media practitioner who has been accused of raping an underage girl was remanded in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The male accused is jointly charged with another media personality, a female.

He is charged with rape, sexual touching and grievous sexual assault, while the woman has been slapped with aiding and abetting rape and violation of a child under 16.

The male accused who was denied bail is to return to court on March 28, while the female accused, who was absent yesterday, is to make her appearance today.

very disturbing

Allegations which were described by the prosecution as very disturbing, are said to have taken place sometime between November 2012 and this year.

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey instructed the attorney who is representing both clients that bail could be considered for the male accused, however, she added that there were damning allegations against the female.

The court was told that the female accused sent text messages to the complainant; which is being used as part of police investigations.

A Cybercrime report is also outstanding.


  1. Well, we have to accept that with the possible “change” in attitude of Jamaica’s criminal Justice, gory details of criminality will come out. Wi haffi guh swallow nuff bile if any change is expected. No more naivety.
    I feel a bit sick to know that it was probably the female accused who “set up” this rape. Then again wi dun know that females have the capability for this.

  2. Rinse him bloodclaat name. Nepotism and DeM fukry deh cause a dem colleague. From him get charge him name can release. Wat good fi di goose not good fi di gander no nuh more? Di female seem she was trying to beg, buy out or threaten the victim. Rinse name man rinse name

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