28 thoughts on “MARVIN YUH NUH SHAME?

  1. Kmt lie lisa go sit down you just a missing dot girl bye cheap as shit what people can buy for $20 you just a try something look how long dem go and just a realize bored me you want people fe run in but its they same shit unnuh ago talk over and over

  2. She sounds broke and bitter … It’s obvious she a mad ova Marvin SMDH … How low can u go? Suitcase so damn cheap … Go buy a new one and save urself the embarrassment… U tryin to make him look small and end up making ur self look small and stupid… The man move on with him life. U should do the same … And stop makin urself look bad on social media… I can’t stand bitches like this Lisa girl … Make woman look bad … Kmt

  3. Lisa and Lisa’s sister. just give it a rest now. They already do a great job of making themselves look like idiots. Just go pack fi Cuba muma and enjoy yourself. The constant posting and blasting these two kinda look a way. Just go focus on you. please? thanks! :2thumbup

  4. Yawns… Lisa still vex I see, look how suitcase big,how Marvin move with that outta Yuh house and you dnt realize?? If Yuh give him it nuh bother pretend like a thief now cuz unuh left. Nickesha is “x” variable in ur relationship if a never she it would be somebody else, Marvin just nuh want Yuh. You mean fi tell me say fi all the 8 years unuh together u see no signs say Marvin a use you? Say him have female tendencies? Say him a disgrace you? Marvin temperament is low,so no way him can pretend so long.. You can tell a lot about someone by the person they chose to be with, plus u married, and you married to Marvin, that alone tell me you don’t have ambition…tek what you get don’t sorry if Yuh at all. Stop pretending to be classy n sophisticated, you r not better than nickiesha, when u lie with someone u become their equal..all 3 a unuh is a set of clowns.

  5. Awh boi some women just don’t know when to let go and just call it a lost. Yes it is her suitcase but come on what this do ? leave them to time how expensive is a suitcase ? Mi sure Marvin when to florida the other day with said suitcase why she never loud him up then kmt. Get over it stay bitter over a waste boy!!!

  6. Lisa darling dearest

    I’ve lived in Cuba n yuh will get a good proper knockoff name brand suitcase for $4usd…#facts!!

    I haven’t watched that hit cartoon movie Frozen as yet but me deh a Yard n every spin mi spin the pickneys n grown folks a sing…let it go..let it goooo.

    Yuh n ur sister deh closer to Hollywood than me so go learn the song n join in the chorus…let it blooo#@$@#!dfiyahc#@$loth Go!!unno go need all unno energy and resources for the pending divorce battle so please focus on that.

    1. A wha you and Marvin did a cure nice lady??I hope it was herpes because the amount of dancehall people mi hear have it!!Sometimes I wonder if it is the constant rubbing of the crotches against the grung..yep a dutty grung a spread it fi true.

      U shouldn’t mek Lisa stop u n Marvin from finding the cure still ijs.Work on a cure for night fever too going forward please n tonks!

  7. I hate when plp say ” the bag is cheap” it don’t matter how cheap. The bag isiitis not theirs to be boasting bout traveling and don’town their own luggage. They nuff and annoying for no reason nikeisha is ugly and toss up like Marvin. She really online showing she shopping in h and m that cheap storeand forever21 those are cheap stores and you frighten so poor you . Y’alllook dirty . And frownsy love act extra and posing in plp things go get y’all own shit y’all. Say rich rig F**king clowns

  8. Lisa di line chrow out but di bait nuh good…. If me a you… an seh mi inluv wid mi battyman husband marevesa…. a dunce gal like nicki couldn’t tek my man so easy eno! all if a him wah go eno… nuh bloodclaat gal naw win suh…an yuh naw bully mi a bumbo….ano him mi woulda war nicki fah a fi di pain an suffering… nicki an mi husband woulda affi walk wid baddygawd mi nuh ticket go Jamaica trail hunnu go Dance an buss up hunnu bloodclaat head wid bakkle… mi naw write nuh bloodclaat message pan ig. Yuh neva luv him…lmao nicki all inn a yuh clothes lol… gal when mi dun mi disgrace miself fi disgrace do two a hunnu. Tuh each his own loooooouments still cause if mi chip wet up it shawts out. God nuh give ppl More dan dem can… all mi now too mad inna mi head fi dis.

