The son of dancehall entertainer Mavado has been charged.

The charges are murder, conspiracy to murder, arson, shooting with intent, and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Branch’s Major Investigation Division (MID) say the charges are in relation to the murder of Lorenzo Thomas.

Police reports are that the deceased was shot and killed at his home in Cassava Piece and his home set ablaze on June 5.

The 16 year old will make his first court appearance next Monday.

The police are withholding his name because he is a juvenile.

An adult suspect who was also held in connection with the investigation remains in custody.


      1. What a shame heh? 16 years old and his life is done with. I kept asking myself why his father didn’t get him out of that…..but I figure the answers out…his son is a troubled young man who seems to be left on his own most of his life without any parental guidance. Or his parent tried but he didn’t take heed.

          1. I guess he thinks
            Name can get him out of any trouble. I doubt bought his father hasn’t spok to him about his behavior, because he’s from the ghetto, he know what it’s like just trying to survive to see another day.

          2. This never had to end this way because Mavado start mek good money over 10 years now so the mother and Mavado should have done better but mi notice when Mavado a walk through Cassava piece it was like a don thing and a prove ting

      1. The fact that he has been charge that means there is a very HIGH POSSIBILITY …these are charges not just mere allegations

  1. God damn it MET!! mi did a hope the likkle bwoy innocent!! Serious something? or dem a dweet cause a him son?!1 weh di madda? why dem have him a roam wid dem type a people deh fi get himself in a dem tingz yah? Fada n step madda rich n a boast n him couldnt be taken out a di ghetto?! n get him head screw on straight.

    1. When u see post put up bout dem and dem run in and start cuss seh a lie is true. Him den down den a gwan bad. How him bad and so fool..him think true him father a mavado him wudda get whey aid it man

      1. You know say I don’t feel bad for him. Where him find gun? Wasn’t he and Kartel big son attending the same prestigious school? I wonder if he realizes that him fadda could be dead and it ain’t too late. Smaddy out there might have revenge in their heart for mavado. Ninja man and Kartel have company. I have a feeling that Mavado will be dropping by soon.

        1. Him use him father money buy gun oo… Mi nuh feel bad fi him because if him cold enough fi chop up man mi nuh have no pity nope no sir

      2. You know say I don’t feel bad for him. Where him find gun? Wasn’t he and Kartel big son attending the same prestigious school? I wonder if he realizes that him fadda could be dead and it ain’t too late. Smaddy out there might have revenge in their heart for mavado. Ninja man and Kartel have company. I have a feeling that Mavado will be dropping by soon.

        1. Marie, with the type of crowd be ran with guns are indisposeable.yes him fada have to show him face soon….what a thing…

    1. Mavado goodly gonna get charged as well, that’s why he is so hesitant to return. I really thought Mavado had taken heed after what happened to Martel. Boy oh boy.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out what the young man and Mavado son had for his life to end like it did because it just don’t make no sense at all.

    1. Mavado son want to make his mark and tun cassava piece into a don place so I guess this was done to make an example of the young man but di people dem talk pan him fast

  3. He is a wutless father, the kid is 16 so he was a child when his dad started making real money, could have done better. These teenagers are criminally insane and we need to deal with . They are murdering and raping early .It’s dumb to assume these boys are waiting to be adults to be criminals.

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to just blame the father. We’re all on the outside looking in. Maybe he tried to lead him in the right direction, but he chose to go his way. Some parent just gave up at times, and let the child fell it the hard way. In their case, I hope that’s what happen.

  4. Where is his mother Dahlia???? Where is she anno just Movado alone enuh!!! Mi curious fi know weh she deh

  5. When I will take a chance with a shooter ..a cutter and a stabber a real real killer they must be put away

  6. I hear u Met, but it pains ny heart to know that one lost his life, and another maybe going to prison, for the rest of his life at such a young age. I would like to hear what his mother has to say about her son behavior. I don’t want to put all the blame on them because some kids don’t listen to their parents.

  7. This “child ” looks troubled. They say pictures speak a thousand words …no way would my son be “posing” with me in a pic wid gun finger . I mean where is the respect? Where is that father/son boundary ? A pose today ,,,,tomorrow a reality. It’s just sad ..

  8. Met you think his step mother (mo)is a strong black woman like shorty(kartel’s wife)that can hold up her household? Dont you think she should’ve had him enrolled in a boarding school overseas or something ? I just think she is all for movado’s money .Poor parenting on 3 sides..mother,father,stepmother..

