8 thoughts on “MEL DEM SEH WHEY DI GIRDLE?

  1. Flabby bout flawless girl don’t know her size shame on you stay real bad long batty and big belly not a good look

  2. This girl love argue and tell people happy dem nuh look good and she a live lavish and never proper yet. What away dem drop off the grid, a wah? nothing naa Gwaan fi u and one pink (link) crew lool

  3. She look stink as hell, every video I watch,I see this ugly pink smelly wig looking like she sleeps in the trash bin most days.she always a look man and hating on people who look better than her.she seems like a one dollar prostitute, and have the nerves to be laughing at goddas.Lord help her.

  4. Mellisa a drive a rental fi years now, dont know why she dont buy a car , plus you wah si her inna food works supermarket inna queens pon sutphin blud a tief , an a luk behind her fi ppl a video her or teck picture , she about fi get notice again, cause this girl refuse fi Pay rent or take proper care if her kids smh

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