0 thoughts on “MEET DI WIFE…………ROSHEKA

  1. Met mi get likkle confuse right yasso. so him a wife/husband all at the same time. hayy wifey H&M is no real label. lololol

          1. Longue tongue goat bout him ah bawl out baaaayyyeee..sometimes I just can’t bother wid dem and dem antics :hammer

  2. Met all me can say if this is di future a JA den it look bleak…when me a grow up if a man a battyman him hide it…me no like di undercover thing but him too flamboyant fimme..him disgusting bad..smh

  3. Him and rosheka is the same person and that was shim on the video with the other shims a party with the beat dem bad lashes.

  4. :cool If yuh hear seh yuh man tek up with this, move guh ah Cambodia and live under an assumed name, cause nothing else nuh leff fi yuh fi do

  5. Morning no sah Met rope wha no leather belt and in the corner for you
    No I’m so afraid to date because I can guarantee you him deh wid a man whey look str8888 no sign of gay pon him
    Goodbye Jamaica !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Him swexy een, ketch di tongue action, like him a advertise him skills.
    As mi been saying fi years, who married and hab dem smaddy please do everything fi keep peace and joy in unno lives, cause it nuh pretty out here pon di dating scene.

  7. Yo a whey dem batty boy a come from….Jah know a rise mi was rise di thing…Batty boy fi go si dung one side and whole dem corner…

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