    1. “She should’ve had him e rolled”? That is not her biological son,its not her job to see to ir that he’s enrolled or going to school. That’s his parents job. All Mo can do is give advice. So leave her out of parenting part.

  9. Met, can I ask you and fellow bloggers a question ? Why is it that these “children of privilege” try SO HARD to be nonprogressives? I didn’t even know Vado has a daughter ….Now, as I’m pulling her up all over I realize that she seemingly idolizes this same “thug mentality…” But why?!? You can be anything you want, attend the best schools, migrate and be a Harvard grad if you choose to or even if music is your thing, enroll in Berkeley. But no, you and your brother would rather be statistics. What are we as a society doing wrong? Have we failed children like these as well? I can’t help but wonder… in this YouTube video the girl is heard saying, “mi swear pon mi fadda life ” or something of the sort .. It’s like they idolize their father and with it, assume some gangster superiority over their own peers. This is so …strange to me because I grew up at a time when girls (especially) shunned street, hood, and ghetto lifestyle. Even a ghetto girl, spoke differently once outside of her ghetto … I just don’t understand.

  10. I’m not sorry for him. He had a chance to walk a way. He went back with his crew and kill the “innocent yute” like his life doesn’t matter and he had no one to mourn him. It’s kids his age group putting Jamaica in mayhem. Lock him away and dash weh di key. A should a di bottom of the ocean dem send him. Him dangerous bad. Parents you should have report him or get help from you see him going in the wrong direction. Lock dem up too

  11. I used to think that these types of behaviour from teens, were indicative of how they were raised, until I grew up and had my own child. I now see how many of my friends and family members struggle with unruly, disobedient and stubborn children. When a child is old enough to know right from wrong, then their actions become their own responsibility and their consequences become their own to bear. Jamaica is not like farin. A youngster in JA can run away from home (especially if dem doe waan listen to parents) an just go from house to house an box bout. Dem just need a place to sleep an food to eat. I’m not saying Mavado is innocent in all of this, but I think it’s unfair to just blame him or even blame Mo. While I do believe that Mavado gives most of his attention to the children that he has with Mo….. it is understandable because they live together. Mi always seh him frighten more fi Mo and har kids dem. If Mavado is responsible in some way for enabling this young man or encouraging these crimes in any way, then he should be held accountable. But we don’t know if he tried many times to help this young man make a better life or try to encourage him to do something good with his life. For some people, the ghetto is a state of mind. Mavado made it out of the ghetto financially…..but him is still a ghetto yute, mentally… as far as raising his son a certain way … may have been just a ghetto man raising a ghetto yute the best way HE KNEW HOW. Not every parent knows how to stick with a child to the end, especially a troubled child, unruly child, who has already gone their way. Some parents will fight with dem pickney and stick it out to the end until the child gets it together…..but not everyone knows how to do that. Especially if that parent wasn’t taught how to do that or especially if no one did that for that parent. Sometimes their lifestyle is a cycle that’s not easily broken. Mi naw tek up for Vado eno because if him guilty ina any way, shape, or form…..he needs to be punished too…..cause him likkle bit pon di hype side…..But when a parent gets blamed for their teenage child’s actions …… I tend not to be so quick to judge. Hopefully when the smoke clears we will have a better understanding of this young man’s life and the journey that brought him to where he is today. It is sad all around because I am a mother. My heart breaks for the mother that lost her son (Lorenzo Thomas) in such a horrible way. I can’t even begin to imagine her pain. But my heart also breaks for Dahlia because she too …. lost her son. Sad indeed. Sad Sad.

    1. Mamacita, I share the same sentiment. It is very difficult to discipline a child who lived in in said household, much less trying to discipline thousand of miles away. We don’t know if his father and mother tried , but he feels like he’s a man, therefore he’s does as he pleases. Maybe the mother has more kids thats getting all the attention, and he fell through the crack with know one monitoring his where about.

      I was having a convo with someone this morning about whether or not Mavado tried to get his son out the ghetto or he tried to talk to him about about the bad man mentally. My friend said, “he would’ve give up on the child if he refused to listen”. And I tried to explain, not every parent have the heart to do that. Some are going to fight to the end. Everybody’s blaiming the father, but where is his mother? I know he’s the one with the resources and fame, but the actions of his son shouldn’t solely be on his shoulders unless he [Mavado] plays a role in the death of the young man.

