Hi Met,

Fashionera thing buss whey like a big biegey kite ya now,see all Aneka and Errice a get knowings too complete with them Proper Titles.Just one question though,why someone would pay top dollar to get featured inna Society pages but want self-advertised unda sikes for free on your site Met??




19 thoughts on “MAYBE DIS WAS FREE TUH

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      Morning, sir. You know dem will find energy fi feel insulted.

      Congratulations to Fashioniera.

      1. Observer or bc star a fckin GLEANER
        That mean u fckin bus???? Kmt
        I make chokers everyday for myself
        It Nuh hard this is ntn ppl give fashionenira
        Way too much credit it’s never that serious

  1. The girl in the second picture favor one pitbull in the face, if she ah model clothes wid dat grill me know sey she ah suck off or nyam out di designer…. #UglyBad #PitbullGrill

  2. 2 people I always notice Fashionera and Nish…you have some other chicks on instagram that do the clothes design thing…these 2 will literally wait till after these girls put out them thing and then come with the same thing soon after… a only true dem have knowings mek ppl see dem….but life have a funny way of catching up to us!

    Observer a slack fi a refer to Aneka as socialite (mi never kno instagram hype can transcend into that) and after them never post her inna dem paper yet…and me nuh understand the “fashion designer” label under Errice thing and a months now she park that fi do Zum business”

  3. I don’t buy from anybody that has Aneka modelling their clothes. I KNOW she give them back the clothes after she done wear it and that is JUST NASTY. Nah buy from dem.

  4. Fashionenira is a fashion designer ? Really lmao. I guess anybody can go salvation army in miami and cut up old jeans sell it for fortune. Go make your own shit people, grab some scissors and get creative.


  5. Unu Nuh see aneka & shamiele deh back soon as Nino out the picture they need to realize they aren’t true friends smh it’s funny what ppl do for hype

  6. Met, Errice (lady in the third pic) got a big Yacht all white party on Saturday. I-Octane sing happy birthday song fi har an bare tings. She did it big this year no lie. Whoever wah fi come add to this… rope een, cause mi ave di res a story dem fi read plus mi fav section dem.

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