Digicelmax Sport reports that, six-time Olympic champion, Usain Bolt, is looking for love.
The fastest man alive has conquered the sport and has earned tens of millions of dollars for his exploits. But as he begins the final cycle in his successful career, Bolt feels it’s time to start a family.
“You do get a lot of offers for sure, it’s one of the perks,” Bolt told Page Six while in Miami for the launch of Hublot’s latest boutique.
He was speaking about the fact that he needs to find someone to settle down with and have children.
“You try to stay quiet, but I love women, and you try not to take advantage, but it’s hard. I am trying to find a girlfriend now, I think I am getting to that age right now, 28, where I need to find somebody and I want to have a child. It’s that time, I am trying to focus on having a family. I’d like three or four kids maybe, it’s always good to have brothers and sisters to look out for you.”
Bolt, an eight-time world champion and the world record holder in the 100 and 200 metres, also harbours ambitions of playing football professionally after he retires from track in 2017.


  1. The man is looking for wife material, summady wid degree and have up career, summady fi represent him status, summady to mother, nurture and encourage is children in a positive manner. Groupies need not apply.

  2. Wha happen to Mitsy?…..Bolt if she nuh have nuh career yet,ask her whats she wants and pay for it and uno build together

    1. Suh Mitsy nuh realize SEH fi walk beside a man like Bolt shi affi educated and intelligent.Tell her to continue to sit down and wait on Bolt for her education.

  3. @Sweet dwrl pull up dat again. The man want a woman that if him career done she can pay her own bills. Not some hoe he gotta save

  4. I don’t see no where in him statements where him seh him looking for a wife, him juss seh him look for smaddy fi breed and meck children wid…kmt.

  5. mitzi still there anything shje want BOLT give her she always with him mother and we all know how Bolt feel bout him mother,A mitsy the mother want so guess what a she will be wife. She an nuh idiot. stay close to MOMMY yah gal..

  6. Bwaay Bolt need fi grow up likkle bit mo fuss, caz mi nuh tink im undastand wah sekkle mean from him ah seh. When since sekkling dung mean finding a woman wah willing fi give u 3+ pickney?. A warrah dah u ah seh Bolt man? Cho. Bolt seh it hard fi nuh tek advantage, seh wah? oh lord. Next thing, u need fi change dah hair spwoil, and fix dem feet b4 u “sekkle” dung. Aftah all.. :lapar

  7. I thought he had a child as i recall met u did report he had a child name Aniyha or did it turn out not to b his? and who name mitzy?

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