Met This is nasty Jr.Skeng Mavado Manager. I know Jr for years n
normally I just let him n his wife live they fake married and hype
life on social media. But I see your last the story about him saying
Mavado have his gal a Canada. Meh always try make Mavado look like the
loose one n he like people n family to be believe he a saint n he not.
Jr Skeng looks anything and stay pon fb messenger a beg pic an video
from every gal. He look bout 6 of my girls that way. He cheat BAD
every time he go out a town there a girl every city every country. He
look more gal than Mavado. N when pop caan say girl a squirt in a
Mavado mouth it mussi Skeng he talking he love tell girl bout squirt
pon him n inna him face. Skeng fly diff gal to fl all the while to
sleep with him. his wife a nurse n work a hospital and she know all
bout Jr cheat but she Neva have nutting going for har self so she
haffi run back of Jr n Mavado in or to even c him. She real insecure
she tag him in all her pics to make everybody on FB know she exist.
Jr Neva put her up only kids,or when she start bitch about the other
girls. She tough and not good lookin not a little bit that is part
reason she put up with all cheatin. Jr say Chelle crazy n stalk his
page to see if girl say anything to him. She can’t keep up with Jr.
Have gal in every city especially NY he
have a girl there he claim he manage so Chelle don’t harass her n
every gal know what him mom house n downstairs look.
Michelle a badda Jr bout his gal dem n him claim he cussin them on IG
but Jr been a gwan like saint calling his gal dem groupies. Chelle
can’t say a word she go on nuff trip with Jr n Mavado and mavado
always have different gal not moe. So why she think she betta you
getting that same bun even harder. N Michelle know all this n try
ignore it but remember he call the groupies so u better use condom
cause no matter how much money he tief from Mavado that can’t buy back
your health.

36 thoughts on “MAVADO MANAGER FILE O

  1. Maybe something is wrong with my attention span because I had to read this twice to understand what the hell sender wrote. A mess! :bingung

    1. True the money good. Lol He always put up what he buy her but he laugh cause he only does it to let others girls know what he can do for them. Skeng cool but he def sleep around. Not a satisfied hubby.

    2. Reserve some of that disgust for yourself. Theres a name for people who f for things, _______. You can fill in the blanks

      1. Sorry for you if Miss F for free! No free pums for Skeng! Any man I have muss be able to help me but u can gwan mind man but Skeng had to pay my mortgage and make sure the note paid weekly.

      2. Him a fuk you whey the comment sting yu like gallawasp?

        The woman say him fuk disgusting but him money tunnnn up! Hoe are not him no good enough fi romance.

        How him get name jr. Skeng???!

  2. Jr been a give Michelle bun and disrespectful with it! He use Mavado name to get girls all the time. Wifey knows that’s why she always tags him in all her posts so insecure!

      1. He softer than har and he not so good looking but she Very tough. Jr fraid a her, she will beat him! That why she put up with so much cuz she no good looking. Jr the only man eva look Michelle. She know he frig roun. she caan stop him n she nah leff the money or hype or Di only man that will wake up to har cute face.

  3. Mi see him post pon FB bout groupie anonymous and a pic of their wedding bout get vex yah now. dwl vex fi wah? No woman inna dem right mind couldn’t jealous ova yuh and Michelle fake relationship! Btw Met him don’t like use boots!

  4. I stopped when I saw Popcaan name. Pencil dick pop caan dutty nasty mout dunce bat insecure slide in everybody dm pop caan.

  5. The more Michelle try force her way the more Jr give her bun. It’s a joke to him now. No body coulda vex now but Michelle cuz him nah stop shame her. buy her another Benz she will chill….lol.
    Michelle trail Jr everywhere to every city even Mavado dem chat her for trail them so. Monique no even trail Mavado so. even when she do Jr will still find a way to sneak away for a little while and link up. Jr have to fling up post now with Chelle true the mixup from his admitted groupies…smh. Michelle no cute, very tough with bad acne. Jr say she obsessed and she cuss him about every post any gal post on his Ig or FB.

  6. DWL SENDER U SOUND MAD MA… HE STOP TAKING UR CALLS TOO HUH, WHY YOU UP HERE FALSIFYING THINGS ABOUT THIS MAN. Ok it don’t take common sense to know you obviously anylzed his life. But FACTS the man wedding was real and he’s always putting his damn wife and kids up videos everything…. and who the fuq don’t know about Jr mother basement eveyonenhands out there always for years Jr mother house has always been the hang out she loves her one son. You too disgusting, that man is so scared of these bitches he really stay far from them so stop lying because even when people ah try give him GIRL he say he good just because he don’t want to bother with the drama them come with!!!! U just need to get ur life together and why the hell would u say the man rob Movado look how far them a come from are you dumb? Mavado tells him how much he wants for each booking Jr as a manager can give the price he chooses and keep the rest so why would he have to rob him? Stop give out false info you uneducated joncro!!!

