Met I dont know which one of skilly woman he piss off but him info gone up pon nifiji page zan kartel page on gary maniac. zan kartel his friend so y he no tek down the posts. look like he a mess with sum gal and zan mussi de wit the fren. i thought china run nifiji page but she look she waan dem expose him caus she always a chat his white woman


  1. BOAL, LOL, DWRL, F**kka you.
    Is time smaddy put dem dutty buddy liad man pan blast. Skill go and feed ur self and teck agood bath cause mi no see weh dem gal yah a gwann so fah.. YOu mean like di welfare office. Dem know mi wah some foodstamp and no wah gi mi same so you stay.. Go and reevaulate you nasty life.

  2. mi seh dem man yah always pick up di ppl dem white thrash chu dem love likes. is which part ina Idaho him go pick up Becky Sue? me see hot white gal ina Philly so how come him couldn’t wife one a dem instaed of picking di one weh seems like ————————- i’ll be nice.

    1. White trash! You get that from a picture? Skilly picks up his trash in Nifigi, f**ks it there and leaves it there. ask chyna, this chick who trying to expose him and all the dozens of the hot trash he pick up and f***k in that dump. You hot in looks but can you read or write?

    2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. Chanale Cherri Yah move ur nasty whorin bumbo you tryin to expose the man and him been make you know he have his woman and you have your husband. you get f**k and fall in love and the man no waan you. salt bumboclat gal you and your dirty fren to mixup

  4. skilli been a f**k cherri from how long and she f**k his fren to she kno he have his woman cause her an her fren hitch up in old nifiji an hide out chyna. skilli always pick up some trash now she expose u. why now tho she say she have all kind a message from him she gonna show say he love her, she been in his house. she put up pic of her and skilli in restaurant. he better dont piss her off. skilli pick up a mad ooman and now you want to leave she playn stuky. FUKKA U

      1. No Boo she is not coming for no bitch she is only a medical lawyer! Bottom of barrel, they call her type ambulance chasers. She going to sit there like a good white wifey and keep her mouth closed an sign those checks.

  5. F**k y’all Skilli looooovvve chanale he call from in day an tell her to link up for her birthday so he can spoil my goodas fren abayyyyy bitchs we whores but he was with me as my birthday ring in. Skilli admit it u love chanale or do you need me to prove it. We had a nice night skilli dranks was up! White girl wasted. Skilli we keep ur secret shhh zan it safe here ur ugly gal wont no a thing

    1. LMAO LMAO stop lying he ain’t spoiling no damn body not your friend, not his wife not his baes. lol stop

  6. Skilly is use to the stalkers and physcos. His first 2 bbymadda taught him quite a few lessons. I am baffled as to why he continues to play these whoring games. Skilly com yah papa. How old are your 2 oldest and where are the mommas? If I am not mistaken, they should be around 18 by now. Skilly you ole enough fi be grandfadda and you buddy still no undastand itself. Don’t be like you father ole and gray and still think young gal wah him okk. Tell MG fi Stop it cause it doh look good fi be di girl dem granddaddy and a whisper whisper when di lickel girl dem a try enjoy di dance.

  7. Who is this Channel Cherri chick?. Never heard or seen hear in dah clubs. Does she have a nickname?
    The only person that would be commenting up top about her would be Chyna. Only you alone know ur mates dem and love it .

    1. Cherri yah bitchs LOCNATION look for it ok. late bitchs. and skilli spend on who he want to spend sorry to who not getting it

  8. Cherri/Chanele Bye it nah work you and your Sketel friend BYEEE!! Another Skilli victim! Poor Groupie! Skilli not eva gonna be your man, he will use you and play the role but it will never happen. Ask Chyna! Chyna u glad to see wifey up or nah? It don’t look good pon u chyna. nope.
    Cherri cum here luv did u say u have a man, he should piss in ur locs!

  9. What a bunch of dunce thots you hoes always loosing . spoil huh well gues what skilly stay inna mi inbox chasing my pussy ..but I wouldn’t waste my time .

