FALMOUTH, Trelawny – The two men charged with the murder of 10-year-old Meleeka Mitchell and 13-year-old Omari Sterling of Paradise in Norwood, St James, were remanded when they appeared in the Falmouth Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.
The duo, 20-year-old Jason Grey, a tattoo artist and 21-year-old Cashwayne Morgan, both of Hague Settlement, Trelawny, were charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder on August 11.
They are scheduled to reappear in court on Wednesday, October 8, when the matter will again be mentioned.
In court yesterday, Resident Magistrate Icolyn Reid ordered that the men, who have no attorneys, be assigned legal aid.
The court heard that on Sunday, July 13, Meleeka and Omari reportedly went to the ‘One Man Beach’ in Montego Bay, St James, in the company of four other children and an adult male.
While on the beach, the children were reportedly approached by a man who promised to buy them hamburgers.
Meleeka and Omari — the eldest among the group — then reportedly left with the men to get the food for the entire group, but did not return.
A report was subsequently made at the Barnett Street Police Station in Montego Bay.
Two days later, the partially decomposed bodies of the missing children were found in separate ponds — located near a section of the Martha Brae River — by two men who went crab hunting.
Omari was found with both hands bound behind him, while Meleeka had a piece of cloth tied to her left wrist. A knife was also found on the scene.
An on-the-spot post mortem revealed that Omari received a stab wound to the chest, while Meleeka died of asphyxia caused by drowning.
According to a Jamaica Observer West source, the on-the-spot post mortem was not conclusive enough to determine if the deceased were sexually molested.
The bodies were, however, swabbed and detectives are now awaiting the results of the tests, the Observer West was told.
The incident sparked widespread public outrage.
In the meantime, the court also heard that Grey, who was subsequently held at a beach in St Mary, was pointed out in an identification parade, as the man who took the children to purchase hamburgers.
During a question and answer session, he reportedly told detectives: “A nuh mi, but I will tell you how it go”.
Morgan was subsequently arrested and charged.
Meanwhile, there was an emotionally charged atmosphere outside the courthouse yesterday when the two accused were brought before the court. A number of persons jostled for vantage positions in a bid to get a glimpse of them.
Inside the courthouse, both men appeared very tense and avoided looking at each other.
Grey, who is said to have outstanding summonses for other minor offences, spoke in a very hushed tone, when asked a few questions by the stern-looking RM Reid.
After their appearance before the RM, the accused men were taken from the courtroom and whisked away in a waiting police service vehicle.
“Dem bwoy deh nuh feh go a jail go eat taxpayers money,” said an apparently irate onlooker, as the marked car sped off.
Meanwhile, the Observer West understands that the police are awaiting a forensic report to determine if the two accused are linked to the September 2012 deaths of Alex Brown, 10, and seven-year-old Javani Brown of Zion, Trelawny, whose bodies were found floating in the Martha Brae River, five days after they were reported missing.
Ent: Falmouth Courthouse
Ent: vehicle
Jason Grey (third left) gets ready to enter a police service vehicle under the watchful eye of a policeman (second left) after making him appearance in the Falmouth Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.
Ent: Omari Sterling (FILE)
Omari Sterling whose body was found in the pond with his hands bound behind him


  1. yuh haffi keep telling yuh kids nuh matter wah nuh guh nuh weh wid nuh badi weh yuh neva send dem wid,nuh mek ppl use food ketch yuh dese two demons kill awf dem kids dem for fun…dis wurl wi libb’n in i tell yah a big spirtual war a gwaan daily enuh,r.i.p

  2. Suh wah dem kill dem fah, a practice killing? A Satanic ritual? More questions than answers.
    I feel for the poor parents who have to bear such a terrible weight pon dem souls. We have to teach our children to trust NOBODY, not even who dem know. JA is not di JA of the 60s and 70s, even di 80s and early 90s, is a very different place safety wise.

  3. Dear God, This is soooo Sad. I understand the right to be given legal Aid, But why? Just kill these two bastards and done nuh? Me heart heavy.

  4. Lmorning met an metters. They killed 2 boys months earlier and dumped them at same location ;cause i remembered quite vividly people on the scene at the time says you could see the boys intestine protruding through thier anal, even tho the police were adamant therecqas no sign of sexual molestation. It really makes you wonder

  5. Trust me…dem nuh live a NIGHT in prison without getting tortured and raped.
    ” straight man” in jail all participate against child killers and molestors.
    Evil duppy dem. Most likely PEDOPHILES, we dont have to wait on d results.
    These bastards cyant control dem sexual urges. Worse yet pon innocent pickni.
    Killing them was also part of their sexual turn on.
    I hope they die in prison before d sun rise tomorrow.
    Full torture. Death by cock asphyxiation all in dem ears!
    Rest in peace childen.
    Parents teach yuh kids how not to take money, food or favors from people.
    But God know, d poverty SO great in JA it hard fi d pickni dem. We have to save our children. Doh trust dem even wit d priest alone !

  6. What will possess two grown men to kill these children, there are a lot of sick people out there and these two children came encounter with them. It is sad so very sad, I hope they have the guys who did it and they need to get the death be put to death no need to live. Send them to the american jail they do not like men who does anything to children they wouldn’t even survived.

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