Melissa look how you barrow money go all the way a Dominican Republic to do belly and breast and come back with little and biggie🙄. And bout you have the best body in Bronx gal where? Stop tell Rochelle fi lock up kerryann cause you know the gal stab herself and a you call the police wicked gal. You mother hate you. Stop call down the Yankee phone cause a man you a look fi mine you. The other night time fren Tina jetset come fi beat you and you couldn’t say a word. Travis f**k you one time get over it. Talk how you son beat you and you lock him up.

37 thoughts on “MERRRRRRRRRRR

  1. Sender? Kerryann stab Rochelle. You is a dirty Retch bout Rochelle stab herself, Jail should not missed the big bad Kerryann. But me a laugh same way at little and biggie :ngakak

  2. before mi even read weh de sender seh de fuss thing mi seh after mi see de pic is why one her breast xtra big suh dan de next wid dat wide space….only fi read biggie nd little :ngakak

  3. Melissa a f*** yuh yu chat ppl tuh rasss much …stop chat ppl business wid shushanna …everyday yu chat ppl business..

  4. old wicked Melissa yu mudda hate yu fi true…all yu duh is badmind kerryann dem yu n shushanna …stop chat ppl business dats why yu son hate yu..biggie n little ina real life…

  5. man voice ruff voice Melissa god don’t like ugly lil bad minded gal…yu wake up n guh tuh bed wid ppl business …Melissa all yu talk abt is send ppl home …send home yu big n small breast dem…lmao

  6. Nasty KerryAnn yuh could and deal yuh a guh prison. Yuh move gone live a Connecticut that can’t stop yuh from guh jail yuh is a evil bitch. Nasty sender why u never tell KerryAnn not to scratch up fi her self and guh Meck false report pon Rochelle and send child protective service to Rochelle house and 99 police from 47 precinct came and arrested Rochelle.KerryAnn yuh a evil and yuh soon join Jue icon in prison. Yuh baby father Kuntey,, nuh want yuh all him duh a hide and f…k yuh him have him nice clean good up woman Wey own her own business. KerryAnn u Wey love chat apple business because yuh talk how apple a boasy bruck and all apple does is front and apple move to Connecticut and a pay $1800 a month and walk a talk bout she a pay $2900 and apple nuh have no money to buy no new bed a the same old bed and old mattress apple move with that’s why apple cannot show off her house because she still have up her old plastic furnitures and if Jue was here him would of to buy u brand new furnitures. KerryAnn yuh talk how most of apple stuff them fake including her so call Hermes bags, lv shoes ,bag ,channels and many balmain shoes, bag ,belt ,clothes and d square shoes. KerryAnn a you a look sympathy and a send in Melissa fi a try blame her sey a she tell Rochelle fi lock u up. But mis bitch KerryAnn remember a you start the problem and a you throw the first blow and the first word. F…ker you. Yuh cut Rochelle and expect to walk free bitch. Jail ,jail jail for you thiefing ,worthless f…KI box under cover sadamite KerryAnn Wey Kuntey hate yuh.

  7. Dutty suck pussy Kerryann wah kuntey and him sista Donna hate all the friend yu a friend Donna she still hate yu cuz everything wah yu do Donna talk it like the other day seh yu tell kuntey everything wah Apple seh bout him and apple Neva know and guh call to him and him tell her guh suck her mother nuh call to him cuz yu tell him everything wah she seh bout him Kerryann remember yu cah talk bout yu a move far from Bronx people cuz everyday yu inch a Bronx same way and remember seh everybody know seh a the avolon in Danbury yu live and a try trick the people dem like a westchester county yu live dutty Kerryann wah walk and f**k her friend dem man/babyther evil Kerryann wah bad blessing a fellow cuz yu fight yu muma and put her out now yu wah Her fi live with yu because yu seh how much yu need the help and not to mention babysitting Kerryann yu loss again u and dutty Apple

  8. Melissa talk how the Yankee boy f…k u out and only give you food if eat. Talk how you give the boy weh get deport the likkle girl an u do dna and a the next boy a Alanna Pinckney. Travis say unda u never correct that’s y him never return. Tamara stab u and y can’t defend that. Come off a Simone and Marie name

  9. Melissa don’t pay the nasty people dem nuh mind nuh mak dem draw yu out Keep doing u boo cuz why u flying international they flying local✈️✈️