  10. Chyna shut the f**k up dunce duty side piece Unno hav to worry about so much mores den Mi da wife ain’t going no where

    1. U mad ma? or nah? Y? U thirsty to cum in here talkin bout ya inbox n proof. Who see u bitch ctfu. What u tryin prove that u sumbady cuz a nigga dat look evrybady a look u? Dum bitchs an if u no wife not goin anywhere then just tek the fuk or high ur dunce ass get from message n mov along

  11. Mek me tell uno dis. Skilli bangs Chris talk a good game but he damn fake. Skilli woman have everyting cars, truck house all hers Chris own nothin it’s not cheap but he aint got shit only ting he hav is one bag a pickni an babymadda an he don’t even own dem.
    skilli gone bout 10 kids now an love keep dem hidden. Him eva ina child support court an lose all his license caus he don’t wanna pay up.
    his woman fam did own Traxx tru he live likes he run go breed her fi secure his future.
    Skinny a old con artist. So who wan brag bout him an dem go ahead he will tell u cum link him a studio or nigiji not evn hotel he frig u there n gone uno na see he na spen pon uuuu. he been do dis from flippa days. He dont have a real job just sound man an Nifiji close now. He live offa woman money. So enjoy free fuk. this old news

  12. U mad ma? or nah? Y? U thirsty to cum in here talkin bout ya inbox n proof. Who see u bitch ctfu. What u tryin prove that u sumbady cuz a nigga dat look evrybady a look u? Dum bitchs an if u no wife not goin anywhere then just tek the fuk or high ur dunce ass get from message n mov along

  13. unu cash seh pon mic a talk shit again no more nifiji THANK GOD… story boring doh f**k chyna she madddd can’t believe a did she a do d man if you can’t play the side bitch pt right don’t do it at all don’t get try diss d man cause him.see seh u pum.pum salt…gn

  14. So chyna posted the pics ,Chyna stop screw up u face and angry all da time cah Skilli make u collect the money and go home to him family

  15. I don’t argue with incogneato’s . O And Anyway’s Senda 8:30 You sound believable . ” Bitches ” Is Actually how It’s spelled . Notice That All My I’s are Captial letters too.FYI Skilli wife is home waiting for him DwL And You MADD . Ratchet thot .

  16. Skilli aint leavin Cherri he told her take her page down an he stay on her phone and whatsapp since yesterday. Lol bitches!

  17. Skilli secrets buss so he doin damage control and not at home either! lol! he need to go do it on nifigi he said that shit was suppose to hav a party last nite and there police said its shut down for good. Skilli u a bumm I guess you got a meal ticket at home that don’t require you to work or be faithful. Guess she will take care of all your kids while you run round with bitches making more. Lady be careful it don’t take a law degree to figure out he will give you aids.

  18. Is erica son Cory skilli son. He got a bunch a kids most those mom stuck takin care of them alone. His lawyer woman Sam kids the only ones he take care of she got twins. He her african mandingo slave so he aint gotta work. she dont expect him to do much but fuk caus dats all most white women think niggas good for. skilli is cheap labor her slave dwbl all he got to do is watch twins, walk dog an fuk.
    All skilli sins catchin up to him. U leave all dese women to take care dese baby n you playin house nigga b4 you go look work. Whateva she get good she let him run wild n turn bak on kids. It’s good she a lawyer but I guess nigga bitchs n kids dont matta.
    You dum bitches comin on here talkin about skilli who fukin him and who he inbox bitches are u crazy. Have some shame ur pussy just wutless so. wat u wanna be anotha chyna ctfu. Baby but no man.

  19. Chyna say she aint worried about shit! Skilli know who run the show! Skilli under ass begging her to stay with him! He will have his black ass right at TWisted today even if he have to sneak out and run back to Sam! You bitches can say WTF you want. Chris know who the f**k run that. Don’t call him this evening u wont get him! FOH

  20. Chyna tha gap between your teeth don’t mean u winning bitch .You is part time pussy just like the rest . He has a wife The End. You will never be # 1 . Nobody nah want Skili But Unno .

    1. Skilli, his wife and chyna sorry asses all need 2 fig out how to keep those hell holes name nifigi open. Fuk u have lawya wife n no license on damn shit. both nifigi shut down. Chyna cleaning nifigi like she own it an wife livin fat off it. Fuk y’all talkin bout no child support wife would have to pay dat bill! Fuk wrong wit yall.