      1. From morning I’m thinking that Mavado Neva go there as no badman, he went to save his wretched son but things went left. That is the version that I so want to believe.

  12. I enjoyed reading the comments. Differing perspectives yet there was no boorish cure out. Si wi can argue a point and not be personal.

  13. That likkle bwoy a gwaan wid bare tings longtime. All a rape ppl gyal pickney. Wah cassava peice ppl nuh come talk up!!!!! Him deh right where him should be. And don’t come out. Next one a movado. Unnu a mek money and instead of upliftment a badness. Me glad how Jamaica govt a fling unnu rass a prison. U next ago get ur filing movado!!!!!

    1. Wow the kid is a rapist too ???!! No sahhhhh the community need to talk up and take control of their area. Chop off the head early. It’s 2018 ghetto people need to shut down them worthless trash and build up the area.It don’t look good on the DJ that police still waiting on him

  14. I have to blame the mother,father and step mother bad parenting skills..children live what they learn.The daughter also misbehave badly so what cause all this?

  15. Here is my little two cents in this, and I am saying this to say that, hopefully the father is not apart of this, so hear me now, when a child has bad intentions, no parents whether them a pastor on the pulpit or the devil, when that child bend its mind to be bad, I was young, and all should know, I honestly think, this young man wanted a life of badness, just like some children would use his father status for good, him use it as Donship and control over the other less fortunate, he is an evil child, the reason it is notable is because of his status as a celebrity, but he is not different from the other youths in the ghetto who wants to be notorious for badness, so let’s give Mavado the benefit of the doubt, as I don’t think that this is the outcome he wanted for his son, but as a parent we will defend our children, sometimes even when we know they are wrong, I would love to her more on his mother, as to what role she played in disciplinary action before he got to this stage, as mi say before, it’s not unusual in Jamaica for the kids this age in badness, but it is highlighted because of his father status as a celebrity.

  16. Leave the stepmother out of this, is when since, people want stepmother up in a them pinkney life? Mi could a swear seh a pure labatty tek wid stepmother, how all of a sudden uno wants stepmother to involve, till all she a get blamed. uno bad sah.

  17. The Apple neva fall far from the tree. Lock up him bloodclaat an throw weh di keys. Mavado inna Amsterdam a hide out. A pure Interpol mi ago sen ova di house weh him a hide-out.

  18. If you ghetto people would not condone the wrongs done in your community and speak up & let the authorities know about the bad things being done to your own kind, all these germs & rejects would not be continuing their ruthless & inhumane act against y’all

  19. Weh yuh mean leave her out a this!!!she very much in a this. Relationship is a partnership, him a win, she a win. Him a lose so is she. Until people realized that’s what life is about then I personally believe live will make much more sense. Just imagine working for a company, you just a regular worker, that company fails! It affects everyone!so life set.

    1. Yes, marriage is a partnership, but you can’t compare money to parenting. What you fail to understand is that: Mo is a “stepmother “, not his mother. The child doesn’t lived in her household, therefore, there’s not much psysical interaction with the child. If Mo tried to be a mother figure to him, his mom may feel some kind of way towards her. And , you know if the child don’t like the stepmom, the first word that may come out his mouth is, “you are not my mother”!

  20. My take on it is this, the father making money long time, he should have bought the babymother a house & move them from the ghetto.
    the boy is 16 now, even if he had move them 5 yrs ago i doubt the boy would turn out this way. Movado is just too dam mean.

  21. I’m almost certain he didn’t do this on his own, and edging my bets that all the other culprits were so called adults, which leads me to believe that, if the police have concrete evidence that Movado’s son was at the scene of the killing, then they must also have the names/identities of others who were also present. Could it be that the people involved are setting him up to be the scapegoat? because they know that, as a juvenile, even if he is convicted, he will be free to walk the streets again once he is 18? his arrest certainly seems to be distracting from the others involved.

  22. Bwoy mi hope a nuh true but mi memba wen mavado dem beat up di man in front a di man son a ochi and lick out di man teeth and try pay him off because him claim se di man neva let him true…. yowww now dem kick out him son life

  23. The police are withholding his name because he is a juvenile. Suh den di public nuh know who him be aready lol a wah dat. Him need a lesson fi get mavado nuh come all a now.. him neva did ago come das why himseh son mi luv yuh.

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