    1. Jr you make yourself sound even more guilty only idiot believe that book you just wrote is Michelle. Lol how you married n and admit you stop take some gal calls? Remember how many gal you be ur cuz Jr. Jr when last you get a good squirt in your face? Jr your file long and you love FB messenger to beg front and call Do you need screen shots to remind you. Yes you put up your wife and kids that’s the point. You disgusting cuz you walk and beg squirt from any gal then throw up wife n kids. You fake and a hypocrite. Jr you stop now! Look how many gal have ur file. Disresptful married big man.

  7. Mek Skeng and him donkey wife move dem bloodclat a jealous him jealous ova di singa and a try look a buss off a the singa. But the god too blind fi see that him self, man all skeng do a put bare f*** inna the god head bout him manager jullian Mek him fire him, all skeng want a the money. Dem a fren from long time suh di artist can’t see that But JAH know mi see the gyal and is a Indian gyal from Canada and bloodclaaat the gyal is a eye turna pretty like f**g money mi woulda bun mi wife to….moe nuh have nothing pon her uno can chat all uno want. can’t compare inna no way and mi done chat.

    1. Jr can’t do nothing for the Singer but play assistant and take booking requests. Julian did make Mavado eat he open opportunity for Mavado and khaled all Jr do is kill every promoter with entourage travel fees n ugly wifey all travel on Mavado contract. Jr not a professional that why Mavado career really nah show no progress unless with Khalid or Julian. Junior to busy a try keep up hype n snap chat and IG to seriously manage the singa. He too busy a try scrape up sing leftover gal dem.

  8. Mi nuh too response bout nothing else mi just want know where about this girl them so call name Yoanda mi want moe beat her BBC

  9. The brown girl picture a guh round on what’s app suh moe soon find her bbc (Gucci) :sup: :sup: :sup: :sup: :repost:

    1. First girl is for Skeng the second one is the one they claim was jacket. The boy is not his. Skeng no response he have other yute including a little boy. True Jr married he try keep up the family man image. But he give bun cause he miserable. Michelle know he not going to outright diss and embarrass her but everyone know Jr just a play nice for camera and his mom. Ask Mavado I think that what annoy the sings most is the fake life he and Michelle put out and nuttin go so. Skeng nuh romp fi keep woman he will look anybody! But he spend so the girl dem nah to talk. Every post Michelle put up Jr get 5 more! The singer nuh love when Michelle trail them everywhere like she can stop Skeng. It’s a big joke amongst the man dem. She need to stay home and come the little girls hair trailing Jr nah stop a thing.

    2. Jr spend months no even touch Fl when Summer come lol. All when Mavado no on tour or in Jamaica Jr nah go home. The singer sleep around nuff that’s no surprise but moe and singer don’t post up a bag a lie on Ig and FB. The singa is not a hypocrite. Michelle do it to provoke the gal dem so dem flee or tell her wah gwan.
      Jr nuh stop put up car house n Rolex a self promote and the singer say he not promoting him propa. The money slow way down from julien days only when DJ khaled push Mavado do he do any real work or show. The singer know he should be further by now. Dem boy only know how to hype, trail the singer for things and pick up gal off Mavado name.
      Real Talk how many gal would want Jr if he wasn’t mavado manager. Him cool but them just want in the gully camp and Jr know n use that to get the gal dem.

  10. What’s the point of being married only to carry on like this? Skeng you and Michelle ain’t fooling nobody. Sorry not sorry. As for Mavado and Moe, they deserve each other.

  11. Skeng and I use to f**k for months and yes is body is disgusting, he eats like a pigs, snores like a pig but the money was so good. I didn’t need nothing. I knew he was married and didn’t care because he is never home whenever I needed him I got him. He would drive 2hrs every other day to come see me. Sometimes he slept at my apartment and told his chick he on road with Vado. Lol! I left him because he started pressuring me for 3sum and I’m not no cheap hoe who tolerates the nastiness. But Jr Skeng is the nastiest husband alive. He needs to just divorce his wife because he his not happy there and does not want to be there

  12. Sounds familiar. He NEVER home that why his wife have to trail him. He will give you whatever you want but be prepared for him to run in and out as she calls or is on his trail. He is miserable but he’s not ever going to leave his wife, his mother alone wouldn’t allow him to and he is to weak to stand up to Michelle’s beatings, plus he can not afford a divorce. He knows she will never go anywhere…she can’t afford to so as long as he plays role on social media, she will turn a blind eye to his freaky and unfaithful ways. It’s actually comical to watch the fairy tale on social media.

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