  21. Bitches he with me now ctfu levels to this shit and a bitch know how to change up her shit. He love me he aint going anywhere.

  22. poor chyna one real dummy sorry fi idiot weh married Yuh who cares if he wit u at the end of the day he have his wife that’s why Yuh send een d story and try put him on blast u not #1

  23. Oh Shit Meet Newarks finest! Chanale you, Brianna and Cupcake are very wicked to do this. Cherri Yah aka Chanale Davis, her sister, shauna and Brianna dwl oh you finally made pink wall are you proud. These drunk hoes been known done in DE so now they move on to Philly. They house is like a big whorehouse. Skilli Bangs you are crazy to mess with Cherri aka Chanale if your wife is a lawyer, Cherri is black trash and they call the wife white trash but i guess you have a wife and she is married so its same thing. I always figured skilli was a bum nigga and just wanted a lil better than Philly bum bitch so he get Cherri but this nigga wife a lawyer and u f**kin with Cherri.
    Chanale been f**ing around on her husband her and her drunk friends are known here so they try to go to Philly at night to do this. This aint new Cherri been messing with skilli since spring or winter of this year or longer and she talk to a couple of his friends.
    Cherri always have cops at her house cause she want to get rid of husband so she Brianna cupcake and friends can run to nifiji and around with skilli. Briaunna sleeps with Zan Kartel Skilli friend and they are so hype about it. Everybody knows this. Skilli did you tell Cherri to call cops on her husband to get him out or was that shauna or Brianna plans? Cherri did you tell Skilli how much your husband is obsessed with guns? You guys are playing with fire! Skilli did you tell Cherri you not leaving your wife or baby moms or side pieces like her for no married crazy hoe. Did u even tell her u was married. Cherri where is Leah and Tre when you are whoring in Philly with married men at night? You leaving your husband to go to somebody else husband. Crazy hoe! This is how woman lose their kids over dumb shit and slutty ways.
    You so wicked Why would you disgrace your husband by bringing skilli and his friends to play in your party and you and them was showing all night that you had something going on. Why put them all together? what if husband did shoot up that party! Didn’t you all leave and spend night together. What kind of wife or mom are you.
    You want to follow Brianna whoring ways but she will never be a wife. Ctfu you never work your husband work and i know his money had to get that house cause you and Briana together can buy dry shit. You hear skilli have a wife and baby’s he dont take care of so is this the new father for Leah lol! You guys do make a good couple. you will get far toghther. if skilli wife a lawyer why would he pic up DE trash? these niggas think because these bicthes live 20 mins away they wont talk. fukka u!
    Bitch get it together you trying to expose people you and you whoring friends you exposed how much of a bitch you are. Stop playing games with these niggas before one gets killed! Then you your friends will be to blamed you know that nigga always got guns did you tell Skilli that. How many time you call cops to your house when you start the fight then you and your friends laugh? You are wicked but from sounds of it you got a nice future with skilli bangs. From housewife to hoe lol. Cherri you went backwards.

  24. Is possible to sue this site for defamation of characters? It seem you guys on here have nothing better to do but to mess with people’s lives! I know Cherry and she is a very decent person and if this shit is true I have no clue how or why she got involved with the likes of Brianna’s ghetto ass or got wrapped up with philly’s biggest man whore skilli. But it’s very sad that you would come on here and talk about this woman’s child/children like this and post it under Anonymous.
    Black people, especially Jamaican are like crap in a barrel. Y’all disgust me!!! HOW DO YOU LAUGH IN SOME ONES FACE BUT TEAR THEM DOWN ON THIS BULLSHIT WALL!

