Earlier in the spring of 2015, dancehall super star Mavado executed his contractual agreement for a slated performance in the US. Mavado’s management team negotiated with the promoter over several days and the contract was set and signed.

There is email documentation showing the agreement from the promoter made several weeks prior, where he (the promoter) priced the flights and supplied them with the travel itinerary. As per Mavado’s contract, the management team must approve flights chosen by the promoter, which was done and then asked the promoter to send funds to pay for all flights. At this time there was no refusal on the cost of tickets, which had multiple stops and required more than one first class ticket. With a total of 6 persons traveling, the approved itinerary cost was a sum of $6,013.80. At the time of arrival in Los Angeles the total sum for tickets wasn’t received even though an agreement email was sent, that upon arrival funds would be reimbursed.

In the statement made by the promoter, he accused Mavado of making attempts to charge his credit card and book additional hotel rooms. This is unfortunately another lie. It is known that in the United States you are not able to book a hotel room using another persons card, without proving that you have authorization. Therefore, the accusations made by the promoter are totally false, especially when he was not the person who paid for the rooms. All rooms were taken care of by his partner.

Upon arrival the promoter was very happy and started taking photos with Mavado and the artist manager. Even though the artist manager did not want any photos taken, as there was still an outstanding balance, other members of the team asked him to oblige as form of promotion via his social media. On the night of the first show when Mavado arrived he had additional persons with him. Mavado’s rider states 20 VIP, which does not include his travel party therefore; the promoter once again is making a false statement. The security did a head count at the door, which totaled 28 persons because we had flown in a few new acts we are introducing to the world. Management offered at the door to pay for the one (1) extra person. At no time throughout this event and the event the following night did the promoter seem unhappy or dissatisfied in anyway. It was not until he was told that he is unprofessional, still owes money and will not be able to do a show with Mavado in Africa that his demeanor changed.

The management team chose to respond because they refuse to have a promoter tarnish the name of the artist based on lies. Especially in a time when promoters and fans are being scammed so often by false promotions.

In the meantime the legal team is gearing up to make an example of him and all affiliated in this slanderous campaign.


  1. See ya now,hear ya now,come ya no,watch ya now….pure he seh,he seh.Base pon wat I have read with the promoter and this now I believe the promoter,weh so much ppl come from.Mafrado and his manager need to do a showcase pon fi dem time and money fi introduce new artist not on the promoter’s money and time.A uno unprofessional

    1. Yes, but I blame these promoters for not doing their homework on these Artists. Why book these clowns knowing their track record of having a bag of men following them around and being late or no-show for booked events. There are lots of other dancehall artists who are properly managed and professionals. Stop booking them and watch their careers die a slow death. These artists make the bulk of their money from shows, since very few people buy their music when they can download it for free or through person-to-person trade.

  2. Woie Met a who dem a throw dem wud afa? A cudden me good good pink wall. It is not your fault story dash out and you report it. This is a gossip site where bloggers get dem likkle news. We nuh deh yah fi hold Movado hand an sing cumbaya.

  3. I can understand why he brought the 28 ppl in becoz they are the only ones that’s gonna be cheering him on,most ppl rather listen to him on CD than in person YUH NAW MEAN

  4. Mavado a my artist but its well know that him always a carry a bag a man him always show up wid more people than what is agreed upon same reason why him and bounty ketch up.

  5. Every Selecta and DJ always carry one bag a man. If the promoter agreed to 20 and 28 come in I still don’t think that’s enough for them to try call it scam. Promoter seem very u experienced. And why they never pay for ticket. E wn 30 men at 50 a ticket don’t look like even trade for not paying airfare. So promoter stay when they don’t get the return or show dem ant v they tru find fault after

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