Hopie “boss lady” out the saga cause she can’t keep up she can’t take no more beating and she stress out cause yanique (in black) a breed yah now! A long time the girl a try, Herr good work pay off! Although “boss lady” find a new man right now you go girl 😂 this Christmas nahhh go normal! Pinky pinky (blue dress) please take a year fii you self cause you can’t manage the life style it a stress you and you mawga like Dogg the man stop give you him things yahhh now and the whole Vere no stop talk bout it down to you bleachings drop low goodie😂 you no Inna the front seat them again? A wah happen “Don girl”?…….yanique you can Gwaan take you two year and sit down a you yard and take bun too as usual nothing new! We just wahh know a wahh gwaan fi the Christmas? Who ago roll with the DON?

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