    1. If you know her so well ask her why she is involved with skilli or Brianna whoring asses? Maybe because she’s also a whore duhhh! Lol it’s defamation of character when her file is rinsed but it wasn’t defamation when they threw up the wife’s picture that has nothing to do with skilli and Cherri dirty whoring arrangement.
      Cherri is perfect example of crab in barrel and disgusting. Funny thing is there has been 40 comments laughing tearing down wife babymoms and skilli. Cherri and friends and family see this all weekend and laugh but now somebody tell truth about her y’all come with defamation of character? Bye

    2. Stop nah dem Neva talk bad bout kids! Dem say wha kinda motha is she to leave her kids to go run round with de people husband. Now she rememba bout kids when she was puttin up skilli kids and wife pics :cool

  25. Yo wtf is wrong wit these unknown jealous hoes. Right now u just sound lik some haters in tis bitch cuz she doin big things. They both married or nah so wtf does it matter. U c tha rasta chick n she ain’t never be close to no niggas but them rasta dudes that do something wit locnation. She smile an keeps it movin. Wouldn’t have known this post was about her till 8:27 pm opened its mouth. Come suck ma dick cuz u seems to have crazy time on ur hand writing books n shit.

    1. Doin big things dwl lets do math Cherri is unemployed an runs a Facebook page about locs. Skilli wife is a lawyer! who is doin big things? Why would anybody be jealous of Cherri? Who knew you until this weekend. Sleepin with skilli bangs in dirty nifiji is not doin big things boo sorry check your aspirations lol! U try expose nigga and you got exposed.

    2. Rasta chic? having locs doesnt make you Rasta like wearin a scarf when ur hair a mess dont mek u Muslim. This aint no rasta chic that comes out naked running around with married men, when shes married. she probably doesnt want to comb her bad head, rasta? You got this rasta thing wrong. Dreads are a fashion statement Rasta is a way of life please dont come put her side of real Rasta. you an Silli Bangs aint no rasta. Royal Rasta Empress nah do dem tings Fire!!
      An suk ur dick? U mad cuase you think u only one screwin with hubby.

    3. jealous hoes? what is to be jealous bout my girl u fi real? F**kin crawny Skilli Bangs in Nifigi wit pickney? DI WOLE A PHILLY ITCHES FUK OFF DI MAN!!
      an him don even carry u go hotel? stop it yah! jus go bakka newark n pray nobady dont remeba u next year caus u play urself fi try mek people no di man a whore n marry. who no know dat. dat parasite skilli been on pink wall from 2010 and 2011 wit dem nassynes. weh u was mama. we juss neva see di wife so tanks! dwbl
      u juss curse ur pussy mama by makin anybaddy know u a frig skilli. he frig bakka all di man but dem no man no waan frig bakka him.
      lok ya man! dis a nuttin new n dem story ya no die!

  26. Skilli Bangs & Cherri secret dolly house mash up yah now… in a dem cold times yah poor thing dem dwrcl. Chyna safe n wifee deh a yawd same way! We can change the topic now to more important things like how fi no catch Ebola.

    1. nothin don’t mash up. Dats what u think would happen. Chris nah leff me. Sorry bitches he stay on my top! Poor chyna poor wife poor unu.

  27. Mi ear seh skilli and di whoring Artya Gyal from jersey deh mi tink har name kurlykar ar sumting like dat on ig

  28. Yup that’s true. Artya anotha one of the link me at the studio hoes. She sleeping with anotha one of his Fren cause she say Skilli big but him tings softy softy. N that not first me hear eitha I guess that why he always lookin married ooman or ones he hafta share wit Otha man. Cause it really hard fi him satisfy one ooman he have 2 many and no energy cause he already malnourish an 40.. He deh wit Candi to dwbl bere sharins a gwan.

    1. Artya is Tya Karli the girl fram NJ Gee Gee Dior fren. yup skilli n her screwin wont say deh but him a fuk her for a while. she can tell u bout the back room a nifigi to. N he cum a her yard a NJ. Skilli run tru all di Philly girl so he tink he doin someting big by pikin up same trash from NJ an DE an tink dem dont no bout him. bad ting is dem eva a clown skilli bout him hood a waste a meat big fi nuttin. like sweet peppa big n no hot dwbl if him a dash it out so how it fi hot. :cd
      dats y mi seckle fi mi borin man him no hype him mind me no drama to wi ting an mi get a good wuk regula. dem ration hype hood deh no good an it will sik u goodys. mine ladies

  29. Cherri is the colorful dread girl with the little daughter? Cherri be going in nifiji Allll the time when nifiji is closed in studio with Skilli and her daughter! With weed and all! Alone and with friends! Di man dem know you is a dutty gal. Husband fi ask you daughter bout Skilli! Cherri there all the time! Allllllll the time Cherri you are a wickd lying bitch.

