0 thoughts on “MAYBE DI TWO A DEM SENDA

  1. Omg!!!! Me think a me alone notice how this dude gwan like him hot. Him love dis woman inna him insta videos them u si, if him know weh me know him go si dung wid him cock eye them. Rolleyes

  2. See how him yeye dem set like lizard own pon him broad farrid. Dude u not handsome, u hair start thin out, you only a few years away from make pattern baldness

  3. wow, she pregnant for him! yuck…… there is nothing nice about this guy and why these woman nuh stop lay dem self careless. nasty bad and him mouth light, cuss and gwan like a big gal and him shape bad, no sah nothing at all.. head tan bad ya

    1. yuck mi hear sa him a big fish too him nuh straight cause b—-tty man a play wid him back part him a chat to a from l.a nuh stop buy him polo ..lava stop it cause yuh fi me fly come a nyc a it dat fi yuh di bwoy who name dj shavy thats is him next boyfriend

  4. Woiiii me woulda tink him breed a star the weh the boy tell women dem body need fi do and dem haffi do this and dem haffi do that fi keep man.. Gweh lava unnu gwan bad bad unnu ugly bad but at least unu worth a look since u cut u hair

  5. Wait dey how them say a boom breed nichie never instyle now all lava name a call me can’t bother can someone please confirm who is really dutty nichie never instyle baby father because all gal she f**k maybe it’s her bitch tongue breed har please people come talk up

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