1. Kartel is gearing up to become the female Spice I see. From wah day him just a feel him damn self soh. Nobody never tell Mavado that the greatest insult is to ignore germsy people. His son should be his priority. MEK attention seeking Kartel gwey.

  2. Hold please. :nerd Modavo sir where is di library or school wah yuh supposed to building whey it deh deh sir? (British voice) Did you build it yet? Better yet, what happened with your case? Are you in Jamaica yet? How is your son? How is he holding up? (Back to regular voice) Yuh fool a dan kartel cause all when yuh son get locked up mi neva see yuh mek dem long rass book speech deh but yuh mek speech fi kartel looooooooooou! (British voice) Have a seat yeah.

  3. From wah day mi see Kartel a post like him a walk freely a road. Him need fi humble himself.
    Next thing< Movado what's the status of your son? Yah talk bout who have and who nuh have fi show. Show up fi yuh son.

  4. Mavado seems to be getting wiser by the day and it all started when he decided to left from underneath Bounti Killa… Kartel is a fool! He had the talent to take dancehall to the next level and make it truly competitive against other music genres but instead he decided to chase down street cred as oppose to musical greatness and now finds himself behind bars with a trailer load of cocky in his environment… Instead of making music that inspires he chose to make music that discourage and ironically it lead to his very own downfall.

  5. Mavado so dunce Kartel statement meant no harm, he initially mean if the girl man is a gully fan him Wudnt deh pon Gaza page fi see the comment. When u dunce u dunce enu nosah. Mavado sir weh u do fi dancehall??? Not even try tek yu pickney dem a farin wid yu but u deh pon Instagram a write story. Kartel open doors fi (popcaan,Shawn storm, Lisa hype, Gaza slim and more) even the same spice wid romping shop. Who u open the door fah?? U too prideful fi even big up killa weh buss yu. Mavado come guwope and tap eee noise ya massa.

  6. Wonder a who write that fi movado. Buoy Jamaicans really can tear down ppl smh why the fuck unu no leave Martel alone ? Omfg now man unu loow the bloodclaat boy alone GOD DAMN MAN smfh

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