    1. Cherri I don’t know how or why you would lower yourself to skilli level. Maybe u was always just trash but u need to clean up your act for Leah sake. You gonna end up losin more than you gain and u can’t blame anybody or pink wall only yourself.
      What in hell would possess you to bring Leah in smelly nifigi chasin skilli. Skilli is trash no matter what lies he feed you or these other ladies. He’s a con artist. And right now you smell like a trash truck.
      You so gwany gwany Cherri I’m surprised you stoop so low. Of course he will tell u he different he aint like this they lying but u are a woman u know better. I no you blamin everybody now including friends family and wall but take a look at yourself and moves u makin you are only one to blame for mixing up with skilli.

  30. you bring ur kid in Nifigi to cum rap up wit nasty whorin skilli bangs? none of skilli 20 kids eva cum a nifigi. Skilli no rate you mrs cherri mi fi tell u. Unu fi get a room an lo moly nifigi an leave di pickney out di bangarang!
    Unu ooman gwan to desprate fi man. Lil pride go a long way! bet u still run baka di man wit di pickney n call di wall badmine.

  31. Skilly stop play wit di lil gal dem head. stop nuh before one a dem hurt yu. u been doin this shit for years you 40 now when will u stop. tell di pickney u married wit a bunch kids an you not eva leavin cause ur wife mind u. cherri artya maine chyna an whoeva else pleaz stop waste ur yung life waitin on skilli to eva be with you. no matta wat he says he live wit his wife an kids. an have half dozen more he dont mind. look pon whorin MG apple don fall far from tree. skilly talk a good game full of lies and it aint hard to tell he lyin you been warn. argument dun

  32. skilli mess with the wrong one! Cherri is the faebook fake page queen. She will mess up that marriage quick! smh

  33. One set a dumb women all these Bitchessss need to be exposed I need pics met who are the dumb skilli all yall need to catch something bragging about f**k in a married man Nasty nasty nasty he look like a walking aids patient all yall need to catch something..dwbl all that dick in nifiji and skilli the only f**k you can find nooooo wayyyyy….lol

    1. he let let Cherri an her crew find out his wife info. BIG MISTAKE!! Trust me they will expose more than Skilli whorin ass. Lawyer wife messin with criminal Skilli…exposed.

    2. everybady talkin bad bout Cherri, Cupcake and Brianna but ya’ll say this somethin he do all time. Did he even tell her or any of these women he married. All this girl info out there about kids and husband but skilli laughin when he is the whore and liar. Cherri aint know he was like that and he still breakin his neck to prove everybody lyin. smh He still tryin to see her. He dont care about no wife or nobody else and he’s a liar.
      Do his wife know what he be doin? He married how he get so much free time to f**k around? Do his wife friends and family know his dirty ways that she let happen.
      Cherri trust skilli he knew she was marry but he aint real even now. These kinda niggas make bitchs do crazy shit! Cherri you messed up messin wit skilli n cheatin on yur family. karma hun just accept and run while you still can. I feel sorry 4 you cause your husband gonna serve your ass to you if u divorce an dont think skilli gonna save ur ass his wife savin hes and he aint leavin her. She need to leave him.

  34. Shana….dwl How ironic! This aint news. cherri, cupcake, brianna, chyna, kiki, candi, etc etc sam his wife all have facebook, look it up. If you lookin for dick in nifiji you will catch every disease cause all these men sleep with same chics they juss recycle.
    Cherri can brag about married man cause she married to and her vows aint never matterd to her so why should skilli. Chyna been know he marry an no stop pose up with him.
    Skilli know all these hoes thirsty so he bangin them but sorry to destroy any one dreams u juss a fuk when he dun slummin wit yall fools he goin home to Sam! The white lawyer. Ask Chyna whats it been 7 or 8 years

  35. I don’t feel sorry 4 Cherri she mite not no bout wife but she marry n she know bout chyna. She knew it was a reason her n skilli was secret.
    Aint sorry for chyna either karma a bitch and when she got wit skilli he was livin with his babymada Lisa. Same way she got him same wey she losin him. He was a cheater then n he neva stop gi bun. She a di biggest fool cuz he marry live wit wife n chyna mad now everything out. Dwl yes chyna u not no wife Neva will be with skilli n nifigi closed so u are no longa needed and dumpd!

