0 thoughts on “MAVADO AND HIS WIFE

    1. So Movado wife s him baby madda cousin?! So the wife kids and the cousin kids is what relation? Brothdin, Sissin, Couster? A wah gwaan yah so?

    2. Tell him how u really feel quena :ngakak gavesha has moved on, she’s pregnant, about to pop. I think its the first time am seeing his wife, can’t remember ever seeing her or them together.

  1. RAyyy Mo look Nice, Go Movado show di ress a groupie dem weh gal look like when dem a get spen pan. Mi like dem together. Mi notice that Gaviesha is due with her second child any month now. The baby Dad looks like he is an average Joe. I guess she no wah no more spotlight relationship. Gaviesha tunn nurse Congrats, You took your future by the horn and surpass all the naysayers.

    Met, Mofrado look like him can travel man him have show a NY this month. Ah wonda if Mo planning on moving back to Ja and live in the Big house with her house. GO deh Mo you a lead dem by Far.. Groupies take notes and stop sexing fir free. See Mo get ring house and baby yah.

    1. True, but could you imagine waking up to Mavado’s face first thing in the morning and trying to have an intelligent conversation with him? Mo deserves an award, she earned everything she got.

    1. Gully bop is easier on the eyes, with his teeth fixed and just a little weight gain, he’d be look able!


  2. *sniff sniff* I have neverrrrrr cried so much ina mi life. Can u imagine seeing your future baby father in the arms of another. Thanks for letting me relive the pain from the first time I saw this pic Ms Met. :sorry :sorry

    I love you my sexy Prince. I’m saving up to pay the divorce lawyer. Don’t worry. I’m coming to rescue you from that evil pretty brown girl.

  3. hey CNN aka News Carrier STOOOOP IIIIITTTT!!!!!!
    i laugh so much mi gyal affi gi mi mout to mout resuscitation!!!!!

  4. All who did a talk seh Vado a guh get deported to Jamaica from February and is almost April now……d joke deh pon unno.

    Who God bless no man curse #mansions #aintgoingbackbroke

  5. Big up yuhself gully gad it good fi have a wife who understand certain things and dont complain too much.

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