Masquerading spirits in our dreams
I had a brief dream this afternoon that I’ve decided to share with you as a teachable moment.

I drifted off to sleep shortly after 5 pm. Immediately, I found myself in a dream. In this dream I was standing in my living room and I noticed that my living room door was ajar. I could see the bright sun light beaming through the portion of the door that was partially open.

As I approached the door to close it. I notice that there was a person standing at the front of the door entrance. As I pulled the door completely open to see who this person was, it appeared to be a cousin of mine dressed in a Bahamas defense force uniform which is white in color.

Surprisingly, she had her head in a downward position as if she really didn’t want me to see her face. She was motionless and it seem as if she was waiting on me to invite her in. For some reason or the other even though the structure of this person appeared to be my cousin, something just didn’t seem right. Aside from that, the more I attempted to get a good look at her face the more it seem not to be my cousin. So I shouted, “You are not my cousin, I recognize you, you masquerading spirit and I rebuke you in the name Of Jesus”.

Well, immediately after I rebuked this masquerading spirit that was impersonating my cousin in my dream it disappeared and I woke up. Now here is why such a dream is a teachable moment as it relates to understanding our dreams. My home in the dream represents my life. The masquerading spirit that decided to impersonate my cousin was attempting to obtain my trust in the dream with the sole idea of it hoping that I would invite it into my life (home).

As a reminder, spirits need human permission or approval to manifest its will in the earth but specifically in the life of a human being. Again, a masquerading spirit which is an evil spirit, could be a spirit of sickness, poverty, delay, anxiety, depression etc. disguised as someone we are familiar with or unfamiliar with. Now, had I invited this spirit into my home, then I would have established an evil covenant between me and the spirit to operate in my natural life. However, because I immediately canceled what that spirit had pending for my life from the spirit realm there cannot be any manifestation in my life in the natural realm.

This dream is also revealing the Spirit of truth, which is the Holy Spirit revealing to me that this masquerading spirit was not my cousin but indeed a masquerading spirit. This is why I insist that you make reading your bible or exposing yourself to some form of preaching or teaching of the word of God. The purpose of this is, the word of God which is spirit, feeds your human spirit once exposed to it. As a result of this your success in your dreams will be more frequent because there is better communication between your human spirit and the Holy Spirit against the evil forces targeting you in the spirit realm via your dream.

Now, I would like to add that this is about the fifth or sixth time that I have had such a dream, where a person on the outside of my home was attempting to convince me to let them in the inside of my home. In any event, such a dream would be as a result of the enemy failing to secure entry into your life physically via temptation and will now resort to covertly trying to secure an agreement from the dreamer via their dream to begin the process of misery in the dreamer’s life.

Once again I hope these teachings on dreams are bringing clarity and understanding to the dreams that you dream and causing you to put the pieces of revelation together to unlock the mysteries of your life.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]

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