  36. Brianna nn Zan Kartel a f**k long time that’s y him n Skilli so tight all of a sodden. Bri,cherri n zan all have threesomes unno no see him n him Oman no da again?

    1. talkup! If you have file talk up. So zan sleepin with briana and cherri to. so do skilli know? i know cherri and briana and cupcake love threesome. so skilli and zan a do threesome with them or just zan and the girls. what a bangarang fi true. and dem all say they rasta? WTF!! Run the file

  37. These posts do reference INNOCENT children…Children that are loved very much and do not deserve being involved in such actions of others that could affect them in any way.
    It is unacceptable and in extreme distaste. There are innocent victims involved in these posts that in no way deserve the references and comments being made about them.
    One person may make bad decisions, but that does not give others rights to expand their grievances to parties to those who are in no way involved in those decisions.
    You should really reconsider your posts and being a part of this audience. Quite frankly all of these comments are quite ignorant an not very classy or respectful individuals.
    Cherri—-what kind of name it that? A note to you Cherri, try to respect yourself a bit more and stop airing yours and others dirty laundry. It is very unbecoming. It sounds like your are not making the best decisions and if you do have a child…you should really make some smarter decisions about the way you carry yourself and focus on your child and giving that child the love that they deserve.
    Oh and that lawyer…not an ambulance chaser and you in no way compare to her…not even on the same planet. She is way out of your league. Sorry girl 🙂

    1. This is not your first response here. When you come here and respond and keep the fuel going. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME with any kind of threat.

      1. I can’t with them! Threaten you for what Met! Before they go threaten they criminal husband/baby daddy and stop covering up his garbage! I hope thats chyna with that dumb shit and not the lawyer wife cause then I know she the reason Skilli act the way he do! Wifey Skilli worthless and lie! Make him get a job and stop funding his whorin habits. All day skilli whore from NJ, Philly to De. In Nifigi and out all while wife pay for it.
        Wifey do you know his daddy MG? your daddy in law? That will be Skilly in two years apple don’t fall far from tree and if you have sons remember they daddy and granddaddy and raise them better. Bet your daddy nothing like Chris. so why you think its ok. NO hun all black men arent whores but yours is and you help it!
        Dont come on here defendin bullshit! Dig a hole in your man ass so he can stop the fukery! Get some pride and class cause you wrap up with a dog every night so know scratch off your fleas. You have any class?

          1. DWL not a good lawyer! She should be a criminal lawyer with that husband she have! Slander?! No honey your husband is the one who have your business and laundry in streets! Please go find a nice decent working husband so you don’t have to waste billable hours talking about slander!

    2. If you knew so much you would know better than to wrap up with Skilli Bangs or your boo Chris. You dont know that much more or you would take our advice and run instead of coming on here with that lame response! Whether that is Chyna or Sam or any of skilli oter 100 women you wrong for putting up with a man that does not respect you or your kids!
      Skilli have you all as some fools, some laughing stocks! He deny his wife for years, and kids so he can sleep around and get diseases. Nobody referenced any of the kids in a negative way but everyone is questioning the morals and parenting of you parents whose self esteem is so low that you’d rather condone skilli’s behavior than to protect your children from the repercussions of his nasty ways!
      Why you wanna attack Cherri cause your lyin ass dude can’t stop sleepin around? He sleeps around with Cherri just like he does you even brought her to the house downtown and never said he was married not once. You attacking Cherri but not your man. That’s why the children are subjected to bs because of women like you not this page or Cherri! Talk to your lyin, disgusting man!

