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Good Morning Facebook people enough is enough and I have to make my voice heard because some home wreckers or side bitches very heartless and ignorant to certain situation you done destroy a home with two little children already big police woman like you attached to the cunupia police station,and you know my sis sick and early this morning this is the kind of photo u send on her phone for her knowing you mashed up a family and on top of that cussing her and calling her nigga, I just want to whole know that karma is a bitch and god don’t sleep,having the man and destroying a family is one thing but y sending photos,I don’t care if you are a police or whatever this is not right what you did,I hope this is an example for all women who are working hard to keep their family together,beware of these things call side bithes and desperate home wreckers god will deal with you too Mr Nicholas Jones


  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd others….

    Suh she a pretend sleep fi tek selfie pics a bet all pic she av him a sleep inna dem,suh dutty crotches different I tell yuh as tuh de waste i would strip him of everything smfh

    1. Youre an eediat. A Half eediat at that. The woman is taking up for her sister, who is sick. They didnt say sick with what either, she could have cancer or be on her death bed etc. The sister dont have to be the sender. The sender sent in the story, which I read. Thanks sender.

      1. And YOU is the full ediot because Anon 12:12PM is totally right, regardless of who put this on FB or even if her sister is on her dying bed, THE MAN IS THE ONE SHE, HE AND THE OLD LADY should attack. Tired of you ignorant females who thinks a Woman can “MASH UP” or destroy a home, One hand cannot clap and if the MAN never want the police woman how the rasshole she alone going to destroy a family? Why none cannot approach the Man of His wrong doing but choose to put the female on blast? Sorry for the sick person, But unuh need fi gwey, THE MAN IS THE ONE THAT IS BREAKING HIS FAMILY TO PIECES NOT THE WOMAN.

        1. I’d rather be a full eediot with comprehension than a half eediot like you, you dimwit. I said nothing about who or what mash up the home. I SAID, in essence, the SENDER dont have to be the SISTER so what the fvck you cussing the sender for. The SENDER said the SISTER put this up on FB. All that mess you type is garbage….dumbass.

  2. Nah, the girl in the photo need the beating too. She deliberately sent the picture to the wife. Husband do get it too I know but this woman out of line

  3. But Nick looks quite comfortable on the Satin pillow case …. Nuh look like Nick a rush fi leave guh nuh weh.

  4. Everyone is missing the point, the sister said the side chick sent this picture to the wife phone and knowing that the wife is sick and have children… I’m the only one that caught that but people busy saying she should attack the husband yes your right but at the same time the side check made it be known by sending the photo to the wife and knowing the state the woman is in that’s probably why he is cheating on the wife… His a ole dirty bastard.

  5. Di man needs an ass whooping ….and matey need fi stay in har lane u already a teck di woman man why rub it her face and send her pics that’s disrespectful.

  6. the sister clearly said God will deal with you too Mr. Nicholas. She not cursing bout the man tekking really, she mainly talking about the fact that this bareface friendly hole bitch send the photo to her sick sister. “you done destroy a home with two little children already big police woman like you attached to the cunupia police station,and you know my sis sick and early this morning this is the kind of photo u send on her phone” Sounds like the marraige done mash up and the bitch just being petty and send the pic to the sick woman. Why people have to be like this? so heartless.

  7. The person who said the sender is an idiot needs lesson in literature or just some basic comprehension skills..cause the lady done se dem knw she a tek di man….so y she a Sen pic n a cuss di wife so early…that was her main point…that my dear is the main idea, the storyline, that my friend is the reason for the post..dem knw di man a dog..dem knw she a tek him..but y the mate a bother the woman?

  8. The side chick should be blamed too. Some of these side chick running down people man. Met I have a friend in Ja who is going mad right now. She has been this man side chick for 10 years. She and the baby mother main woman use to do threesomes until the man goh marry this other woman and have kids with her. As the man run her she bawl then crawl right back like she fool.She sehbthe wife boring. Right now ah laugh we ah laugh. When the man came back to Ja she tell us that she is wife now and him rent place give her and have her in wholesale but it look like the wife never know. When the wife have baby and goh down the man move out his stuff out my friend house and start diss her the most way even start beating her. All put up his wife pic on whatsapp everyday. This girl talking about she is going to kill herself and that people in red hills spreading rumour that she is a whore and that is why the man left her. She is a whore yes because several of our male and female friends get a piece. You know from when i want send in the story… Not even the wholesale ahe can do becauaw ahe said the man tell everybody that the wifebtake over the business. I wanted to send in the story but didn’t want to reveal who she is. This girl use to walk naked go to dance from the other day she dress like church lady like she imitating the man wife. Take that piece here and run with it.

  9. A di wife dem Mi notice a give side gal powa now a days a good fi unnu… cause Unnu get comfatable. Unnu fi stawt get mad an all show up weh di man bloodclaat deh wid di side gal and create all a scene… an grab all a bat an gi di two a dem some bloodclaat lick yea! An if dem lock Yuh up Yuh have reasonable motive to act that way an not let a bitch an yuh husband f**k with yuh yea

  10. Men do stupid things all the time and think it ok. The women who consistently sets the bar low don’t know the effect this will have on her later! Wait until he finds a younger side chick the one in the picture gonna hold her belly and bawl and all of a sudden will fully with understand what his wife went thru. Nuh sey nutten! Burn dem!

  11. a pure outa ordaniss a gwan but. the bed look clean and comfy, nuff wife bed no tan good, a it mek, still it wrong and husband naw tan wid u neither b….tch

  12. A nuff gyal fix up place from the gram and catch them on a off day not even johncrow could live there! Wife lef em. A ediat dat!

  13. Oooohh my! What a wicked woman man! She held her police gun to this poor man’s head & forced him to neglect & betray his wife, with whom he has 2 children & then she made him fall asleep in the afterglow of her sexual assault of him. She sounds like a real she-devil. May this man get out from under her spell.

  14. Any ways matey, same way you got him is the same way you & your 4 children (because matey always trying to outdo former wifey) going to lose him.

  15. A wah do people?? This matey deserves am ass whipping and thats without apology. She’s very bright. You and your sister go Whop dat ass, ise her gun and butt har too then get rid of that lowlife man.

  16. Mi deh ya a pre di ting n it look like di sender di Anonymous smaddy a try tek on everybody don’t agree w the sister aka Anonymous. Listen the two a dem wrong! Gyal brite fi send wifey di pic yes BUTTTT how can a woman mash up a home if the man no consent??? U eva tink maybe him a look a way out n a him and side chick plan up n send wifey di picha???? Kissteet dem ppl ya now a days capable of anything! All ya do is dwell pon di ooman u need fi tank har fass n leggo di waste man mek dem gallang because when she tek ur sister space who ago tek fi har???

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