  10. Rochelle is you a comment abt Kerry ann yu hate the girl ova the man weh nuh waaa yuh ..yu think God a sleep Stab yu self n a tell lie pon Kerry ann …Rochelle go n bathe yu think Melissa like yuh?? Lol …Melissa nuh like nuh bodie not even shushanna …Melissa chat every last one of her friends ( everyone ) Just BC Melissa hate kerryann she join alliance wit Rochelle knowing she a chat all she tuh …Tamara stab yu inna yu clauut n yu couldn’t duh ntn …yu only bad yu bad is pon yu mouth …Weh yu Neva guh fight Tricia lol…yu can’t get up everyday n style n class ppl n them kids ..the way yu chat yu Fren n dem man smh it’s some real bad minded shit ..Rochelle watch how yu karma soon cum fi yuh …kerryann is no saint but why yu suh wicked Rochelle ..Melissa is full time now yu change yu nuh 30+ change yu dutty ways ..yu love buy out ppl argument n put it on yu 2 lean breast dem Melissa …When God ask yu why yu just get up n hate ppl suh Weh yu aguh tell him lil gyal ? Yu n ppl cya stop talk n yu mek dem live ?? Yu affi slaughter n Blanton dem ..Tina will knw how fi deal wid yu lol

    1. Rochelle fi mind karma?Den nuh Kerry ann did call police pan di girl first? uno have some breed a tunnel vision iyah. Didnt Kerry send a bag a police fi di girl and lie pan har to so if dis go how u seh is lie fi lie

        1. And now the woman decide seh she a go get back Kerry fi wha she do dem a call har wicked. These people are something else I tell you :travel

      1. So kerry ann a give jue bun wid her next babyfather? God a beg oooooo nuh tek only the case.. U can gwaan with the pillow to dwl

  11. Kerryann Shushanna and Melissa all trouble makers. Need to roll in a barrel every day every year Shushanna in a mix up
    Still she love jail when will that fool

  12. Nasty skin KerryAnn stop talking about karma ago catch Rochelle. KerryAnn just remember sey a you f…k with Rochelle call up her name with natalie 106 and park and disrespect her and then guh tell lie pon her at the precinct and get her lock up. Karma catch wicked you Kerry .KerryAnn remember Rochelle is not the first person yuh scratch up yuh self and lock up. Remember u did it to the lady Wey name Cuz.nasty KerryAnn Wey love talk bout people man nuh want them KerryAnn nuh man nuh want yuh. Yuh a sleep back with Kuntey yuh baby father and a back page yuh dey and Jue hear and send message come tell yuh Sey fi pack up all him tings and send guh jamaica because a Kuntey coke him get lock up with because they became friends and business partner yuh 2 Baby daddy and now yuh a hide and a f..k Kuntey and yuh only can get a f…k from Kuntey went him woman gone on business trip. KerryAnn apple hate yuh because Kuntey a treat yuh like shit and she tell yuh Sey yuh shouldn’t did fi f..k back Kuntey because him use to treat yuh like shit back in the days although you had a child for him yuh couldn’t talk to him in public places. And just because Jue clean yuh up Meck him a f..k yuh back and you evil gal KerryAnn went back and tell Kuntey every word you and apple talk and Meck the man disrespect apple Inna dance .KerryAnn remember a you call and Meck people know Sey apple catch jaydon,, into hotel with him next woman and apple bleach fi hours until Jaydon done f…k him next woman and call yuh a bawl how jaydon,, wicked to her and a true she nuh have nuh work Meck she nuh left jaydon.KerryAnn yuh a guh a prison slowly but surely. You still calling up Rochelle name you dam ass hole.

  13. Morning Met. Is this the same Melissa dat use to deh wid Dennis Wet Wet back in the days? An she did full a shape like wah. I haven’t seen her in ages that’s y I ask.

  14. I really don’t care about this topic n I surly don’t have to hide under a fake name to comment. Nowadays ppl talk about ppl, those who they call friends, associates, n enemies. Tha doesn’t bother me but why is it an issue who Melissa join alliance with. Everyone has faults, shit half of y’all spend thousands of dollar on surgery n look like shit. Especially with y’all bad skin, rotten mouth, and so call good pumpum I know well I have flaws but I surly don’t lack self esteem.
    I really don’t care who wants to assume anything, let karma be the biggest bitch in the world n do its job I’ll be waiting but one thing for sure I sleep great at night. Have a good day all.

  15. Ok Met, thanks. Oh zeen @Jamaican, kool kool. Thanks for answering. :2thumbup. Mi like how Rochell sound like she can put 2 sentence togedda, not a Kerry-Ann Oohh :kacau: Oops did I just say that :hope Anywayz Kerry dear, please invest your time and energy into something constructive, ur name mix-up into too much negativity. Not taking sides, I’m just concerned in a good way.

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