  38. my girl u a talk like u a one the dogs Skilli push u to the side so u way talk shit? So lets,no u a di one way him no stop beat cause u a tell him business to him Fran den u move fm ny back to pa cause u want him to uself lol

    1. Which ediat gal mawga skillli a beat? Brite! Who move from NY for Skilli? chyna? bad move unless you can suiport him like wife an let him do his shit he neva be all urs. Lol.
      Look like skilli chat 2 much every bady have his file. All skilli ooman dem n BFF chat him with his fren dem cuz me hear at least 3 wit his biz in street n his Fren dem screw his ooman dem n laff. Skilli u 40 time to grow up n get lil class like wifey say.

  39. Stfu if u wife u dumm. Did Chris tell you he still calls Cherri every day and saw her this weekend. Did he show you the many early morning calls texts and whatsapp he still makin to her.
    Did he tell you he threatened Cherri husband. Cherri is a name just like Skilli a nickname.
    You say she make bad choice for her and her kids but you made worse one when you married skilli with all his class. You ain’t no better than anybody you made babies with the biggest whore in city and you take care of him. If you so better why skilli always find his way to go sleeping with the help. How many more kids he gonna make on you?
    You have no class you worse than any of his bitchs because you so educated and should know better. Your family should cast you out for messing up the breed.

  40. she name stacy hi forever a beat it,everytime she talk bout she a leave cause she hear sa him a f**k a nxt gal.him all put her in the hospital

    1. She Jamaican? Fuk a next gal how bout fuk a whole heap a gal! She have no sense! How many woman skilli one have lol. No wonder dem say di tings big n soffy soff plus him nah feed his body all him locs look like dem a drop off

    2. Him really lick her tho? why she never get him lock up if he put her in the hospital? And she know he live with his wife an kids an all the other women? Skilly smh

  41. Nahhh!! Nobody is mad China only you. Why is it that you have such a hard time keeping him home with you? I don’t think you don’t exist anymore! Where was he? You mad or nah!

  42. DWBL The Mate have better mate! Baby Mama #10 you don’t exist. That was our way of letting you know where your boo was hiding. Since you kept calling! Mad, why would anybody be, can have him and get him anytime he’s wanted. He may pick up more to the collection but he baby leaves none over here! Don’t you get it by now, 80 posts later back to same thing. He’s going nowhere, not to old news, he have new news. You and wifey boring now, old news, stale. But of course we know he can always come to you when he done, you’ll be ready and waiting to clean him up! #leftovers #potscrapings #whatleft #ByeGirl #lastpost

  43. Clean up baby mama #10 Every weekend great is great, but the week days even better! Here Friday you clean him up after and Monday back on my phone trying to keep the link here. There is nothing there to hold him. I’m laughing at you, we both are, and you know it. Jealous Hoes! I’m not the only one he have, why are you so fascinated with my life, why are you in my business? Jealousy will get you nowhere! He can tell you that caus it still hasn’t stopped us! Bye Girl!

  44. Soo what! All is does is give him more reason to link me! We keep going and going! Sorry its none of your business! oh how did you get him anyway, and from who? hee hee

  45. Dis yah chead yag nah nuh end a end to bloodclaat unno really think it luk gud…smfh
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

      1. If yuh get jus wan more metrige (message) inna de indox cut off the comment box pon dis yah chead shet it rite de phuck down dem fi gweh and gwaan betta nung… luk from wen dis up and dem a back and forth ova waste mattaz

  46. Didn’t he block you off his FB and you his baby mom? Why are you stalking me? Everybody know about me and he STILL not leaving. He not stopping so please next topic! He likes what he see and get and even ifhe married its not to you so mind you business! And feel free to keep watching on FB I’m not even going to block you like he did!

    1. Is not like unno a cum wid sup’m new and spicy enuh a de sed bloodclaat thing unno a repeat oba n oba den ansa pon yuh wall since its a public tuh de wife, life and knife….bombo ole now man luk how unno a behave ova MAN..kmft
      (Simplicity soon sign in)

  47. Listen. Who have skilli full name because mi need fi go file papers tomorrow fi mi money weh him owe mi. If not shana I don’t know who u r. But hun a ur name is on the contract. Tell dutty tiefing no conscience skilli fi fork up ppl $ or tell him dutty bitches dem fi help him pay back hard working citizens dem $…court fi him again

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