when you are taking people husband and they are beating your a*s don’t cry like a baby cannot even defend yourself punk ass run and called police ready to press charges after you are at my yard gate I am just sorry I didn’t beat your ass some more.This nasty b**** in my life over 9 year finally catch her outside with my husband at my house 3 a.m. in the morning I beat the s*** out of her and ripped her hair out from the root nasty


  1. Wifey, I hope you beat you husband too. 9 years him have her inna him life and you mad at her. Desperate housewives need to stop blame the woman, a you man is the problem. 9 years she is now your sister wife firmly entrenched and going no where. You wasted your energy, because dat nah stop dem from deh. I get it blame the woman because hubby is attracted to her, is not her fault. She no owe wifey no allegiance. But hubby does, if your husband is in a relationship with another woman for 9 years, unbeknownst to you, you may be the side chick. Wifey sorry to tell you, but after 9 years he probably has feelings for her, you may need to make a decision, do you want to continue having her in your life for another 9 years?

    1. Hi Sweet :ngakak That rip hair feom root sounds like an assault charge with a $5000 civil judgement for the victim.

      Senda…9 years says a lot, but you hanging on. For the kids I take it? 😀 😀

  2. Sender is that her real hair? And why you beat the girl? You should’ve beaten your husband too. She couldn’t be in your life if he didn’t allow her. Maybe they even have make up sex after the fact. I don’t like when females sleep with other women husband, but miss him nuh respect you cause they were at your gate. The saga continues… Let’s see how the next episode goes. Will he leave her and commit to you, or will he continue the relationship. Like sand through the hour glass, so are The Days Of Our Lives. :cendol.

  3. Wifey I would have done the same thing DEM GAL YAH 2 BRIGHT. I HOPE U BEAT YOUR HUSBAND ALSO because he is the real problem, talk about BRIGHT AND DISRESPECTFUL. Wifey make sure you do some self evaluation and better yourself. Mama I don’t wrong you BEAT HER ASS

  4. Mmm did you beat your husband tuh? Just asking. Because from my calculations, she may not want another beating and may not revisit your home but that wretched man of yours may have another chick waiting in the wings to take her place.
    Take some kickboxing classes my girl cause yuh man just ah warm up. Oh and invest in some heavy duty surveillance camera.

  5. Sender bye cause you tek whole a nine years fi mek up yuh mine fi beat yuh mate…and still never beat har good, bout pop out hair…Kmt. I want shi lock up yuh ass and go sex yuh husband Inna yuh house cause you is a man mascot.

  6. You a dumb bitch married lady if for 9years you want to beat the woman ass. Beat you damn husband first and give him a choice F u mean fah 9 years u DUMB

  7. Wife? If I found out My Husband with a Female all of 9 years, I would Kill myself instead of beating the mate. If I am a mate and NO gal ever touch me, straight Jail you going, and I would not stop Fcuk your husband, all when you in Jail me in your house F-ing him on your bed. Some a you females want some beating to think fighting a female for a Man will let your Nasty husband stop cheat, You should be ashamed that your PUM PUM don’t have no use, because if it did, your Husband would never be out there in someone punny for 9yrs, and the fact that you are still with the man? You have no self esteem.

  8. Wifey on some real talk shyt ,imma fill u in zeen.The ongle reason u caught her at ur gate was because you were in the house AWAKE.Otherwise yuh husband would have carried her straight to unno bedroom if say u were absent or sleeping on the kitchen tiles.

    I can only hope if u get arrested for assault, that u post bail in time to come ketch dem having make up sex inna yuh bed.Wifey you are clearly in denial if u think this matey is the problem in ur marriage…oh and clearly delusional if u think beating her hair out will solve said problems.Matey after 9yrs it’s clear that you are wrong n strong ,face the consequences n no bother with the bag a bawling zeen.

  9. Ok cool I feel you on this one sis, but what did you do to your husband?? cause if a 9 years you a deal with this woman inna yuh marriage she aint the only problem

  10. Sender stop hang on to the bulshit marriage and move on, ur husband been moved on 9 years now so should you. Go beat you pussy. You delusional bad to think that cheap weave you pulled out was her real hair. No wonder the man a cheat so long you a bloody fool lol

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