    1. Lhow anon, ah cheap stores same way, all if rich people shop in deh… cheap, cheap goods equal cheap store :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      That has got to be the point :nerd

  9. Lisa give it a rest! U never just miss the suitcase leave the man alone and move on you look pathetic now. You and your sister need to go look a life

  10. a Lisa fi shame, stop stalk the people dem. If dema poppy show let them be a poppy show by them self. My girl move on with your life and stop throw stone back a you.

  11. Omg mi shameeeee fi dat girl & her pathetic sister from I was bawn mi neva see dis yet. The way how mi fiesty & stay, nuh ex of mine would be given any recognition. You are the past for a reason yu dead to me!!

  12. Marvin fans dem leggo ova here man. If di gyal waa cuss till thy kingdom come over har tings a fi ar own. Every heart know it own bitterness and everybody free fi deal wid heartbreak in dem own way. Who is unnu fi admonish di girl? Call she sad fi watch ar ex, while unnu watching a stranger. Sad b!tches

  13. Aaam Goodaz I’m no fan of Marvin and I agree with most persons. Lisa letting go helps you to heal. Their time will come if they did you wrong. Yardie!you had me laughing so LOUDLY Lol!!!

  14. Lisa and her fat sister BITTER bad. Lisa and her sister a certified stalkers. Every time we forget Lisa she start something. If Lisa did that good, how she mek ground lizard looking Nikki tek har man? I don’t understand. Then the people who always a hype Lisa fool nuh raas, dem seh Marvin a battyman then wha dat mek Lisa, A MAN? If Nikki pussy shitty, then Lisa own is as well, I digress. THE WHOLE A DEM A CLOWN – M&N and Lisa and the fat sister. I think people really think that Social Media likes mean actual support, we are laughing at you not with you. Yuh fava idiot!

  15. Mi waa know why Lisa nuh fi seh nothing and is her suitcase??????She entitled fi talk however she want when she want because dem a travel wid har property

  16. She entitled fi talk about her stuff yes, what if a she same one give him it now act a thief Marvin thief your suitcase. Lisa yuh from the very best beginning that Marvin was well owning up Nickesha and dem di a fcum all the fans dem did a dm yuh bout it. A di best thing Marvin do and left yuh because it’s worst thing when somebody stay someone they truly don’t love, he was deceiving you and were deceiving your.

  17. Lisa u better off taking a step back, reevaluate your life and make better decision moving forward. baby girl its best your health and mentals..just saying..

  18. Lisa obviously doesn’t have any real support system, her sister is doing what she is thinks is best but its clearly not helping. My advice is for her to seek counseling. To get over the pain and hurt. You cant beat Marvin and Nicki at their own game. Its clear they love attention, they post shit everyday to have u guys talking abt them, good r bad, pathetic yes, but some ppl live for the spotlight. So by u going bk n forth with them on social media, u just boosting their ego, you coulda say him a wear Yuh draws, him still nah give a f**k. Marvin n Nicki don’t have no shame so stop waste Yuh breathe n mek ppl that don’t know u hype u up, cuz most of us nah put up our business, we only view yours n its makes me feel comfortable to know somebody life have more drama than ours. That’s y we comment unknown n some make fake pages. We don’t want the drama at our doorstep. I still can’t get over then fact that someone can marry Marvin,Marvin n Nicki look like cut from one cloth, don’t get this Lisa chick tho, she seem like the opposite, or she only pretending?? Girl just get some professional help n stop follow up clowns yah..if u want back ur things tek it to law simple..when its all said n done we don’t care abt u,take my foolish advice

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