end with us as female’s go get some self esteem it do not look appropriate i saw a video where they almost kill a lady and she was running marvin and about four other guys what is this world coming to 90 percent of female’s have no class from 11 year old to late 60s it’s nasty don’t y’all know what u do in life haunt u forever someone gonna tell ur daughter’s and son’s that u was such a scum bag such a hoe such a thot etc when they get older in life how will u feel no way at all the damage is already done now u f**ed their mind now they straying looking for love in wrong places we need to stop these things and stop using our kids as scape goat’s for all our mistake they are suffering learn to be a better mom and dad it’s not fair to them 95 percent of our african american Caucasian race is dying from hard core diseases and viruses wise up people

  14. Wonder how he would feel if someone grabbed up his daughter like that …… He would want to kill someone

  15. Dem gay bwoy yah nuh nice dem use pickney hide the fact that they are gay, now u want to use ur daughter to excuse or hide the fact yuh hate women.stop us the pickney dem as beards.

  16. he is full of shit,he says because of his daughter as if he dont have a wife that puts him up on her page,he has a mother and sister he claims he loves,so he can go to hell….

  17. I do not believe that the woman sign up to be abuse the way he does but knowing his history I was stay far and clear from him… That’s why his target is big girls and he likes to shame them for some reason, not clear why he targets bigger women to do his nattiness… I never likes Marvin or condone his behaviors… Each time he comes out on a video I fast forward it because what he has to do I do not care to watch… Once he gets out of hand and the woman had enough he stills continues on and from that point his assaulting the women… He should never tear off or take off wig or grab and throw down or do anything else to a woman that is not dancing at all… That’s not a form of dancing it’s craziness… He needs to go look a job like someone up top said go look a 9 to 5 and take care of your daughter and change your nasty ways…

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